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C2 Chapter two

Queen Tekiya was happy when she saw no reactions from Kunshiya Kun, which only means he doesn't care for that slut, once the slut is out of the way, she will deal with her eggs.

The prison was full of dragon scales and teeth, it was a very dim and brooding room, Lady Salsa two handmaidens inspected the prison they were thrown into and felt wronged in their mind, their displeasure was written brightly on their face " Kariya, Shadia!, you don't have to feel wronged for this Lady" Queen Tekiya was just emphasizing her right and teaching me the right cause" Lady Salsa said to the two young girls beside her " but my lady ain't she too cruel?

This is just your first day of arrival, we haven't even settled in" Shadia said full of contempt "Keep your voice down, don't forget the walls have ears" Kariya scowled her "But ..but" she pouted angrily " it's okay Shadia, we will soon be out" Lady Salsa said to them to ease their wronged and fret heart My eggs! Will Queen Tekiya harm them, lady Salsa knew she ain't much of importance to Kunshiya Kun and he wouldn't side her nor make things better for her but she knew that her eggs are the only hope for him to be a father, will he allow His Queen to kill them?

Her safety might not be important but she has to leave this dark place as soon as possible, even if Kunshiya Kun wants to protect her eggs he might not be around always, there are so many state affairs and turbulent issues concerning the country, he wouldn't have enough time to protect her hatchlings.

Lady Salsa was deep in thought when the two handmaidens were making sleeping arrangements with the few blankets and bedspread available in the so-called prison, she eyed the surroundings and sighed deeply, she have to think of ways to leave here, her eggs her more important than her life or her prestige, she won't let Queen Tekiya have her ways with them.

Lady Salsa was almost asleep when an imperial guard brought their dinner. It was a fish soup and some buns, the imperial guards threw the food recklessly at them as the handmaiden quickly tried their best to safeguard their dinner, " you sly pig! Do you know who my lady is? She is the future mother of the dragon babies" Shadia retorted to the incautious guard, Paaaa The cheeks was met with a slap from Kariya and she eyed her meaningful then Shadia bowed her head and kept her thoughts to herself, the guard only laughed and still kicked her more then left the prison " Do you know your wrongs" Lady Salsa said immediately the guard was out of earshot. " Yes my lady , I know my wrong" "Do you? Then tell me" she countered " I shouldn't have said those words earlier"

she said with unshed tears building up in her eyes "Remember don't count your eggs before they are hatched, we don't know the future situation, we can't bring more troubles to ourselves with our words or actions" we have to do everything cautiously " Lady Salsa explained to the two girls "I am sorry for bringing troubles to My lady please forgive me this once"

Shadia bowed and pleaded "It's okay, let's eat " Lady Salsa said, then Kariya brought the food closer to them then served her Lady, Shadia couldn't hold her hunger as she jumped to pick a bun, Lady Salsa just smiled at her recklessness Such a silly child, foodie, Lady Salsa smirked which made Kariya laughed happily "

Shadia control your covetousness, My lady haven't even taken a bit" she said to the silly child that already down her buns "Yummy!! " was the only word Shadia was able to utter as her mouth was still full of bun.. Lady salsa was about to take a bit when Shadia started holding her stomach and complaining of stomach aches "My tummy, my tummy!!

She groaned with pain, Kariya immediately took out her silver needle to test the bun and the soup but the bun was poisoned while the soup wasn't, "My Lady I failed you, I should have tested the food when they brought it" Kariya said to Lady Salsa " my tum...m...yyy" Shadia groaned and rolled in severe pain " quick call the guards, they have to safe her!! Guards!!! Guards!!!!! Guards!!! Kariya shouted from the prison but no one came as it was a setup plot from above, they could only watch Shadia bled and die of agony, Lady Salsa watched as one of the girls that accompanied her for years died from pain and predicament that was meant for her and sobbed uncontrollably, Kariya consoled and cried along with her.

After some hours, Queen Tekiya called one of the handmaidens beside her, " It's about time for the cat to catch the prey. one of you went and checked how things were in the prison," Queen Tekiya said to her handmaiden.

Queen Tekiya waited in her palace graciously, sitting on an exclusive wooden chair that was made of the finest timber in all the kingdoms. As she waited for the good news while she sipped her fresh wine with her scornful face,

The handmaiden who was sent out some minutes ago came rushing back to deliver the news.

"My queen, The prison sent news, there was death but it's not Lady Salsa" The handmaiden replied bowing her head and making sure that she didn't look up at her."You mean that outside slut managed to escape my plot!" Queen Tekiya roared and threw the glass at her, freshly made red wine poured like blood on the royal floor, " I'm sorry my Queen" "Get out !!, take her out and beat her to death" Queen Tekiya retorted, the servant shivered and bowed their heads, no one could breathe probably because they are afraid that Queen Tekiya might take offense, at that very moment they all held their breath and kept their heads bowed in fear.

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