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C3 Chapter three

For the next two days, Queen Tekiya was still very paranoid and angry about any single mistake of any servants, she would order them beaten to death, to the point everyone was now beseeching curses at Lady Salsa for not dying.

Meanwhile, in the prison, Lady Salsa and Kariya were starved and worn out as they weren't given any food nor drinks to fill their empty tummy, But what Lady Salsa could think of were her eggs and how they are faring, the more she thought about it, the more tears streamed down her porcelain face, "Dear God, let my eggs be saved, don't let any harm befall them"

She prayed hopefully to herself In the Royal court, Kunshiya was admiring and heating his eggs with his breath, as the Royal King and one of the Royal blood, he can breathe out fire and ice which is just one of his numerous talents... "

My King, it is said that Lady Salsa haven't been given any food nor drinks since the incident" Kunshiya Kun's right man Abid whispered to him "Tekiya is taking this too far," Kunshiya said as he gently placed the eggs in their newly furnished cots "

My edict, release Lady Salsa and send the royal physician to her, make sure she settled in with no harm" kunshiya Kun ordered It wasn't up to five minutes when the order was given, the chief guard himself went to the prison to release Lady salsa, when he got there he was surprised that the beautiful lady they brought to the Royal palace two days ago could be reduced to a sham like this, his eyes were full of sympathy and pity "

My lady, Dragon King ordered your release," the chief guard said and went to assist her up but was snubbed by Lady Salsa, Kariya then helped her lady up but it was sloppy since she hasn't had anything since two days ago, they didn't take two steps before they both fell and landed their pretty ass on the blood ridden floor, they later had to lean on the chief guard before they could get up and left the prison, immediately they are out of the prison, the chief guard then ordered several servants to accompany lady Salsa to her palace...

The news of her release already reached Queen Tekiya's palace but no one dared to relay it was because they've been in fear for the past two days and it was due to the so-called second-ranked lady " You mean, The Dragon King released that bitch!!"

Queen Tekiya retorted as she couldn't control her rage " Yes, My Queen,"

one of her secret guards said " she can escape this, but since she's in this palace, death is only postponed, not inevitable " she smiled wickedly...

It was buzzing and ceremonial all over the city as the first full moon first of the year annual festival is coming up, foreigners are seen coming in while indigenes were preparing for the festival, the first full moon festival is one of the most celebrated festival in the kingdom because dragons get the chance to meet their beloved and confessed their love, under the full moon there's no pretense because the moon will trigger the love within and make you to be sincere at that particular moment.

So dragons preferred to confess their feeling at that particular day, young dragon girls and boys who haven't gotten a beloved yet always listened eagerly when their parents explained the importance of the festival, most boys would have already prepared and memorized their love essay before the full moon,

It was the same particular day some decades ago when the dragon king imperial mother died, since then he was always grumpy and moody on that particular day, it just two days to the festival Lady Salsa's servants were decorating and preparing for the festival, when an imperial guard came to deliver the king's report "My lady" the guard bowed in greetings "Ease,"

Lady Salsa said to the guard as she completely ignored him " Honored Lady Salsa, the king seeks your presence, please prepare to enter the King's chamber" the guard reported and left immediately...

When the guard left Lady Salsa called Kariya to dress her up to enter the palace, Kariya was dressing her hair then chatting happily with her Lady "My lady!!

This is a rare chance for you to prove your worth to the king" Kariya said smiling and cheering Lady Salsa " I don't want to, that big ice doesn't have feelings" Lady Salsa replied nonchalantly as she stared into the mirror while Kariya tends to her hair "My lady!! You have to, for the imperial hatchlings "

Kariya couldn't help but reminded her Lady Salsa signed heavily " I do have to because of my babies" let's go! When they got to the king's palace, there was no preparation for the festival at all. No one would even think something big was coming up in the country.

Lady Salsa was bewildered and surprised as she saw the bareness of the palace... "Lady Salsa arrives!! The doorman announced "Let her in" Kunshiya replied, dropping the state document reviews he was reading, the Lady before him was so beautiful and elegantly he couldn't believe this was the same girl he saw years ago, don't tell me this was the same girl I rescued after conquering her entire country?

He was still dazed when Lady Salsa bowed before him, " ease," he said and stretched his hands forward but Lady Salsa was too scared to accept his grace as she took a step backward, kunshiya Kun just smiled and got up to embrace her, Immediately the servants saw this, they bowed their heads and found their way out, Lady Salsa watched as Kariya left her with this horrible man!! That snitch!!

She doesn't want to be with the man that killed all her family!! and king! Even if she's the mother of his hatchlings, she still hates him to the core! This gruesome being! He doesn't have any mercy! He only watched when his Queen ordered her to be put into prison, he only watched when Shadia died.

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