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C1 001 rebirth

In the middle of the vast mountain, in the cave's blood pool, a young man with tattered clothes was lying there. Upon closer inspection, he didn't seem to have any signs of life, and his body was covered with sword wounds as wide as two fingers.

Suddenly, there was a flash of inspiration! The blood in the pool turned into wisps of blood that slowly climbed up Qin Lie's neck before seeping into his skin and disappearing into his veins and bones.

As the blood continuously seeped into the youth's body, the wounds that were as wide as two fingers actually began to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

An hour later, the sky outside the cave became even darker, and those terrifying wounds were already completely healed. At this moment, the youth's skin was glistening with a luster similar to that of beautiful jade.

Suddenly, two rays of light shot out. A pair of pitch black and deep eyes instantly opened. It was as if the king of this world had awoken. However, there were traces of deep confusion in these two pair of black eyes.


The youth jumped out of the blood pool and landed directly in the cave. On the ground below his bare feet, huge cracks immediately appeared. The youth jumped out of the blood pool and directly landed in the cave, immediately on the ground below his bare feet.

All of the ferocious beasts in the mountain were prostrated on the ground, their bodies trembling nonstop. They prostrated themselves before the cave, praying for the owner of the voice to calm his anger.

This terrifying roar lasted for a long time before it stopped. However, this youth suddenly fell on the ground and fell into a deep sleep. The fierce beasts in the mountains far away stood up with panicked expressions on their faces and quickly distanced themselves.

The first rays of the morning sun shone through the dry weeds at the entrance of the cave, forming a circle of light that sprinkled onto the youth's somewhat immature face. At this moment, the youth slowly opened his black eyes.

The youth stood up, and his eyes were filled with great confusion. Seeing the blood pool that no longer had much blood, and the blood clot that had frozen on his body, the youth actually cursed: "Damn, I, Zhang Nan, actually transmigrated!"

The main character in the novel had the same name as him, also called Zhang Nan. The Zhang Nan inside was a servant, because his cultivation was not bad for his at such a young age, reaching the power of the Ninth Heavenly Layer as a warrior, he was brought by the young master of the Zhang family, Zhang Lin, and a dozen or so servants into the forest to search for treasures.

It was very obvious that Zhang Nan and the other servants were only used as cannon fodder. All the way here, whenever they met with danger, they would ask them to attack. However, Zhang Nan's luck was good, all the servants were dead, yet he was lucky enough to survive, and together with Zhang Lin, they found a mysterious ancient book in the cave.

The naive Zhang Nan had fantasized about walking out of the forest with the Young Master and returning to the Zhang Family and upgrading from a servant to a guard to give his parents face, but who knew that after obtaining the Ancient Book, Zhang Lin would reveal such a ferocious face, kill him, and throw him into the blood pool.

"Hehe, I've actually become you?"

Zhang Nan smiled bitterly, he had actually teleported into the novel he had read before. However, he couldn't do anything about it, he could only accept his fate.

"Don't tell me. Can you really guarantee my safety? "

He picked up the crystal pendant from his neck and fiddled with it. Inside the pendant was an ancient and mysterious black pagoda. The black pagoda was surrounded by wisps of black gas. The top of the black pagoda was slightly tattered.

This was gifted to him by a monk before he transmigrated and said that he had a life trap. At that time, Zhang Nan did not pay it any heed and saw that the black pagoda inside the pendant was very exquisite, hence he kept it around his neck. Who knew that while reading the novel, he would be hit by a car and enter into the body of the fiction Zhang Nan.

Carefully sensing his body, Zhang Nan revealed a comforting smile. Luckily, after his life and death, for some reason, he had broken through from the Ninth Heavenly Layer to the early stage of the Innate Realm.

"Don't worry. On the account of you being a filial son, I will take revenge for you!"

He slowly walked out of the cave. The gentle breeze blew his black hair and his tattered clothes fluttered with the wind. He was like a butterfly that had broken out from its cocoon, announcing to the world that he had been reborn.

Zhang Nan fiercely stomped on the ground and rushed into the sky with a swoosh. He then landed on a lake not far away from the cave with a splash, causing countless crystal clear water to splash out.

"Haha, not bad!" If the heavens allow me to become a human again, then I, Zhang Nan, will definitely have my name written all over the world! "

Zhang Nan stood up from the lake and laughed out loud. He had long yearned for the power to destroy the heavens and earth, so coming to this kind of world, his dream had the possibility of being realized. This place was as beautiful as a fairyland, the forest all exuded an ancient aura.

This was a forest outside the Wanshang Dynasty, and there were countless terrifying demon beasts inside, but it was still unable to stop humans from exploring the forest, in order to become strong, humans had long put their life on the line, even the young master Zhang Lin of the Zhang family, who was one of the Four Great Clans of the Sky Region City, was here. Wherever he went, he would bring his family and Zhang Nan along.

Although the Sky Region City was not considered big in Wanshang Dynasty, it was not considered small either. The city covered an area of several hundred kilometers, and the area the city covered was actually over a thousand kilometers.

The Sky Region City was rich in spirit energy, and as it neared the Black Wind Forest, which was rich in resources, it made it even more famous in the Wanshang Dynasty.

Zhang Nan knew, it would not be an easy thing to kill Zhang Lin, even if he had already become an expert in Congenital Realm.

On the Spirit Nether Continent, the cultivation of spiritual energy was the main thing. Many people could train their bodies and become Pre-Sky Realm Warriors, but very few of them were able to break through to the Houtian ninth stage. Thus, a servant like Zhang Nan, who had a status and position at the Houtian ninth stage, had to suffer a lot of hardship just to be able to reach that level.

It was because they had already stepped into the gate of cultivation, so they could draw in spirit energy to nourish their body. Furthermore, in the late stage of Congenital Realm, their bodies could even form spirit energy, and their attack power had greatly surpassed that of a Pre-Sky Realm practitioner. Many great clans did not dare to easily offend a Congenital Realm practitioner, because once they stepped onto the road of cultivation, they might become a powerful existence that could obliterate a large city with a wave of their hands in just a few hundred years.

"Heh heh, that Zhang Lin actually wants to kill someone to keep his mouth shut. It seems like I have to make a trip back to the Sky Region City. Also, that girl's physique should not be that simple. "

Zhang Nan quickly came to a decision while he was in the lake. Using both hands to pat the surface of the water, he actually jumped out of the lake.

"Not bad, to be able to soar to a height of more than a thousand feet like this, it seems that this fellow's foundation is quite good."

With the strong wind blowing, Zhang Nan looked up into the sky, feeling extremely satisfied in his heart. Although he only had the identity of a servant after transcending worlds, he believed that this world belonged to him, Zhang Nan.


However, just as Zhang Nan was about to reach the highest point, a loud beast roar came out, making his expression change immediately.

Zhang Nan was speechless. He just wanted to test out his current strength, but he had attracted the attention of a Rank 4 Spirit Beast.

He was able to destroy a small mountain with a single punch, so it was very rare for the entire Black Wind Forest to encounter such a strong demonic beast. This was the outskirts of the Black Wind Forest, and even Rank 3 beasts rarely appeared, but for some reason, a Rank 4 Violent Magic Ape appeared.

A fourth stage Violent Magic Ape's strength was comparable to a human cultivator at the late stage of the spirit-control realm. Its body was incomparably hard, and once enraged, it would not rest until it was dead.

However, now.

Violent Magic Ape rushed towards Zhang Nan with a face full of anger. His fist whistled through the air as it was about to smash Zhang Nan.

"F * ck your grandpa! Heavens, I just teleported here, yet I didn't even meet a girl from another world. Am I going to die like this?"

Zhang Nan's heart was filled with grievances as he looked at the giant fist that was getting closer and closer. He had thought that after teleporting to this world, he would be able to live an awesome life, becoming a Ranker from another world, hugging countless beautiful girls, saying goodbye to everyone else. But who would have thought that after acting tough, he would immediately lose his life?

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