World's Unparalleled Emperor

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World's Unparalleled Emperor
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He is still alive A pair of pitch black eyes stared straight at Jian Xia, their eyes filled with sincerity. Jian Xia was startled. Who was she? Many men, no matter how handsome, how talented, how outstanding, could only avoid her. Who would have the guts to say such rude words to her? However, this guy called Zhang Nan had secretly peeked at her exquisite body the moment he had entered the God
The moment he appeared in this world, he was destined to be extraordinary! I want to be the emperor, who dares to block me? "What?" Beauty, you dare to stand in front of me? " Zhang Nan's eyes narrowed, pulling him into his embrace, "Little girl, stop teasing me, you're just this emperor's beloved concubine!" 