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When she loved me
When she loved me
Cammy cursed the day she met jake. Ever since then if she thought of it deeply it has always been torture for her,her best friend and her family. Jake was a cunt,a disaster,a volcano threatening to erupt,a fast approaching disastrous meteorite. It was love… Love is blind and so was she. Alice smith is a cold and aloof highschool senior who cares about no one but her family and Cammy. She fell in love with her childhood friend Cammy who was oblivious to her feelings. Cammy, a socialite and sporty girl, enjoyed the indulgence and doting from her beloved best friend,getting used to receiving and causing trouble. Jake came into their life when they moved into a new high school.Cammy fell for Jake at first sight , a handsome rich spoilt young master who was the life of the party in the city but moved to the town because of the trouble he caused in the city. Jake caused havoc between Alice and Cammy, he ruined their family and reduced them to bits. He manipulated,gaslighted and used Cammy to drive Alice to the brink of death. Alice, broken and worn out, got tired of Cammy’s stupidity and being hurt constantly because of her selfless overflowing love. What did Jake do to reduce a happy family to nothing? What decisions did Cammy make? What  happened to make  Alice, who could give her whole life to Cammy, leave her? What happened to Jake?  What does fate have in store for them? Happy or sad ending ? Find out in the story also interesting side characters that help save Alice.
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