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Billionaire’s Beloved Warm Wife
Billionaire’s Beloved Warm Wife
After two years of marriage, she was forced to divorce. On the day of the divorce, she remarried quickly and quietly. Without knowing anything, she and a man she had known for less than an hour had registered for marriage. She looked at the handsome man in front of her. "I think we should get a divorce. This is ridiculous. " The man said, "Maybe we're the best ones. Why not try it?" She had thought it was another absurd marriage, but instead she was filled with happiness. Later on, she found out about this man's identity. He really was no ordinary person! He came back for revenge, with the multinational corporation in his hands. He was swift and decisive, and the crowd was filled with fear and reverence toward him. Originally, he wanted to make use of her, but he had fallen for her. "I've saved up all the good luck of my life just to meet you at the right time, Qiao Wei!" "The luckiest thing in my life is that I haven't missed you, Huo Dongyang!" ***
Modern Romance

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CEO's Sudden Proposal
CEO's Sudden Proposal
It has been adapted into comic:CEO's Sudden Proposal / Flash Marriage Deep Love She didn't understand why he took her to get married at first sight. She was just friendly to his daughter at the hospital, but she did not expect that his daughter haunted her to be her mother. It's only the first day of their meeting! She thought he married her only because of his daughter, but in fact, he was deeply attracted by her kindness and simplicity, and he loved her deeply. For the rest of her life, Will she love him like he love her? ☆About the Author☆ Qin Ye is an online novelist. Her work CEO's Sudden Proposal is at the top of the Chinese online novel list, has gained even more popularity due to her popularity and favorable comments. CEO's Sudden Proposal has ups and downs plots, which are really exciting. Both the plots and writing of this novel are remarkable.
Adventure With Mommy
Adventure With Mommy
After crossing over to become a good-for-nothing Miss, she was not only designed, but was also kicked out of her home by her stepmother! Did he really think that she was a sick cat? Five years later, she joined hands with her genius son and powerfully returned. His fiance was arrogant? Break your face! Her stepmother's calculations? Tear off your disguise! To call her a good-for-nothing cultivator? Then the genius will appear and blow your eyeballs apart! As for who the baby's father is? What did it have to do with her!? Her only goal was to enter the Immortal Pavilion Academy to cultivate and become an immortal. What? The first round of the entrance exam was the innate talent test? Only with five awakened chakras can he pass? She smiled and saw that she didn't know anything at all. How could she be so breathtaking? How could she be so skillful in suppressing everyone present! However, she was only admitted to a school, why would peach blossoms come at her?
Historical Romance
Satan CEO’s Contract Bride
Satan CEO’s Contract Bride
Because of a contract, she became his bride, but deep in his heart, there was another woman… To help her parents raise high medical bills, she had to sign a contract to marry a bossy CEO she had never met. Somehow, the CEO hates her guts. Although in the eyes of others, she is the noble CEO's wife. But at home, she is required to be responsible for all housework like a maid. For the life of her parents, she is willing to endure such hardship. To her surprise, she even begins to fall in love with her satanic husband. Until one day, she found out that all his hatred for her came from another woman… ☆About the Author☆ L Chong Ai S, an excellent online novelist, her novels are rich in plots, sincere and emotional, and are deeply loved by readers.
Cold Marriage but  Warm Love
Cold Marriage but Warm Love
Two years ago, because of a favor, she became an unworthy wife of Mrs. Lu. Every day, he could only serve in an empty cage. He foolishly thought that as long as she was willing to give it her all and love him wholeheartedly, he would turn back and see her heartfelt feelings towards him. It was only when the person at the tip of his heart suddenly appeared and he mercilessly kicked her down from the bed that she knew that in his heart, she would forever be that ugly and despicable woman. Hua Li returned five years later with wounds all over his body, determined to make the person who harmed her pay the price. Unexpectedly, the man who she loved and hated so much had suddenly blocked her path, locking her in his embrace. "Lu Shaonan, we are already divorced!" I did not sign it. The marriage will continue! "
Beautiful Rural Cook Girl
Beautiful Rural Cook Girl
The top chef, Mei Jing, opened his eyes to discover that he had crossed over. When he looked again, it was a good fellow! She was forced to marry an old man and Steamed Bun Dad were hiding at the side laughing?She had the heart of a buddha, the body of a wicked blood relative, the family of a Taoist uncle and aunt, as well as all the advantages of an uncle and aunt! Facing a shabby thatched cottage that was still surrounded by a pack of wolves, Mei Jingtian looked up to the sky and picked up his food. He set up his stall, cooked, opened his restaurant, and brewed wine! The gold and silver that were rolling everywhere came in waves. The trouble of top-grade relatives also came one after another. Mei Jing rolled up his sleeves as he took his mother to the peak of life. As soon as the clinker changes, the matchmaker tramples on the door, and the letter of engagement is like a snowflake. Although it seemed like a congratulatory gift to a general, he was actually planning to marry her!
Historical Romance

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