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Contract Marriage with the coldest CEO
Contract Marriage with the coldest CEO
Her biological father had died suddenly, and she had been miserably driven out of the house by her stepmother and stepsister. After that, her boyfriend of many years slept with her best friend. Even worse, she had offended someone she shouldn't have. Three years later, she came back as the Asia Pacific director of a certain corporate tycoon group. When they met again, she was surrounded by handsome men, while he was surrounded by beautiful women. Ignoring her wishes, he pulled her along and danced. he whispered in her ear, holding her waist. " "You're Su Rao?" She leaned on his shoulder obediently and gave a calm chuckle. "Are you referring to the former Eldest Miss of the Su Group? Mr. Song, I'm really sorry, you got the wrong person. My name is Wenni Jian. " Meet again at the hotel. He pressed her hard against the wall of the ladies' room. " Ten million, you're my lover for half a year! " She smiled elegantly as her mockery was obvious, "Mr. Song, is this the old-fashioned method you use to woo women?" She lifted his chin playfully. "Twenty million, get the hell out of my way!" He said, "Su Rao, you're the only woman I can't let go of in my life." He said, "Wenni, with a word from you, I will be with you to the end of my life." ***

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