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Ex-Husband's Sugarcoated Trap
Ex-Husband's Sugarcoated Trap
He had no choice but to marry her. After marrying her for three years, Yin Ze Chen was as cold as ice while Mu Yiruo continued to love him. On the day of her birthday, a divorce agreement forced her into a desperate situation. Mu Yiran refused to sign, so Xiao San came to her door and arrogantly shouted at her to start the love defense war. However, in this marriage defense battle, she finally understood that love was a matter between two people. It was impossible to accomplish it alone. "He sent her to hell for his beloved woman. He didn't care about her life and death, he just wanted her to marry him." Director Yin, you got what you want, and trapped me here for that? " Mu Yiruo questioned coldly. You need your child. " After Yin Ze Chen finished his sentence, he took over her. On the day of birth, he heard Yin Ze Chen's cold voice, "Keep the child." Years later, she was in the arms of a man. A certain someone was so jealous that he carried his son and shouted, "Wife, go home quickly! Your child needs to drink milk!"
Modern Romance
Abused Love
Abused Love
"Where do I go from here?" The article narrates a cruel experience of college students entering society after graduation, which is also a slowly growing abusive love. The college student Bai Siyi wants to stay in the big city where the university is located to work and live. After experiencing a series of negative events such as the boss who squeezed the labor force, the unwritten rules of the interview, and the fake university employment, he is anxious to earn money to prove that his Bai Siyi has mistakenly entered the Huang Huang Entertainment Company. After brainwashing training, when he intended to leave the company, he was chosen by the vice president and imprisoned as the company's vice president lover. A chance meeting with the CEO of the company, the CEO recognized that she was a girl he had met as a child, thus involving the CEO's unknown upbringing and fate with the female lead. The president's love turned into a deformed possessive desire to imprison him at home and commit domestic violence. During the two of them, the female lead from revulsion to a vague love, and then because of a series of events to hate him. In the end, the female lead used the abortion to escape wittily and exposed the male lead's crime.
Modern Romance

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