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Legacy of the Healing SageC516 The Value of Using Him!Sep 6th, 08:07
FantasyInfinite TemptationsC104 The Demon of Grass and Wood.Aug 27th, 08:05
The Game ChangerC104 Bidding Farewell and Arrival!Aug 21st, 08:04
FantasyUnmatched DominanceC63 Returning the Favor with Your TeethAug 20th, 16:38
GamesMovie System OnlineC54 Under the Power of the Heavens, Everyone Was an Ant!Aug 14th, 11:58
FantasyImmortal Cultivating DynastyC1214 Someone from Qing Tian City Has ArrivedJul 19th, 08:03
FantasyMultiverse Unrivaled SystemC129 Qin Buyi, Who Did Not Understand Love.Jul 17th, 06:24
FantasyWorld's Strongest Martial WarriorC1573 CHAPTER1573Jul 17th, 02:22
Modern&UrbanSuper Student's Three-realms ArmyC5515 What's the Use of Having You All!Jul 7th, 08:06
Son-In-LawReturn Of Urban Battle Son-in-lawC1126 Arrogant Zou XiaomingJul 3rd, 08:04
FantasyEvolution Depends On SwallowingC1219 Bronze TrialJul 3rd, 08:03
Modern&UrbanBeauty Leader's Close BodyguardC1208 Temporarily SettledJul 2nd, 08:07
FantasySupreme Battle KingC909 Kill the King's Tomb(2)Jul 2nd, 08:04
FantasyThe Strong From The Divine TombC842 Sand Man Iron Man Iron Man(2)Jun 30th, 08:58
His 'Ugly' BrideC635 I Used the Rest of the MenJun 29th, 08:06
FantasyKilling BuddhaC1069 Lin Yizhi's DeathJun 29th, 08:05