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Hidden Son-in-law
Hidden Son-in-law
*He was the son-in-law of Ye family. In the past three years, no one in Ye family had treated him as a human. He was living worse than a dog. Until one day, A phone call had changed everything. "Son You don't have to live a hard life anymore. Your dad Would gave you a billion as compensation every year. You can spend it however you want in the future. " This day was too long. It was so long that he couldn't believe it when the day really came. .... He was originally the young master of the Lu family, one of the top families in the capital. His father had failed in the fight for the successor of the family and had been sent to prison. Both of them had been kicked out of the house. Until now his father was released from prison and became the heir of the Lu family, From this moment, he knows his opportunity for revenge has come!"

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