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Be A Millionaire Overnight
Be A Millionaire Overnight
*He was an orphan and his family did not want to adopt him.Even his girl had dumped him because of his poverty. One day a system massage had been send to him. “ Your ending number is 4311. On 15th July, the system transferred you to RMB 100000.00. The balance available was RMB 10014000.61....” "Hello, respected customer! Please spend the ten million dollars in one day. There was only one condition, this money must be spent by you and could not be transferred. If it is not completed by then, all amounts in your card will be zeroed. " Now,after twenty years of humiliation,he finally had chance to  reaching the pinnacle of society! Let us see how this business geniuses fight against the century-old family and uncover the secret behind the results of his research!
Online Game: Myth World
Online Game: Myth World
*In 2030, human technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. The great game "Myth" had been created. It was completely controlled by the myth of the same name, away from the previous GM system. The game company was only responsible for running the system and ensuring the fairness of the game. It is said that sex can also take place in the game, no wonder people are going crazy. And most importantly with the guarantee from the four commercial banks that the virtual and real money could be exchanged, this point was extremely important for professional gamers who relied on online games to survive … As the normal online gamer he always had a strange dream, There always a woman in red in front of him which he can not see her face cleanly. Until one day, he saw that women in this online game "Myth" …

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