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Lester and Ezekiel were lovers since Lester was young. But their love was forbidden. Lester was mortal while Ezekiel was fairy. When his father, a King of fairyland found out about their relationship, he severely punished Ezekiel and hurt Lester. Ezekiel then sacrificed their love in order to protect Lester from his father, to give him a peaceful life. Ezekiel decided to erase his own existence on Lester's memory but he promised that he will reclaim Lester in the right time in the future once he become the King. But Lester's fate twisted after years, he went to America to fulfill his father's last wish to work on his uncle's company. While in America, he had an accident that caused him to have a selective amnesia, not only that, he woke up one day after the accident having a girlfriend in the name of Aubrey which he found very weird. Lester's uncle found out that it wasn't an accident at all but someone targeted to kill Lester because of his position in the company. In order to protect Lester's life, his uncle hired an undercover agent and made him Lester's bodyguard. His name was Zeke but this bodyguard seems overprotective of Lester. Lester felt an uncontrollable passion towards Zeke that however he prevents himself, he fell on him unknowingly. Lester faced a sudden accident again and it made his memory to come back including the erased memory of Ezekiel. And once again after a very long time, Lester found his way to be with his Ezekiel once more.
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