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WOUNDED EGO: Omega’s Disguise
WOUNDED EGO: Omega’s Disguise
How far can you go in order to feed your own ego? “Twenty thousand dollars for every session. Have sex with me and keep your mouth shut.” These were the words that my Alpha boss left me the moment I caught him doing something shady inside his very office. It was obviously bribe money to prevent me from ruining his image. But even so, I still accepted his offer for the sole reason that I'm interested in knowing his true nature. But never did I thought that this curiosity of mine would only lead me into a much troublesome circumstance.
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KASARINLAN'S VERDICT: Stigma of the Chosen
KASARINLAN'S VERDICT: Stigma of the Chosen
Prince Sari is the current Prince of Kabinihan. Just like the previous rulers of their land, he possesses alluring beauty, elegance and admirable intelligence that is very suited for a royalty like him. Not known to many, he is a “Chosen Vessel” and has the Mark of Kasarinlan on his lower abdomen — a flower-shaped tattoo that signifies that the offspring is the next vessel to carry Kasarinlan’s child. His existence is heretic and some think making him the next King would soil the kingdom’s sole purpose, and that is to serve their mighty deity Kasarinlan and make him satisfied always. If they are to nurture Prince Sari and present him to the deity, their peaceful reign might disappear in a blink of an eye. On his 18th birthday, a personal adviser is assigned to Prince Sari — his name is Ulan. Ulan is tasked to give guidance to the Prince before he faces Kasarinlan in person. Until then, the Prince must learn various things as part of his destiny. Will he be able to bring prosper to his beloved land and people... or will he be the key to their downfall?