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Justice And Desire
Justice And Desire
I leaned over the table, getting close to him as I did. "I have a life to share with my one point two million followers. I don't want to disappoint them." "I wouldn't want to interfere with that, now, would I?" His eyes darted down to my chest, and then I realized I just shoved my cleavage in his face. "See something you like, Detective?" "Absolutely." He glanced up from my cleavage to my face. "And, unlike you, I'm not afraid to admit it." I bent a little lower, purposely allowing my blouse to gape, even more, making sure he got an eyeful of something he would never have. "Believe me, I'm not afraid to admit when I see something I like...or want." "That makes you a liar, then." "And what exactly gives you that idea?" "You arching your back so you can shove your tits in my face." His eyes flitted down to my breasts before he leaned to the side and glanced back at my ass. "Then there's also the way your ass is currently pushed up like it's searching for something," he looked back at me, "or maybe it needs something." Oh. My. God. When two opposite sides collide due to an undeniable, off-the-charts attraction, the collision is the only devastation you can expect with certainty. For LA Detective James Gunner, meeting Vanessa Bologna the notorious Italian-American mob boss's daughter can only be sealed with one resulting impact... DISASTER. She was the daughter of a notorious mafia boss. He was the cop with a huge sign around his neck saying "forbidden in every goddamn way." He was out to destroy her father, to bring down their family, yet here she was allowing him to kiss the life out of her.
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