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Ruthless Mafia Innocent Love
Ruthless Mafia Innocent Love
#Werwolf # Mystery # Locket # Curse . Werewolf IN THIS STORY ONE IS WEREWOLF AND THEY DON'T KNEW ABOUT BECAUSE OF A LOCKET ... This is the curse which locked all powers of two beings they themselves don't know they are living into human world but they are not Human's they are being which have powers to ruin human .. But every curse have its solution and every person at some point hold there identities it's depend what more and what less there curse and there fate hold for them . Priya goyal an 18 yrs old girl ....very innocent for this cruel world. An orphan lives in an autumn orphanage ..... She is innocent but she don't know what happen in her past and what creatures and powers her family had which she can have but only when the curse going to have its solution. Priyank Sharma a 25 yrs old billionaire and dangerous mafia ... Hate to touch by women. Respects his mother and one and only friend... Let's see how dark soul going to corrupt the pure one... He don't know what past he has which is related with Priya and what more he can have in his life when he truly going to what his innocent Luna is . Scence .. No, no plz don't do this " Priya begged. Priyank replied "no I m not going to stop ..... Priya cried and replied " I dislike you .. Priyank grabbed...Priya jaw and said " Here you are wrong angel ...And then he removes his belt and starts beating her. And while night goes in Priya crying and shouting in pain.... English is my second language...
Life is like hell
Life is like hell
Violence ...mature content ...Dark romance ..obsession ..hate ...torture . A girl is begging " Plz stop ..plz it's hurting . Boy smirk and replied " Little thing I want to give you pain you will remember what sin you committed.. Girl begged and cried " plz don't do this ..plz ...I m begging ...plz .. Boy smirks and said " little thing no matter what how much you beg but nothing is going to change ... And then night goes in begging and crying and bloody scream of the girl but body continues his torture on her .... Everyone think love is more darker then anything. What if hate convert into obsession so how dark it is going to be ... Let's see how hurt going to be converted into heart ????.. Let's see how things going to happen when someone want revenge and love together. Love has many shades how about showing you all the darkest side of love .. ... Love is mine take ... Hate is yours . To give ... Revenge is mine to have But you are the only thing from which I can have all ....
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