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Promise of Memories
Promise of Memories
A story about two peoples separated but reunited by destiny. A girl who can't remember and a boy who can't forget. Their love was a epitome of forever. But because of their parent's mistake, they bound to breakup and hurt each other. Synopsis: Jessa Torres is a simple woman who lives in a resort. A woman who lived with peace and joy. Everyone who surrounds her believes that she's already flawless in every way. But behind the smiles she displayed for others is a lady who is suffering. A woman with the most traumatic recollections. Her memories were erased. She was stripped of everything she had in the past. She despises herself, specifically her past life. She wants to remember who she is, but she's also afraid… Afraid that something bad will happen to her again. Until she met Benjamin Reyes, who unexpectedly made her heart beat so fast. A man who unexpectedly makes her life bloom like a flower. And it's all because of that one kiss. She falls in love with him, but it is not a simple love. It's the kind of love she feels is familiar to her, as if she's had it before. Unfortunately, the man she loves has already committed to someone else. So, she promised herself that she would forget about him. But after seven months, they meet again, and the man admits that he likes her as well. As a result, she crossed the line and forgot that the man is already in love with someone else. She did everything she could to be the ideal girlfriend to her boyfriend. Yet, the world is so fucked up because her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend looks so much like her. Will her love be enough to keep them together, despite the fact that the man's previous lover looks just like her? What if, on the other hand, that man is the reason of her pains? Would she put her life on the line for him? Or she just forgets about meeting a man like him and go back to her normal life?
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