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Aristocrat's Butler
Aristocrat's Butler
“You dropped your spoon,” the stranger says as he grabs it. “I’ll go get another,” and the stranger goes to fetch another. When he gets back, Gianni is clinging to life because of his hunger. He is barely managing his posture. Quickly, the stranger gives the spoon to him. But as soon as it reaches the latter’s trembling hand, it falls to his bed sheets. “I can’t hold a spoon,” Gianni is despairingly disheartened. Moments of silence fills the air until the stranger’s warm hand holds Gianni’s chin open. “Open your mouth,” the stranger says as he feeds him with a spoonful off bouillabaisse. Surprised, Gianni feels the luxury of comfort once more. The stranger’s hand is so warm and comforting. He could not help but feel shy and embarrassed. “I’m sorry,” Gianni silently says. “I’ve caused you too much burden.” “It’s no problem,” the stranger wildly smiled. His smile makes Gianni’s heart throb faster than a fleeting flame. “You should regain back your strength,” the stranger continues feeding Gianni, “so that you can repay your debt with your life.” “With my life?” Gianni gulps and coughs. The revelation completely surprises him. “What do you mean?” “Your family disowned you. You have nowhere to go. You do not have any money on you nor any possessions to repay that service that I have done for you,” the stranger explains. “Thus, you shall pay back by serving as a butler.” Follow the story of how a disowned street rat becomes the butler of an aristocrat, and how their love and desire for each other unfolds.
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