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Perfectly made for you (My boss)
Perfectly made for you (My boss)
"Can i be Perfectly Made for him Or He can be perfectly Made for me??" -- Isa siyang gwapong lalaki at kilalang mayaman. Samantalang ako simpleng babae lamang na ang tanging meron ay makapag-bigay ligaya sa mga taong malapit sakin. -- Paano kaya kami mgkakatagpo? Maari bang magsama ang isang mahirap na tulad ko sa isang lalaking tinitingala at mataas ang stado nang pamumuhay. -- Maaring hindi tayo perpekto, pero sa isang relasyon may Taong nababagay at nararapat para satin, at sa taong tunay na nagmamahal perpekto tayo para sa kanila sa kabila ng ating imperfections.
His Sanctuary
His Sanctuary
Because of Mr.Madrigal’s huge indebtedness to the businessmen with whom he was associated, he was able to betray and sold his daughter River to a businessman named Spencer Vilavide. Well known to be a billionaire and handsome but, has a Narcissistic Behaviour where it becomes manipulative and overly arrogant. So even though River was afraid of this man, she don’t have any other choice but to follow what her father's ordered. For the sake of her family, who needs to provide financially and physically for her. And during her stay in Vilavide’s mansion, she suffered a lot and endures the pain from Spencer's abusive hands. But as time went on. She also got used to his sadistic behavior and her fears of him, turn into a furious toward the man. Until she didn’t notice that she was gradually falling in love with the young man who was also gradually changing his treatment of her. Will two people shaped by cruelty and suffering stay together? Is there any chance that River can fall in love with a man who causes her pain and struggle in life? And Can Spencer change his narcissistic behaviour for love?
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