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Do you want to dance?" He asked me. "Do you think you can keep up?" I raked my fingers down his chest before heading to the dance floor, I could feel him following closely behind me. He grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to him, reaching out to caress my cheek before pulling the pins from my hair making it tumble down my shoulders. I wondered what his plans was when he kissed my neck making me shiver, he leaned down to me ear, "I am going to make you scream my name by the end of tonight" he whispered in my ear making me bite my lips before replying, carefully choosing my words. "Who said we needed to wait till the end of tonight?" I whispered right back before placin my mouth on his, he broke the kiss off before leading me to the private section of the club where no one can see or disturb us, I stood before him while he sat on the chaise char ordering me to dance for him. Well, if he wants me to dance then I will dance. I swayed softly at first getting familiar with the feeling of being watched by this sexy creature, I became bold in my steps running my hands all over my body while maintaining eye contact, the thought of him sitting there getting aroused at the sight of me dancing made me wet and eager to please him, the thought fueled me more as I reached behing me to unzip my outfit, I got the pleasure of seeing his eyes widen as I stood there in my matching bra and thong with my heels. I resumed dancing beckoning him to come to me, he shook his head crooking his finger for me to come, I smirked evilly in my head. We'll see. I sat in the opposite chaise chair with my legs spread open, I saw the confusion on his face when I dipped my finger into my mouth sucking it breifly before lowering it to my panties, slowly trailing it through my breasts and stomach before getting to my pussy while he watched me.
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