Activation Of The Overbearing System/C1 The Tyrant System Has Been Activated
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Activation Of The Overbearing System/C1 The Tyrant System Has Been Activated
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C1 The Tyrant System Has Been Activated

In the herb garden of Star Sea Sect, a young man who was bending over to pluck the grass suddenly smiled bitterly. He raised his finger and greeted the heavens, "God, are you playing with me on purpose? If you want to transmigrate, do you want to annoy me by wearing this kind of person? "

Ji Chen was originally a jobless wanderer in China. After reading novels all night, he fainted. When he woke up, he transmigrated to this world where Dao techniques showed divinity and became the lowest level alchemist!

Originally, when encountering transmigration, people like Ji Chen, who were marginalized in society, were very happy. However, this person whose soul was penetrated by him was really too strange!

This person was also called Ji Chen. He was originally the number one genius in Star Sea Sect's outer sect, but his character was so ugly that it made people speechless.

To put it nicely, he was full of wonderful ideas and brave in exploration. To put it bluntly, he was bored every day and liked to cause trouble and play with his life, causing his reputation to be in a mess!

For example, this guy had once grafted the wings of the old hen onto Big Yellow's body, wanting him to be a flying divine dog. He had also stuck the cat's claws into the python's body, wanting to create an artificial flood dragon.

A few days ago, he had taken advantage of the opportunity to carry out the sect's mission and made a big deal in the Pill Meridian. He had suddenly thought of using the Frost Medicine Formula to cultivate the Fire Dragon Tree, and the result was tragic.

A good Fire Dragon Tree instantly exploded, turning over the three palaces in the surroundings. What was even worse was that his cultivation base had been destroyed, and he had fallen from the Great Circle of the Layer 10 to the Layer 1!

The Great Elder of Pill Meridian was instantly enraged. He lifted Ji Chen, who was covered in dirt, and threw him into the remote medicinal field to make amends for his crimes.

"Good kid, you're a scientist seeking death! You're buried in this world. If you were in our place, you would definitely win the Nobel Prize!"

After Ji Chen checked his memory, he did not know whether to laugh or cry at Ji Chen's actions.

"But forget it. Since we're here, we should take care of ourselves. What kind of scientist are we in this era where martial arts are respected? Let's see how this heaven's pride will push all kinds of geniuses all the way to the top of the world with beauties from all walks of life!"

After happily imagining the future, Ji Chen was stunned. He had no choice but to face the tragic reality. He wanted to pluck grass, catch insects, fertilize, and take care of the ten acres of herbal garden that he was responsible for!

"Could it be that I'm going to face the yellow earth and face the sky and deal with nature in the future? Then what's the point of cultivating? It's so strong to turn into dung!"

Ji Chen wailed, but he could only carry out his job honestly. He had to clean up all the weeds in the herbal field before dark, so there were sounds of moaning and rustling coming from the herbal field.

Ji Chen took a horse stance, grabbed the weeds, and pulled them out with all his strength. However, the grass, which was a foot tall, refused to come out as if it had eaten Brother Wei. Ji Chen was so tired that he was like a grandson, with sweat all over his neck!

The grass in the herbal field absorbed the medicinal strength of the herbs. It was not something ordinary weeds could compare with. This kind of grass that was very difficult to pull out was the simplest. There were also leaves that were sharper than sawteeth, poisonous ones, ice-cold ones, and so on and so forth.

"Come out!"

It took a long time before the grass was pulled out. Ji Chen fell to the ground with his butt. His face was almost purple. "Wu Cao, is this weeding? Lu Zhishen pulling the willows upside down is only so-so!"

"Ding! Qualification granted, Dominating System activated! Heroically pulling out a stalk of weed. Low degree of aggressiveness. Reward: Dominant Power 10!'"

Ji Chen was shocked by the sudden voice in his mind. Before he could react, a magical panel appeared in his mind.

Host: Ji Chen

Dominant Power: 10

Realm: Mortal Martial Layer 1 )

Martial Technique: Star Flow Technique (Beginner Level, can be improved), Starfire Burning Prairie Blade (Beginner Level) Beginner Level, can be improved, can be improved, can be improved, can be improved, can be improved, can be improved, can be improved, can be improved, )

Item: None

"[System!] This is a heaven-defying piece of work from the Goldfinger, a necessary cheat for transmigrators, a portable system! "

Ji Chen's mouth was wide open, and he was so happy that he jumped up and down. "System text, my favorite in my previous life! This is great. Kakaka, big beauties, little girls, wait for this young master to dote on you! "

The system operation guide flashed in his mind, and Ji Chen quickly understood the basic usage of the Dominating System. "Quick, use the Dominant Power and increase your realm!"

The Dominant Power column on the interface was quickly cleared, and then a rich energy suddenly appeared. It flowed through his limbs and bones, and then gathered in his Dantian and Qi Sea.

Ji Chen felt that his strength had been greatly increased. His body felt warm, and his previous weakness and powerlessness were swept away. He slightly checked, and saw that the column of realm had turned into Mortal Layer 2!

"Good stuff! Just ten Dominant Power was enough to raise the Layer 1 realm! The name of the Dominating System sounded pretty cool, but how should he obtain this Dominant Power? Could it be that I have to pretend to be 13 and tease this little girl in a domineering manner?"

Ji Chen was dancing with joy, and he accidentally stepped on a grasshopper while dancing awkwardly.

"Ding! Killing cute little animals for no reason, low level of dominance, + 10 Dominant Power!"

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