Activation Of The Overbearing System/C10 If You Don't Have the Strength Then Don't be a Flower Protector
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Activation Of The Overbearing System/C10 If You Don't Have the Strength Then Don't be a Flower Protector
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C10 If You Don't Have the Strength Then Don't be a Flower Protector

Ji Chen curled his lips. So what if she was a beautiful girl? As long as she was his opponent or his enemy, no matter how beautiful she was, he would never show any mercy. He would never show mercy to her!

"Little brother, you're hurting me!" The young girl sensed the danger and put on a lovely and lovely appearance. She was pure and lovely, making people love her. "Brother Ji Chen, you're so powerful. I admire you! Can you put me down?"

"What little brother? Don't act like a spoiled child. I am even younger than you, Aunt!" Ji Chen grinned hideously and punched the young girl's flat abdomen. He was extremely crazy!

The girl was in so much pain that her beautiful face was twisted. Her soft body was in so much pain that she was twitching. This punch had cracked her internal organs. It was a serious injury. She spurted out a mouthful of blood. The sweet smell was drowned by the pungent smell of blood!

Ji Chen let go of his fist and put it away. The girl fell down from the stone monument and fell to the ground. It was a horrifying scene!

"Ji Chen, are you still a man? Even such a beautiful girl is willing to make such a ruthless move. Do you still have any face?!"

"Senior sister, my goddess! Ahhhh! How dare you hit my goddess! Ji, I'm going to fight you to the death!"

"Shameless, shameless, filthy, scourge Ji. Serves you right that you won't be able to find a partner for the rest of your life. I curse you to be single for the rest of your life!"

Ji Chen's actions were like poking a hornet's nest, causing a violent backlash. Those young disciples who were scared to death had their eyes turned red, and they rushed towards Ji Chen like mad dogs. They howled and howled!

"Is there a need to be like this? Are you crazy?! Why are you so impulsive? Even if you put your life on the line for her, she won't sleep with you! What a pity, what a pity! "

"Who asked me to be so kind? I couldn't watch you get confused, so I hit you to wake you up! "

Ji Chen laughed loudly. He was not afraid when facing hundreds of opponents at the same time. Instead, he was full of fighting spirit and excitement. He rushed forward like a divine dragon that had entered the sea. He knocked down a large number of them in a single blow!

"This fist technique of yours is too slow. Let me demonstrate it to you!"

"Is this the Twelve Zodiacs Tan Leg? I can clearly see that it's the Old Cold Leg, and it's also the kind of bone loose. Just break it!"

"What are you trying to do? I didn't use any strength either. You shouldn't have knelt down! "

Ji Chen was really too strong. His combat attainment had reached the peak. His entire body was overflowing with starlight. His blood and Qi were surging like a tide. He had ganged up on a few hundred people and even had the upper hand. He had beaten them until they cried for their parents.

These angry flower guardians had truly been unlucky for eight lifetimes. When they encountered a disastrous star like Ji Chen, they simply couldn't defeat him. They felt extremely aggrieved, and they couldn't even see what was going on before they suffered a few punches from him.

The clanging sounds of chiseling rang out one after another, and the screams of pain rang out endlessly in their ears. After a quarter of an hour, there were only two people standing on top of the huge battle. One was Ji Chen, who looked like a devil king, and the other was a yellow-robed young man.

Hundreds of outer sect disciples were knocked down to the ground. They were screaming and struggling, their faces were swollen, their eyes were crooked, and their bodies were full of bumps. They were all beaten up badly!

Looking at Ji Chen approaching him step by step, the yellow-robed youth felt his liver tremble. The reason why he could still stand was not because he was outstanding, but because he had stood far away from him. Ji Chen's punches and kicks had not landed on him yet.

Ji Chen's smile was very bright, but the yellow-robed youth's face turned green when he saw this scene. He could not hold back the urge to pee between his pants. "Big brother, can we not fight? He is quite savage and rude. Why don't we go to the restaurant and eat some mutton hotpot? Let's eat and chat? "

Ji Chen shrugged his shoulders. "No!"

"How can we not slap our faces?" The yellow-robed youth was on the verge of tears, his intestines turning green with regret. Offending this malefic for the sake of a woman, this was a huge loss!


Ji Chen's smile vanished, and with a single kick, he sent this fellow flying. He let out a strange cry in midair, and his crotch was completely wet.

Ji Chen stood with his hands behind his back beside the long blade. His clothes fluttered in the wind, and his hair fluttered in the wind. He had a tall and slender figure, and his face was handsome and dignified. He looked like a young king, and he looked down upon the world.

"A bunch of weak chickens, and you even learned how to be a hero and save a beauty. Stop daydreaming!" Ji Chen stepped on the chest of a flower protector and sneered. "If you don't have the strength, then don't be a flower protector. It's disgraceful!"

Ji Chen's words were blunt. All three thousand outer circle disciples of Green Peak had been looked down upon, but they had no other choice. Their bellyful of anger could only burn in their hearts, making them feel very uncomfortable.

They could only watch Ji Chen swagger around and swallow their anger, because they really weren't a match for him!

"Ding! Lion-surpassing beasts in the mountains and forests don't dare to speak loudly. Congratulations, you have the dignity of a lion! Lowly overbearing, Dominant Power increased by 10 points!"

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