Activation Of The Overbearing System/C11 I also Have Big Legs to Hug
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Activation Of The Overbearing System/C11 I also Have Big Legs to Hug
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C11 I also Have Big Legs to Hug

"Ji Chen, don't you go too far! Although you are a genius disciple of Star Sea Sect, you can't behave atrociously in Green Peak!"

An angry voice came from the mountain. The voice was so loud that it covered the entire area. The chief deacon under the ancient pine tree couldn't hold it any longer. He stepped forward and tried to stop this farce. He stepped into the sky and intimidated Ji Chen!

"So it's the deacon."

Ji Chen cupped his hands and bowed. This was not a lowly deacon like the Black Butcher, but a high ranking official of the sect. He had the strength of a Black Tortoise Stage, and standing here was like a mountain or a sea!

In the path of cultivation, there were five initial stages: Mortal, Spiritual, Sly, Profound and Pill Martial. Each stage was divided into Layer 10. The difference between each stage was like the difference between clouds and mud!

This Black Tortoise Stage Great Deacon of Green Peak had a very oppressive look in his eyes. "Ji Chen, you have injured hundreds of disciples of Green Peak today. You are really too naughty and mischievous! Today, I will suppress you as a warning to others!"


Sensing the powerful force that could collapse the sky and split the earth, Ji Chen decisively spoke to stop it. "What the deacon said is wrong. I am not here to provoke and cause trouble! I am here on the orders of my teacher to spar with my brothers and sisters!"

"On the orders of my master! Who is your master?" The Grand Deacon was not someone who could be easily coaxed. He did not believe you just because you said it. He knew Ji Chen very well when he asked himself. After all, this fellow had a great reputation in the past. Outside!

Although Ji Chen had great talent, he was still an outer circle disciple after all. He didn't acknowledge anyone as his master, and his reputation was just too bad.

As a result, no elders were willing to take him as their disciple. Now, a master suddenly appeared, which made people feel very strange.

Ji Chen flicked his sleeve and cleared his throat, revealing a respectful and proud look. "Listen carefully, my master is the Pill Meridian's Ninth Elder, the master of Hundred Flowers Peak, Hua Jieyu!"

His words were nothing to the ordinary disciples. Many disciples were even whispering to each other, asking who Hua Jieyu was. They felt that this name was very unfamiliar.

However, when it fell into the ears of the deacons and deacons, it was like a thunder from the nine heavens. It shook their bodies a few times, and their faces immediately became sad and bitter.

It was really too unexpected. The teacher of this disaster was actually that female devil. No wonder this little brat was messing around so much that even the Eighth Elder did not make a sound. It was not that he did not want to come out, but he did not dare to come out!

Looking at the embarrassed expressions of the deacons, Ji Chen immediately became complacent. It really felt good to have a big and thick leg to hug.

He got the advantage and still pretended to be obedient. He took the initiative to approach in front of the deacon and said innocently, "Does the deacon still want to suppress me?"

"Suppress your head!"

The Great Deacon wished he could slap Ji Chen's handsome face and curse. It was really infuriating, but what could he do? Punish him? He had to dare!

The Great Deacon was under a lot of pressure right now. As if he could feel the pair of bright eyes coming from the Hundred Flowers Peak, he broke out in cold sweat: "Since you have come under the orders of the Ninth Elder, I won't suppress you anymore!"

"But you are too ruthless. Not only did you injure many disciples, you also injured their Dao hearts with malicious words. This is a bit too much. This won't happen again!"

The Great Deacon's dry and dry voice drifted out. The three thousand outer sect disciples were dumbfounded. Each and every one of them had a stiff expression as if they had just swallowed water to wash their feet, and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Heartbroken voices sounded all over the place. They did not expect that their Head Deacon would come over to uphold justice in such an aggressive manner. In the end, it was actually this outcome. They were really unwilling to accept it!

"What a good sparring exchange. Since that's the case, let me experience Junior Brother's powerful moves!"

Just as the 3,000 disciples of Green Peak were about to admit their defeat, a voice full of energy sounded. A young man in white clothes with fluttering clothes came from the foot of the mountain. Each of his steps was 30 meters long, and he held a bamboo flute in his hand, floating like an immortal!

"Eldest Senior Brother is here! Great! This kid can't be arrogant anymore!"

"Eldest Senior Brother, you must avenge us and uphold justice! Teach this scourge a good lesson!"

"Eldest Senior Brother is a peerless genius at the peak of the Transcending Mortality Martial Arts Realm. He's famous even on our Star Sea Sect's Star Monument. He's not someone who can be compared to a scourge who relies on others' power!"

"You're Eldest Senior Brother?" Ji Chen tilted his head. He was looking down on the other party. "If I beat you up, this trip will be perfect!"

Eldest Senior Brother twirled the bamboo flute in his hand. He was confident and shook his head elegantly. "You are too conceited. It is easy for you to fall! How about this? You apologize to all my junior brothers and sisters. I can still give you a proper way to lose!"

Eldest Senior Brother of Green Peak was incomparably arrogant. The domineering air in his scholarly and refined manner leaked out. In a moment, the morale of the Green Peak that had sunk down once again erupted!

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