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C2 It's too Big

"What the hell? How can this be considered a massacre? This is an accident, okay? Don't make me look like a devil! I'm a good child who loves helping an old lady cross the road! "

Ji Chen complained with a black line on his face," Besides, grasshoppers are also cute little animals? When my neighbor's daughter sees this thing, she cries. What system is this? It has a weird aesthetic sense. It's weird! "

Although he was complaining, his body was very honest. He immediately used the 10 Dominant Power to increase his realm. After a breath, Ji Chen trembled in comfort. Mortal Layer 3, thus achieved!

" So this is how you can obtain the Dominant Power. Simple! Looks like this young master will be able to break through and become stronger very soon. I will become a grandmaster, marry a beauty, and walk to the peak of my life! Just thinking about it makes me really excited!"

Ji Chen was overjoyed. He squatted down and began to frantically pluck the grass. After breaking through two realms, Ji Chen was already a person with three to five hundred jin of strength. The grass that he originally couldn't pluck out was now easily uprooted from the ground.

Unfortunately, the sound of the system prompt that sounded like the sound of nature never appeared again. This made Ji Chen very angry. In his anger, he killed more than ten grasshoppers in succession, but it was still useless.

"What dog system? It's short-circuited! If you fail at the crucial moment, I'll f * ck you up! If you anger me, I'll tear you into pieces, do you believe me? " Ji Chen was furious, and his face looked ferocious and evil.

"Ding! Indiscriminate cursing and threats system, your courage is commendable, your level of aggressiveness is medium, reward: 20 Dominant Power!"

Ji Chen's expression froze, and his clear eyes were filled with a strange look. Then, his entire face lit up with a different kind of brilliance. "How the f * ck is this possible? You can even obtain a Dominant Power by cursing and scaring people!"

"I feel like spring has come. It's time to be restless! Do you really think that my reputation of being the Little Tyrant of Mouth Escape is undeserved? I feel that my spring has come. It's time to be restless! Do you really think that my reputation as the Little Tyrant of Mouth Escape is undeserved?"

Ji Chen flicked his sleeve, and with one foot stepping on the dirt, he spat out, "The Pill Meridian's Great Elder, you old rabbit, are jealous of my handsome and handsome appearance, narrow-minded, and sinister!"

"Didn't I just destroy your lousy tree? Is there a need to suppress me like this? Shameless old goat! Come on, if you have the ability to fight me like a man, I will rape you first, then kill you later! "

"Ding! Shameless boasting and overestimating your own ability provoking a great cultivator of the Pill Martial Realm, overbearing to an average degree. Increases 20 Dominant Power points, reward: one Seven Star Saber!"

"Yi, so this system can reward other good things!"

Ji Chen ignored the sarcasm the system had for him. A saber shining with cold light and stars appeared in his hand. "What a good saber. I am practicing the Starfire Burning Saber Technique. Now I don't have to worry about not having a suitable weapon!"

"Ding! The system mission function has been activated. In the future, it will randomly give a mission to the host. The reward or punishment will be given according to the completion of the mission! Ding! The system mission function has been activated. In the future, the host will receive the corresponding reward or punishment according to the completion of the mission!"

"Ding! Random mission: Cultivate a 100 kg Golden Silk Spiritual potato. Time limit: one day! Ding! Random mission: Cultivate a 100 kg Golden Silk Spiritual potato. Mission success reward: 30 Dominant Power points, one bronze treasure chest! Mission failure penalty: Host is allowed to run 10 miles naked! '"

" This punishment is a bit shameless! "

Ji Chen felt a chill all over his body. In order to not accept this punishment, he quickly went to cultivate the Golden Silk Spiritual potato.

The Golden Silk Spiritual potato was a type of spiritual plant similar to sweet potatoes. It was rich in energy and had a sweet taste. However, normally one of three to five jin of it was a high grade one. To cultivate one hundred jin of it was really a difficult problem.

Ji Chen scratched his ears and cheeks while facing a spiritual potato. After a long time, he was unable to do anything about it. Finally, he flew into a rage out of humiliation and grabbed a Golden Silk Spiritual potato. He faced the sky and sighed. "This heaven's pride has been famous for a long time. Could it be that I'm going to be destroyed in the hands of a little thing like you?"

"Ding! Congratulations to host. You have captured a golden silk sweet potato. Low-grade quality. May I ask if host wants to consume 10 Dominant Power to increase its quality?"

"So these foreign items can also be connected to the system!" Ji Chen thought for a moment and made up his mind. "Just treat it like a doctor. Let's give it a try and increase its quality!"

"Ding! Upgrading the quality of the Golden Silk Spiritual potato! Ding! Upgrading the quality of the Golden Silk Spiritual potato!"

As soon as the system's voice fell, Ji Chen felt his arms suddenly sink. The bowl sized sweet potato quickly expanded, and in the blink of an eye, it became the size of a stone roller!

"My god, it really became bigger!" Ji Chen was dumbfounded, and then his heart was filled with joy. He placed the sweet potato on the ground and said, "Just a little bit more, and it will be bigger and heavier. Use the Dominant Power and raise it to the highest quality!"

"Ding! 10 Dominant Power consumed. The quality has increased to high grade!"

"Ding! Consumption of 10 Dominant Power. Quality increased to the highest grade! Ding! Consumption of 10 Dominant Power. Quality increased to the highest grade!"

Ji Chen suddenly staggered. The ground beneath his feet was shaking. He was drunk as he watched the golden silk sweet potato in front of him expand like a balloon, causing cracks to appear on the ground!

100 jin, 500 jin, 1000 jin, 3000 jins, 5000 jin. In the end, the golden silk sweet potato became like a pavilion, and its weight broke through the terrifying 10000 jin. All of a sudden, the medicinal garden was crushed!

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