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C1 A Magical System

Great Zhou world, Flame Sun City, High Heaven Wildfire.

It was already summer, and the hot summer heat made the willows on the side of the road look sickly. There were few pedestrians on the streets, and not many wild dogs could be seen. Only the warriors and apprentices who were rushing to the Martial Palace to attend classes were running on the street. After all, this afternoon was an important examination. This matter concerned whether or not they could continue cultivating in the Martial Palace.

The others ran very fast. After all, the earlier they went to the early examination, the earlier they would die, the earlier they would reincarnate. Only Lo Tian was walking very slowly. He looked calm and composed, and he was walking slowly.

He was so calm and composed, so carefree and relaxed. It wasn't just because he was naturally calm, but also because... he was a trash.

"Lo Tian, stop right there!"

Lo Tian raised his head. The one who blocked his path was one of the Martial Palace's mentors, Long Xun.

With his hands behind his back, he stared at Lo Tian with his eyes wide open. Instructor Loong stuck out his big belly and stretched out his hand. He pointed at Lo Tian and said, "Lo Tian, are you going to take the martial arts test as well? With your level, do you still need to take the martial arts test? I suggest you have some face. If I were you, I would have studied in the Martial Palace for a year. If I didn't have 5 strength essence and 3 sensitivity essence, I would have crashed my head and died. Get out of here as soon as possible, you maggots who waste the Empire's food! "

Laughter rang out on the street, and the laughter of the surrounding students could be heard without end.

Lo Tian lowered his head and did not reply. Instructor Loong saw that he did not speak, so he started cursing even more.

"A poor kid also wants to turn the tables. Why don't you take a look at how much you weigh? He did not have parents or relatives. He did not have any money, and he still wanted to improve his martial arts skills. Who do you think you are!? Let me tell you, there are too many poor people in this world who want to make a comeback. That's why the Empire is unstable. You are a person with neither background nor ability. Serves you right to starve to death! Why aren't you getting the hell out of here? I don't want to embarrass myself with you today! "

Lo Tian raised his head and said lightly," Instructor Loong, I know I can't get through today. You will have to deduct money. But if you chase me away, how many copper coins can you save? "

Instructor Loong was suddenly choked with anger, and his face turned red. He could not help but spit at Lo Tian's feet, and then he flicked his sleeves and left.

Lo Tian smiled bitterly and looked around. His laughter continued. Some people were pointing at him, but he didn't care. He continued to move forward.

He was indeed very talented, and his cultivation wasn't good.

However, he had tried his best. Even if it was just a result, he still had to come to this martial arts test.

As he walked, bang!

Lo Tian suddenly saw a huge rock fall in front of him from the sky. Lo Tian stood there in a daze. Was the heavens trying to drive him back?

Suddenly, the rock turned into a ray of light and rushed into his mind.

Then, a crisp sound appeared in his mind, causing Lo Tian's body to tremble.

"System activated. Host has accepted it. The specific attributes are as follows."

Another attribute table suddenly appeared in front of Lo Tian. The glittering words were like a miracle in front of his eyes.

Attribute table:

Host: Lo Tian (Poor man, malnourished, extremely poor talent, very short lifespan)

Bone structure: 3 (Extremely low, so low that it can't be seen anymore. My god, how did I find such a host!)

Strength essence: 4 (Can't be any lower, can you be any weaker? Weak chicken!)

Sensitivity essence: 2 (Just say that you're crippled!)

Essence Qi: 2 (I almost became an idiot!)

Cultivation Technique: None

Lo Tian opened his mouth, not knowing what to say. What the hell was going on? Was the heavens mocking him?

However, he was able to understand what was inside the attribute table in the beginning. After all, this was how the ability of a person was marked in the Martial Palace. However, Lo Tian's expression was a little distorted after being ridiculed by the system.

After that, the system's voice sounded again.

"Activate the pick-up function. Do you know how to pick things up? Idiot!"

After saying that, Lo Tian suddenly saw some strange lights on the long street that were scattered on the ground. There were a total of three colors: red, green, and blue.

Lo Tian walked forward suspiciously. He bent down and touched the red light. The light immediately entered his body.

In an instant, Lo Tian felt a strange power begin to flow in his body. His body turned slightly red and his breath became ragged. Then Lo Tian felt his muscles expand a little. Immediately, the attribute table in front of him jumped. The number behind the strength essences changed from 4 to 5.

"'Ding... ' Picking up 1 strength essence attribute. '"

Lo Tian was stunned. It had increased just like that?

Quickly, Lo Tian picked up the green light and the blue light. As expected, the sensitivity essence and Profound Qi also increased a little. Lo Tian stretched his body and felt that his constitution had indeed increased a little.

For a junior martial disciple like him, what he cultivated now was physique. As long as he could increase his attributes, not to mention picking up items, he could even lose his integrity!

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