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C18 Is It Up!

The night passed very quickly. When the sun had just risen in the horizon, Lo Tian woke up from his sleep.

In front of him was a cliff of a mountain. Lo Tian slept on a big tree about a hundred meters away from the cliff. Not far away was the place where Senior Xingbei and the others rested. At this time, these people had also woken up.

Last night, Lo Tian followed them for a full two hours before coming here. Not to mention, these seniors were really fast. Lo Tian only relied on the Willow Leaf Movement Technique and almost couldn't keep up. Therefore, Lo Tian felt that these seniors' movement techniques were at least stronger than the Willow Leaf Movement Technique. If there was a chance, he would be able to see these seniors drop this movement technique for him to pick up.

"I'm awake, I'm awake. It's time to work!"

Senior Xingbei shouted, and the others followed suit.

Everyone surrounded the cave on the cliff, and then drew their weapons out of their sheaths.

"Listen carefully, this fire snake is said to be very big. The last time someone saw it, it was already dozens of meters long and as thick as a big tree. Its entire body was red, able to resist fire, having a certain amount of spiritual knowledge. After you touch it, you must be careful!"

Senior Xingbei patiently explained it to everyone again.

The seniors beside him were annoyed when they heard it. They waved their hands and said, "Alright, alright. I got it. Let's go. Everyone, quickly take down this fire snake. We will be the first in this trial "

" Haha, the prize money for the first place in this trial. I'll treat everyone to roast chicken!"

The group of seniors chatted and laughed as they entered the cave.

Lo Tian wondered if he should follow them in. If Senior Xingbei and the others found out, it wouldn't be very awkward!

After thinking about it, Lo Tian decided to follow them and take a look.

Anyway, he was thick-skinned. If he was really discovered, just say that he was passing by, wouldn't that be fine?

Of course, it was necessary to turn around and run.

After all, this fire snake might also be a great opportunity for him. If Senior Xingbei and the others killed the fire snake, they might even drop the treasure chest. Lo Tian could reject anything else. In any case, no one else would be able to get the treasure chest. It would be a pity if they didn't pick it up.

With this thought in mind, Lo Tian secretly followed him into the cave.

The moment he entered the cave, Lo Tian felt that this place was extraordinary. The other caves were all pitch black without any light, but when it flashed, it was as bright as day.

Inside the cave, there were shining stalactites all around. It was unknown what kind of texture they were made of. In the darkness, they were like fireflies. They kept shining. Some of the drops of water that fell to the ground could even shoot out a ray of light.

The cave was very large, and there were quite a few exotic flowers and plants inside. It was obvious that it was a blessed land. A place like this was the favorite place for fierce beasts to live in. The wide cave was enough for more than ten people to walk side by side. The deeper one went, the wider the cave became.

Such a large cave could once again prove that the beasts living inside were not ordinary.

Although Senior Xingbei and the others appeared to be indifferent on the surface, after entering the cave, they all began to have 120 thousand points of spirit.

Suddenly, Senior Xingbei stopped in his tracks, then squatted on the ground and pressed his hand against the ground, saying, "The temperature on the ground has risen, the fire snake is coming!"

The other seniors hurriedly stood back to back and shouted, "Where, where!"

Senior Xingbei touched the ground as he walked forward. There was actually a pool of spring water in front of him. Xingbei's senior's hand had already touched the spring water.

"The water is about to boil, it's nearby!"

Just as Senior Xingbei finished shouting, a huge fire snake rushed out from the spring water. The seniors beside him immediately shouted, "It's nearby. Why are you so close to it?! Idiot! "


The fire snake let out an angry roar and turned the water into boiling water, splashing it onto Senior Xingbei and the others. At the same time, the fire snake opened its mouth and spat out a column of fire. The raging flames seemed to want to burn Senior Xingbei and the others into ashes.

In the nick of time, Senior Xingbei was the first to slash out.

Essence Chopping Blade! Break!

The blade light rose and forcefully split apart the incoming fire pillar. The other seniors also joined in and shouted. All sorts of techniques were unleashed, sword qi and saber qi crisscrossed, causing the fire snake's blood to fly in the air.

Lo Tian was watching from a distance. He wasn't just staring at Senior Xingbei and the others who were fighting. He also saw the white light that kept falling from Senior Xingbei and the others' bodies!

Needless to say, these were definitely their cultivation techniques!

Lo Tian's heart was itching when he saw this. If he rushed up and picked them up, then he would have profited greatly!

Should he go up or not?

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