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All My Skills Are Picked Up/C19 Advanced Skill
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C19 Advanced Skill

Riches come from danger, see if you don't pick it up as a throw.

Lo Tian struggled endlessly in his heart, but in the end, he still went forward without hesitation.

At this moment, Senior Xingbei and the others were fighting with the fire snake. They went straight from the spring to the depths of the cave. It could be seen that the seniors in the courtyard were not boasting. Their strength was not ordinary.

Even though this fire snake was already very fierce, under the tacit cooperation and full suppression of these seniors, it could only fight as it retreated.

Especially Senior Xingbei's Essence Chopping Blade Art, it was incomparably powerful. Putting aside the fact that the knife and the blade were bleeding, the powerful blade light was even able to split apart all the flames that the fire snake spat out, causing the fire snake to fall into an absolute disadvantage in front of them.

Lo Tian moved closer and closer, bit by bit. Fortunately, the few seniors were in the middle of fighting with the fire snake, so they didn't notice Lo Tian who was moving closer to the spring.

One step, two steps. Covering his body, Lo Tian finally arrived at the place where the few senior brothers were fighting the fire snake. As for the attributes, he would not pick them up first. Whether it was the strength essence, sensitivity essence, or Profound Qi, he could slowly pick them up when he returned.

The key was still those white balls of light. These cultivation techniques were what Lo Tian needed the most right now.

"Ding... He picked up the Beginner Level Wind Returning Sword ! "

"Ding... Pick up [Beginner Level Fierce Tiger Fist]! '"

"'Ding...' Pick up Beginner Flashstep ! '"

Just like that, he reached out his hand to pick it up, and a series of cultivation techniques continuously rang out in Lo Tian's mind. Hearing this, Lo Tian beamed with joy.

Although they were all basic cultivation techniques, there was no doubt that these cultivation techniques were either passed down from the small courtyard. Or they were the good martial techniques passed down in the family of these seniors. They were all good things that Lo Tian could not obtain by himself!

There were two balls of light that Lo Tian picked up without any reaction. Based on his guess, it should be the Intermediate Essence Chopping Blade cultivation method. It seemed that the same cultivation method would not have any effect if he picked them up again!

"'Ding... I have gathered more than five cultivation methods. Would you like to combine them? '"

Suddenly, Lo Tian heard a different voice from the system.

Combine cultivation techniques?

What the hell was this?


Lo Tian did not think too much about it. If he tried, he would try. How could the system trick him?

"Please choose the cultivation method that needs to be synthesized!"

The system's voice sounded again. Lo Tian's mind moved and he completed the synthesis!

With this thought in mind, Lo Tian suddenly saw the inside of his attribute table. All of the cultivation techniques had disappeared. At this moment, Lo Tian suddenly reacted. This wasn't right. Had he returned to his original form? Why didn't he even have a basic fist technique?!

"Ding, ding, ding, ding. Congratulations on completing the synthesis of your cultivation technique. You have obtained 'High Level Thick Skin'!"

Lo Tian was immediately stunned. What was this? What did this mean by 'thick skin'? Was this mocking him for being thick-skinned?

At this moment, Lo Tian could feel that his body had indeed started to change. However, before he could fully experience this change, Senior Xingbei's shout sounded from inside the cave.

"Not good, it has gone crazy. Retreat, quickly retreat! Take out the crystal!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Lo Tian saw a purple fire wave rushing towards him along with a few figures. Senior Xingbei and the others almost flew backwards. When the fire landed on their bodies, it immediately emitted the fragrance of barbecued meat.

It was too late for Lo Tian to leave at this moment. He hurriedly raised his iron sword horizontally and made a defensive movement.


With a cry of pain, the flames poured down on his body.

The purple fire wave rushed out of the cave all the way, burning the ground outside until it was charred black. It took a full five minutes before the flames were retracted. Senior Xingbei and the others were almost burned to death.

All of the seniors were covered in darkness. They were all lying on the ground, their hands and feet still twitching. Their cultivation base was not bad, but they were still alive. If it were any other ordinary person, they would have turned into barbecued meat at this moment!


The crystal in Senior Xingbei's hand, who was the only one who could stand up, had completely turned into a wisp of cold air and dissipated. This Cold Turtle Crystal had finally saved their lives at the critical moment.

After coughing a few times, Senior Xingbei stabbed the stone knife into the ground. He raised his head and looked forward, his eyelids twitching continuously.

They had still underestimated this fire snake. A berserk beast really couldn't be described with common sense! Their experience was still too little.

Bit by bit, from the depths of the cave, the fire snake swam out again, although its aura was also very weak. However, its eyes were full of fierceness.

Is it finished?

Senior Xingbei murmured.

At this moment, not far from him, Lo Tian threw away the iron sword in his hand. At this moment, his iron sword had already turned into a piece of red iron. It had melted into a large piece!

"Hot, hot, hot. Burn me to death!"

Lo Tian patted the flames on his body and shouted loudly, looking full of energy.

Senior Xingbei looked at him blankly, but for a moment, he was stunned.

Who was this?

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