All My Skills Are Picked Up/C7 It Shocked the Whole Audience
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All My Skills Are Picked Up/C7 It Shocked the Whole Audience
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C7 It Shocked the Whole Audience

This was the most difficult test. The attribute of Profound Qi was not the same as the first two tests. Strength and Agility were both a manifestation of one's physical strength. Essence energy involved the brain of a warrior, and the qi of the warrior itself.

The more powerful the spirit energy was, the more qi one could control. Generally speaking, for martial disciples like them who had only cultivated for a year, their basic essence energy was below ten.

The stone they could choose to use to test their essence energy was also the smallest one.

But today, it was different!

Lo Tian, who knew his attributes, pointed at the largest stone and said, "This!"

Suddenly, Officer Zhao and the others who were chatting were stunned.

Instructor Zhang heard this and shouted, "Lo Tian, you are going crazy!"

Ignoring the shouts of the others, Lo Tian closed his eyes and raised his hand towards the two pound rock.

A ray of light began to gather on Lo Tian's palm. The original Lo Tian could not do such a bright light. His original mental strength could only control a little bit of hair Qi!

Lo Tian focused his mind and released it. He watched as the Qi on his palm extended out and covered the stone bit by bit.

Everyone held their breaths and did not dare to disturb Lo Tian's movements.

In the next moment, Lo Tian suddenly raised his hand, and the biggest rock suddenly floated up!

"Du du, it's over twenty, it's over twenty!"

The crystal behind the stone suddenly cried out.

Only then did Lo Tian open his eyes and stop breathing. He put it down. With a smile on his face, Lo Tian looked at the Martial Officers. It seems like the stone used to test the Profound Qi can only be used up to 20 at most. Is there a bigger one? "

Officer Zhao and the other military officers looked at each other and saw shock in each other's eyes.

Instructor Zhang could not understand at all and kept saying, "This... This..."

The other students were all stunned. They were destined to be completely shocked by Lo Tian today.

Officer Zhao took a deep breath and quickly stepped forward. He grabbed Lo Tian and said, "Come with me, Lo Tian. You are going to have a great opportunity!"

Officer Zhao dragged Lo Tian and walked out. His footsteps were light and his face was full of excitement.

Although Lo Tian's strength had increased, it was still not enough in front of Officer Zhao. He was pulled until he had no temper and could not resist. He was directly dragged out of the stone heart exam room.

Instructor Zhang and the others watched Lo Tian and Officer Zhao leave in a daze. Everyone knew that what awaited Lo Tian next might be a brand new life.

All the students had complicated expressions. Some were envious, some were jealous, and some were worried.

Obviously, from today onwards, Lo Tian was no longer the same person as them.

Outside, Officer Zhao pulled Lo Tian out of the Stone Heart Examinations, and saw Instructor Loong walking towards them from behind.

Maybe it was Officer Zhao pulling Lo Tian's attitude that made Instructor Loong misunderstand, or maybe he got angry when he saw Lo Tian. He strode forward and scolded Lo Tian in front of his face.

"I knew you would bring shame to the entire Martial Palace today, you maggot. With your puny strength, you really have the face to participate in the Martial Examination. Humph, you're going to lose face, aren't you? It's not enough to embarrass yourself. You have to bring the entire Class 10 with you to lose face. Officer Zhao, you don't have to do it yourself. You don't have to be angry. Leave it to me. I'll throw this shameless brat out. I guarantee that he won't take another step into the Martial Palace!"

While spitting saliva, Instructor Loong grabbed Lo Tian's hand.

Officer Zhao was a little stunned when he heard that. He only reacted when Instructor Loong started to pull him.

"Wait, what are you doing? Let go!"

Officer Zhao reached out his hand to stop Instructor Loong and glared at him.

Instructor Loong was shocked as well. He quickly let go and finally felt that something was wrong.

Why was Lo Tian still smiling? He didn't look scared or ashamed at all. That smile seemed to be mocking him!

Why was Officer Zhao so angry? His expression was as if he wanted to eat him alive!

"What? What's wrong? Officer Zhao, did I say something wrong? "

Instructor Loong looked confused. However, his expression made Officer Zhao even angrier.

He stretched out his hand and pointed at Instructor Loong's face. Officer Zhao said loudly, "Maggot, Instructor Loong, is this what a mentor should say? What was there to be embarrassed about? He threw it out of the Martial Palace. What are you doing? You are going to overturn the heavens! Lo Tian is so outstanding, you are going to kick him out. Are you really not afraid of the higher-ups coming to investigate? "

"Excellent? Him?"

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