All My Skills Are Picked Up/C8 It Was a Misunderstanding!
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All My Skills Are Picked Up/C8 It Was a Misunderstanding!
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C8 It Was a Misunderstanding!

Instructor Loong seemed to have heard the funniest joke. He smiled and said, "Officer Zhao, you are making a big joke. This Lo Tian, whose attributes had just reached 10 points, could be considered outstanding? Are you making me laugh? "

Officer Zhao stared and said," All his attributes have just reached 10? You really don't know where your eyes have grown. Lo Tian just finished the test just now. strength essence, sensitivity essence... All of his Profound Qi was outstanding among the outstanding, the elite among the elites. Each of them was above 20. Oh, right. You are also his mentor, right? Why are you the same as Instructor Zhang? You clearly know that such an outstanding young man is in Class 10. Just won't report it!"

"More than 20?"

Instructor Loong heard it and started to scream. His voice sounded like a rooster's.

The muscles on his face twitched. Instructor Loong looked at Officer Zhao, who did not seem to be joking. He then looked at Lo Tian, who was standing there with a smile that was not a smile, and felt as if he had been struck by lightning. However, he still could not believe that this was real. With a flash, he rushed into the stone heart examination venue.

After a while, Instructor Loong, who had finished checking, walked out with high steps and a low voice. His face was ashen, and his fingers were slightly trembling. Instructor Loong, who had walked up to him, no longer had his usual domineering and arrogant attitude.

"Now you know?"

Officer Zhao said coldly.

Instructor Loong seemed to have no idea what to say. He held it in for a long time. His face turned red from holding it in, then he said to Lo Tian, "Lo Tian, I didn't expect your improvement to be so fast. The original thing, cough cough, don't take it to heart!"

Lo Tian had a pure expression on his face, and pretended that he didn't know anything. He said, "Instructor Loong, what are you talking about? What was the original thing? Oh, you mean you stopped me at the entrance of the Martial Palace this morning. The matter of not allowing me to participate in the examination? "

Officer Zhao heard him and said loudly, "What? Instructor Loong, you dare to stop the students from taking the martial arts exam?"

"No, no, I was just chatting with him!"

Instructor Loong's face was covered in cold sweat.

Lo Tian continued, "Oh, it's not about that. That was a while ago when you hinted to me to give you a gift, right? Instructor Loong, I really don't have money. It's not something that I can give to other students just because they gave it to me!"

Before Lo Tian could finish, Instructor Loong had already rushed forward and quickly covered Lo Tian's mouth.

"Instructor Loong! You still have such a thing!"

Officer Zhao's voice became even colder. Instructor Loong shook his head repeatedly and said, "Officer Zhao, I really did not. Lo Tian misunderstood. He really misunderstood. Lo Tian, I apologize to you. I will bow to you. You really misunderstood, I didn't give you any hints."

Instructor Loong had already started to bow to Lo Tian.

Officer Zhao gently pulled Lo Tian to the side, then pointed at Instructor Loong's face and said, "Your matter will be investigated later. It can't be fake, it can't be fake. Whether it is a misunderstanding or not, I think it will be known very soon! "

After saying that, Officer Zhao pulled Lo Tian's sleeve and quickly left.

Lo Tian gave Instructor Loong one last look, his face full of smiles. At this time, Instructor Loong had already sat down on the ground with a pale face.

It was over, it was all over!

Instructor Loong clearly knew that this kind of thing would definitely be investigated accurately. It seemed like he had reached the end of his career as a mentor in Martial Palace!

He never would have thought that Lo Tian would give him such a big "surprise."

This kid had been hiding for so long, he had hidden it really well!

Impressive, consider yourself formidable, kid!

On the other side, Officer Zhao hastily brought Lo Tian into the Martial Palace.

There was a courtyard in the Martial Palace, a courtyard in the Central Academy. Outside was the courtyard where ordinary students cultivated, and inside was the Central Academy where talented students cultivated. The deepest part was the legendary courtyard.

They passed through layers of security and bypassed the buildings. Officer Zhao and Lo Tian walked for half an hour before they arrived at their destination.

In front of them was a huge door that was about three meters tall. The door was tightly shut, and there was a large golden word on each of the doors. It was called "Central Academy!"

Officer Zhao lightly knocked on the door and announced his name. Only then did the door of the Central Academy open.

Then, Lo Tian saw a group of students a few years older than him who were busy cultivating. When they made their moves, they were full of vigor. The aura was vigorous, and their cultivation was extraordinary!

Of course, there was also the sparkling attribute light that almost blinded Lo Tian in an instant.

Did he enter the treasury?

"Officer Zhao, what brings you here?"

An instructor who was teaching students walked forward and bowed to Officer Zhao.

Officer Zhao did not waste any time and said loudly, "Master Hee, I have introduced some good seedlings to you. Let's get to know each other. This is Lo Tian from Class 10!"

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