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C11 zodiac foetus

"Han Dong!"

"Han Dong!"

There was only one name for the wave-like yelling in the entire afternoon, and that was Han Dong!

Xu Rou's eyes also showed a hint of gratification, but in just a few days, Han Dong had become a famous figure in the Tsai Lung, it seemed like accepting him as one of his subordinates was the right decision.

"You don't have to be happy too early. Don't think that this is a good thing, your pony might not be yours this time." It was unknown when Da Maozi was right beside Xu Rou, but he had a gloomy and cold look in his eyes as he looked at Han Dong.

Xu Rou frowned, her expression becoming as cold as before: "pilocarpine, what do you mean by that? Han Dong was recruited by me, so he's naturally mine. "

Da Maozi sneered, he took the cigar and puffed out a mouthful of smoke: "Han Dong's performance was too exaggerated, Boss Cai has always been watching from above, do you think that he won't be tempted by your people?"

Xu Rou trembled slightly, as she took a glance in the direction of the second floor in alert, yet she did not see the figure of the Boss Cai.

Xu Rou forgot about this, it was so dangerous just now, she could not care about other things, her mind was full of Han Dong's safety.

She didn't even know why she was worried about Han Dong. Maybe it was only because Han Dong was her pony.

Now, if Boss Cai really dug Han Dong out, then the chances of Xu Rou being promoted in Tsai Lung would once again become slim.

"Hehe, my wife, how is it? Was I too cool just now? " Han Dong ran over to Li Muxue and kissed her on the cheek, licking his lips in satisfaction.

Li Muxue reached out to wipe her face, and looked at Han Dong with contempt: "Who's your wife, stop spouting nonsense, how dangerous was it just now? How could you be so careless? If you were to really crash into a pillar, would you really lose your life? "

Han Dong's eyes turned, and he sat on the side of the stage, holding onto Li Muxue's small hand, his body leaned forward slightly: "Are you worried about me? Are you afraid something might happen to me? "

"Who ? who's worrying about you? You're really shameless. I-I just don't want to see my colleagues ?"

"Haha, my wife is still the best. Come, let me kiss you a few more times!" Han Dong suddenly grabbed onto Li Muxue, and his big mouth directly landed on Li Muxue's small mouth, and forcefully kissed it twice.

Li Muxue was shocked by the kiss, she looked at Han Dong a few times, then reacted and waved her fist: "Han Dong, you are really too much, if not for my father ?"

"Aiya, I gave you face, yet you still dare to talk back to me? Do you know that your father spent money to raise you? I am the lord, you have to serve me, do you know that? " Han Dong fiercely grabbed Li Muxue's chin and shook it back and forth.

Li Muxue was even more furious than before. Just as she was about to get angry, she saw Xu Rou and Da Maozi walking over.

Li Muxue's heart thumped, only then did she notice the look Han Dong was giving him, she could not help but bite her lower lip, and gently nodded her head, not daring to refute.

Han Dong nodded in satisfaction, he extended his hand and released Li Muxue: "Now that's more like it, I have really given you face, next time you have better memory, if not I will beat you to death!"

"Haha, brother, your temper has to be changed. How can you be so rude to a girl? You actually dare to bring a woman along when you're not here to fight in the afternoon. You're the first one! " Da Maozi laughed as he walked over and patted Han Dong's shoulders.

Han Dong glanced at the direction of the stage and waved his hand, "What's this? As long as I have money, I can do anything. Let alone boxing, I can kill two people! "

Da Maozi laughed out loud, and nodded his head in satisfaction: "Not bad, you look just like me when I was young, greedy enough, only greedy enough can do such a thing, but brother, this time you might have to choose, I want to ask brother what choice you have."

"Choice?" Han Dong frowned, he then hugged Li Muxue: "There's no need to choose, this woman is mine. In the future, this daddy will take care of her for a long time, if anyone dares to say no, I will beat them until all the teeth fall out!"

Da Maozi was startled for a moment, he looked at Li Muxue, then raised his head and laughed: "Brother, your request is really low, you can win against one against ten just now, and this is the first time in Tsai Lung, your current reputation has already spread throughout the entire Tsai Lung, don't you have many women?"

"Han Dong, don't mess around, Acanthopanax macrophylla is serious with you, I want to quickly ?"

"Han Dong, our Boss Cai wishes to meet you. Please follow me."

As expected, before Xu Rou could finish speaking, Wang Lu had already walked over, and stopped Xu Rou in her tracks.

"Meet me? Boss Cai wants to see me? " Han Dong raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes. "Why are you seeing me?" Give me money? "

"That's right, I'll give you money. There's a lot of money." The Duke laughed and deliberately glanced at Da Maozi and Xu Rou from the corner of his eye.

His Royal Highness had been in the Tsai Lung for a long time, so he had seen countless kinds of hooligans.

Basically, those who could come to this kind of place were usually those who didn't understand or wanted to earn fast money, and Han Dong was obviously one of them.

As long as Han Zhu was greedy and fond of money, the rest was easy to deal with.

At that time, once Han Dong left Da Maozi's side, it would be easy for Chang Longfa to deal with him.

Da Maozi and Xu Rou's face also changed, especially Da Maozi's, her face was full of seriousness, he walked in front of Han Dong and laid on his ear while whispering, "Han Dong, remember, remember, you were dragged in here by Xu Rou, you must remember your own position."

Han Dong frowned, then said in puzzlement: "pilocarpine, Tsai Lung is all part of the Boss Tsai, isn't the result the same? Anyone I follow is working for Tsai Lung. "

Da Maozi squinted his eyes and patted Han Dong's shoulders. He did not say anything and only gave him a meaningful look.

Han Dong was suspicious, but on the surface he did not show any reaction, he laughed out loud and pulled Li Muxue into her embrace: Go, go back and put in a bath for me, wait for your man to come back, serve me well tonight, I'm so tired today!

Li Muxue stared at Han Dong angrily, but she did not dare say anything, and could only obediently nod her head.

Han Dong laughed loudly and waved his hand at the prince, "Your highness, please lead the way!"

The Duke nodded, he gave Da Maozi and Xu Rou a deep look, then turned and brought Han Dong directly to the second floor.

Da Maozi glanced at Han Dong's back, and clenched his fists fiercely: "Fuck, if this brat really follows Boss Cai, then our days will not be good, and in the future, Chang Longfa will definitely get even worse!"

"I think Han Dong will not betray us and will follow the Boss Cai." Xu Rou remained expressionless, but his tone was weak.

"Hmph. Don't have too much confidence. The greedier a person is, the harder they are to grasp onto." Da Maozi snorted, he turned and walked a few steps, then stopped once more. "It doesn't matter if Han Dong follows Boss Cai, as long as he does not interfere with Chang Longfa's matters, or else, I will definitely do it for him, I will not let him live!"

After he finished speaking, Da Maozi left the ring, leaving Xu Rou alone to look in the direction of the second floor.

Han Dong followed the prince all the way to the second floor, and stopped only at the door of a private room.

"Is this the place? What about the Boss Cai? " Han Dong's body swayed as he spat out the wooden stick he was biting and walked inside.

"Wait a minute!" Prince stopped Han Dong and looked at him deeply, "Pay attention to your attitude when you go in later. Don't speak nonsense, or else it won't be good for you to enrage the Boss Cai."

"If the Boss Cai was afraid that I would anger him, then why did he still look for me?" Han Dong curled his lips, reached for the prince's hand, pushed open the door, and walked in with large strides.

The Prince looked at Han Dong's back and couldn't help but smile.

Han Dong swaggered into the room and immediately saw Boss Cai sitting on the sofa. He couldn't help but grin and walked over: "Boss Cai, are you looking for me?"

"Sit." Boss Tsai pointed to the sofa at the side, reached for a glass of wine and gave it to Han Dong.

Han Dong took the wine, took a sip, then smacked his lips twice. "Not bad, 82 year old Lafite, lass, excellent!"

"Do you even know red wine?" Boss Tsai raised his eyebrows, tilted his head and looked at Han Dong: "Ordinary delinquents have never tasted this type of wine before. In my opinion, you're a cop, right?"

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