Best Undercover Agent/C2 How about follow me
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Best Undercover Agent/C2 How about follow me
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C2 How about follow me

How about following me?

Han Dong never thought that Wang Meng would actually use this as a pretext to get into trouble for him. This is good too, otherwise, who knows how Han Dong would act next!

"You little toad want to eat swan meat? Little Snow is someone like you is worthy for her? " Wang Meng said softly, since the two of them were acting out torture, it gave this guy a chance to use this as an excuse!

As he spoke, Wang Meng took out the electric baton in his hand. After being struck by the electric baton, he would be unable to continue acting.

This brat was very aggressive. Han Dong's eyes flashed with a cold light. He could no longer endure!


Before Wang Meng could react, Han Dong raised the chair by his side and smashed it onto Wang Meng's arm!

Since this brat was serious, Han Dong could only make the first move!

This strike was extremely powerful! The wooden chair instantly shattered! Wang Meng's body was sent flying, he struggled on the ground, but was unable to get up!

Han Dong had once killed a American wild boar with a single punch, so this attack could be considered mercy.

The beauty who saw it again was dumbstruck. She was completely flabbergasted!

But it was not over, Han Dong raised his fist and smashed towards Wang Meng's face!

"You brat, kick this daddy! Aren't you very arrogant!? " With Han Dong's fierce smash, Wang Meng's nose was about to collapse.

Immediately after, Wang Meng released a roar that sounded like a pig being butchered, and immediately, the police officers outside the interrogation room rushed over when they heard the commotion.

Seeing this, the policemen were all dumbfounded. Han Dong was a stranger, and other than Chief Han Bo, the other policemen in the police station didn't know him at all.

"It's going against the heavens!" The police even dared to hit him! Crouching down with your hands on your head! " The two policemen that rushed in quickly scolded.

No matter what, Wang Meng was still one of them, he would not let Han Dong suffer such a loss!

A policeman held an electric baton and was about to stab Han Dong's lower abdomen! Han Dong's figure flashed as he snatched away the opponent's electric baton.

Tsssssss! *

The 6 million watt electric baton hit the back of the policeman's hand and he fell to the ground! The other policeman acted like he was going to help, Han Dong threw the electric baton out, and before the policeman got close, he lost his ability to fight!

Then, Han Dong continued to beat Wang Meng up! He did not have any intention to stop, seeing that Wang Meng was almost beaten into a pig head, the remaining policemen immediately took out their guns and pointed at Han Dong: "If you do not stop, I will shoot!"

Han Dong raised Wang Meng up like a chick and placed him in front of him to block. He glanced at the stunned beauty suspect and then pulled her over!

Facing the pitch-black muzzle, perhaps out of fear or out of physical strength, the beautiful suspect's legs softened as he leaned against Han Dong's body.

Han Dong took out a Swiss Army knife from his pocket and placed it against the beauty's neck.

"Prepare a car for laozi! Otherwise, I will stab her to death! " Han Dong widened his eyes and roared.

Seeing that the female suspect had fallen into Han Dong's hands, while the policeman was hesitating, Li Bo ran over with a head full of sweat. He had only gone to the toilet, how could there be such a big commotion?

Seeing that, Li Bo immediately said: Prepare a car for him! Do not harm the hostages! "

Since the bureau chief had already spoken, the young policeman had no choice but to do as he was told. If he let the criminal poke the hostage in the police station, wouldn't that be slapping the police in the face?

The two young police dragged Wang Meng out as if they were dragging a dead dog, and the car that was prepared for Han Dong was already in place.

Seeing Han Dong get into the car with that beauty suspect, the little policeman frowned and asked, "Bureau Chief, should we chase him?"

Li Bo heaved a sigh of relief, secretly shaking his head.

After the beautiful suspect was stuffed into the car, Han Dong completely let her go.

It was soon followed by a violent gust of wind. The waves on the woman's chest also surged violently during the bumpy ride.

What puzzled Han Dong was that since the woman got on the car, she had become a lot calmer. She didn't look as flustered as she did at the police station.

Could it be that she was faking her panic just now?

After 5 blocks, Han Dong confirmed that no police were chasing him and parked the car by the side of the road. At that moment, a middle-aged man just parked the car and took out the electronic keys to lock the car.

Han Dong suddenly picked up the beautiful suspect and directly opened the car door, climbing in and taking the opportunity to press down on the beautiful suspect's body. Instantly, that pair of soft and fragrant jade was very unsightly!

At this moment, the knife in Han Dong's hand was still in his grasp. Even though he was still pressing down on the beautiful suspect, she still didn't dare to say anything. However, Han Dong found that this woman didn't seem to be angry at his actions.

Next, Han Dong used his knife to open the car's keyhole, connecting the wires inside with his bare hands. After a few tries, he finally started the engine!

A car provided by the police would obviously have a tracking system. No matter how far Han Dong ran, his whereabouts would still be exposed.

"He's quite good at it. He's an expert." The beautiful suspect said with interest as he sat at the side.

Han Dong stepped on the gas pedal and sped away. Throughout the whole process, Han Dong didn't even say a single word to the woman.

Han Dong only stopped after they reached the outskirts of Jia Yun City.

Han Zhu lit up a cigarette, took a deep drag, and opened the passenger door.

He nodded and said nonchalantly, "Get out of the car."

After the beautiful suspect got off the car, he looked around at the desolate scene.

"You're leaving just like that?" The beautiful suspect frowned and asked.

Han Dong asked with interest, "What? Do you want me to rape you here before you leave? I would never refuse such a thing. "

As soon as he said that, Han Dong ignored the woman and pressed the gas pedal, slowly driving forward.

Han Zhu held onto the steering wheel and lightly tapped it twice with his finger.

"One, two, three!"

Dong dong dong

Han Dong counted to three in his heart, and just as he finished counting the beautiful suspect, he slammed the car window.

Han Dong smiled and slowly rolled down the window. Before he could say anything, the beautiful suspect said, "Just now, you took me as a hostage and ran out of the station. You still haven't thanked me."

Han Dong said snappily, "I already escaped, didn't I bring you out too? We owe each other nothing. Goodbye! "

After saying this, Han Dong acted as if he was going to drive away but it was just to lightly press the throttle.

He was secretly pleased with himself. In this wilderness, he should not have called out Tian Tian so badly. If this beautiful suspect didn't plead with him, he probably wouldn't be able to leave this place within a few hours.

Seeing Han Dong ignoring her, that beautiful suspect was a bit anxious, so she quickly chased after him.

However, just after they drove a few meters away, Han Dong stopped and stuck out his head: "Get in the car, if it wasn't for your beauty, I wouldn't even bother to pay attention to you!"

The beautiful suspect sat back in the front seat. This time, her attitude was a little more straightforward, she extended her slender hand and said: "I am Xu Rou, what's your name?"

Han Dong gently pinched Xu Rou's soft and weak, slender white hands, then said: "Xu Rou, what a good name, as for my name, you don't need to know, we will never meet again."

Xu Rou frowned, pursed her lips and asked: "Hey, then how did you get caught in there?"

Han Dong scratched his head and said with some awkwardness, "You've got the right question. I've even stole and robbed cars, and I don't know if the police arrested me for a crime or not. These bastards are all f * cking animals."

"Robbery?" Xu Rou thought for a few seconds, thinking that when Han Dong stole the car, he was indeed very skilled at it.

Then she asked, "Are you in need of money? Or in a hurry to make money? "

Han Dong said snappily, "Bullsh * t, in this society, who the hell doesn't love money? If you have money, then laozi will be the grandson if laozi doesn't have money! "I'll do whatever it takes to get the money."

Hearing Han Dong's words, Xu Rou nodded his head and asked: "How about you help me do things and I will give you money. Anyways, we will earn money everywhere, the two of us are close friends, it would be better to cooperate with each other if we met by chance."

"Come on, if you're lucky and meet a potential customer, you can rob them for a few tens of thousands. I'm not interested in a life that is too ordinary. Besides, how much can you give me? "

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