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C5 meridian field

Han Dong stood at the side, coldly looking at the group of little bastards in front of him that he flipped over. At this moment, a fatty walked out from the crowd. This guy had a shaved head and a body full of fat as he walked out.

If Han Dong was not mistaken, this fatty was the Chang Longfa that Big Hairy mentioned before.

"Mao Congyi, I gave you face before. You don't have me in Tsai Lung! Last week, you sent someone to trample over five of my grounds in one night, so I'll settle this debt with you today! To put it bluntly, the Long Alliance and I have more people than you Methodist Hall! How the heck do you want to play, laozi will accompany you to the end! "

Chang Longfa stretched out his fat hands, pointed at Big Hairy, and started provoking him.

Right now, all of the people from the Long Alliance were completely wiped out by Han Dong, but if Chang Longfa was able to say something like that, there would definitely be more reinforcements arriving.

Big Hairy did not show any weakness as he said, "Don't you worry too much about who's talking in front of Boss Tsai. What's the use of having more people? but it was still cured by one of my subordinates! "

When Big Hairy said that, he patted Han Dong.

An hour ago, Han Dong was still being pointed at by this f * cker and became his little brother. Although Han Dong was unhappy, he still pretended to be calm and stood where he was.

It's good that these hoodlums came. If it wasn't for this sudden situation, Han Dong wondered when he would be able to infiltrate into their side. Now, Big Hairy seemed to have recognized his ability.

Seeing the cold expression on Han Dong's face, Chang Longfa's face became pale, and looked at him as if he was about to eat him up.

If Han Dong hadn't appeared in time, Big Hairy's match would have definitely been smashed to smithereens.

Both sides were at loggerheads, and from the looks of it, it seemed like there was going to be an even bigger conflict.

However, at this moment, a middle-aged man in his forties rushed in from the door. This man was wearing Tang suit and had a string of buddhist beads around his neck. Seeing this man come in, the underling next to him opened a path.

"What's going on!?" Boss Tsai told me to invite you two out for tea earlier, why did you get into a scuffle! We are all from Tsai Lung, brothers who went through fire and water together, what are you saying! "

The middle-aged man's words were full of criticism, but his tone was polite.

"Your Highness, there's only some small friction between us, you don't need to worry about this matter." Big Hairy said with an expressionless face.

Han Dong noticed, although Big Hairy and Chang Longfa seemed to respect the middle aged man on the surface, in reality, they did not even put him in their eyes.

The middle-aged man called Wang Lu was not stupid. He chuckled and said, "Alright! I'm old, you juniors don't even put me in their eyes! Boss Tsai asked me to come today, I'm not going to interfere in this matter! You must be enjoying yourselves! If Boss Tsai gets angry, you all will know the consequences. "

Hearing that the Duke had come under orders, Big Hairy and Chang Longfa were both shocked, and hid their emotions in the blink of an eye.

Without waiting for Big Hairy to speak with the fatty, the prince continued, "Since there is a misunderstanding between us, we shall do it according to the rules of the Tsai Lung. As long as we decide the victor, there is no need to hurt too many people.

Chang Longfa took over and said: "This matter, I will have to ask Your Highness to decide."

Big Hairy just glared at the fatty without saying anything.

The Duke continued, "Methodist Hall and He Changliang have each made their own good moves. They will fight in the afternoon and the loser will apologize in front of the brothers, so let's just let this matter pass. I wonder what the two hall masters have to say?"

"Let's fight!" Who's afraid of who! The key is if your Methodist Hall dares?! " Chang Longfa pointed at Big Hair and provoked him.

The fat bastard decided decisively, but Big Hairy hesitated.

"Lunch hall ?" Big Hairy muttered with a hesitant expression on his face.

"What is there to not dare!" "My hands have been itching recently. I'll play with you guys!" Han Dong arrogantly took a step forward, causing Big Hairy to feel relieved.

Previously, Methodist Hall did have a few who could fight, but recently they did make too much of a commotion and were basically wounded. Big Hairy knew what the lunchroom was, but Han Dong had no idea what it was.

Chang Longfa laughed and said, "Ouch! There really is someone rushing to be reborn! "

"Cut the crap!" They talked about the time and place! I alone can handle all of you. " Han Dong scolded with an angry face.

Big Hairy saw that, the more he saw this brat, the more he liked him. It's just that this afternoon's venue ?

"Haha!" Time and place? A kid who didn't even know about the afternoon gate would call for a crematorium cart to come with him! "Let's go!"

Chang Longfa threw down those words, bowed to the Duke and left with a group of defeated soldiers.

After they left, Xu Rou, who did not say a word before, walked over and asked with furrowed brows: "That's the afternoon, are you sure you can do it?"

Han Dong was suspicious, why did these guys have such a huge reaction at the Meridian Stage, and asked: "Sister Rou Rou, what is the meaning of this?"

As he spoke, Big Hairy walked over with a thumbs up, praising, "Little brother is bold! With my aura back then, I'll have to depend on your performance! "Oh right, I still don't know your name."

"Han Dong." Han Dong said with a smile.

He could clearly see that Xu Rou's expression was a little ugly.

"Good!" Han Dong, you're just a pillar of talent, as long as you can win in the sightseeing competition and win in the afternoon, you will follow me, pilocarpine will definitely have a place for you! "

Big Hairy continued to say, "You're going to fight tomorrow. I'll treat you to a meal tonight and have a good fight tomorrow!" After Big Hairy finished, he left with his group of lackeys.

"Tomorrow?" Han Dong thought to himself, the other person didn't say a time at all, how could he be sure it was tomorrow?

Xu Rou explained: "There will be two fights every month at the beginning of every month, and fifteen matches every year. The duel will be held tomorrow, so there's no need for the duel to happen tomorrow."

"Duel? Didn't they just talk about fighting techniques? " Han Dong scratched his head.

Xu Rou said: "The afternoon is a fighting arena opened by the Boss Tsai, so the reason it is called the afternoon gate, based on the meaning of how to behead the gate, once one stands on the stage, it is necessary for a person to fall, not to mention a dead party, at least they will be permanently disabled, so for the afternoon gate fist competition, it is equivalent to a duel."

"What the f * ck!" Why didn't anyone tell me this earlier? " Han Dong said with a look of confusion.

Xu Rou shook his head and said, "If you are willing to stand up for Methodist Hall, I won't even have time to be happy. What? You don't have confidence? "

Xu Rou raised her beautiful eyebrows, and said with a provocative tone.

Han Dong did not want to be outdone, so he said indifferently, "What am I afraid of, I'm just worried that I might accidentally kill someone."

"Go and prepare, Big Hairy will treat you to a meal tonight. Do your best, and follow me in doing things in the future. With your ability, I won't treat you unfairly." Xu Rou promised.

Han Dong looked vulgarly at Xu Rou's chest, and said frivolously: What are you talking about, not being mistreated?

Seeing Han Dong swallow his saliva and thinking about Han Dong's performance in the room, Xu Rou did not pay attention to him and coldly said: "Don't be late for dinner."

With that, Xu Rou turned and left.

Seeing Xu Rou's graceful back turning the corner of the corridor, the vulgar and frivolous expression on Han Dong's face instantly disappeared.

But right now, what worried Han Dong the most was Li Muxue, she had to think of a way to take this troublesome girl away. This was the den of a dragon, a tiger, and with Li Muxue's beauty, she should be done for within two days.

"I hope this silly woman knows her place." Han Dong muttered to himself.

He thought to himself, he had previously instructed Li Muxue to think of ways to leave, who knew if she would listen obediently now.

But then he thought, if this woman had listened, she would not have come to Methodist Hall's nightclub to be a lady by herself.

Big Hairy was having a feast on the third floor of the Crown Nightclub. When Han Dong arrived later that night, Xu Rou and Big Hairy were already waiting for them in the private room.

However, the moment he pushed open the door, Han Dong was so angry that he almost fainted!

Li Muxue sat beside Big Hairy and was pouring Big Hairy a cup of wine.

Big Hairy stared lecherously at Li Muxue's chest. She had planned to take this opportunity to take advantage of Li Muxue, but luckily she was nimbly dodged.

"I will treat your little foot properly!" Han Dong thought to himself, towards the worried Li Muxue, he was naturally infuriated.

"A Dong is here! Just sit, don't drink too much today, you'll have to go on stage to do battle tomorrow, but if you want to eat any pilocarpine s, I will treat you to it! " While Big Hairy was talking, he took the opportunity to rub Li Muxue's hands.

Big Hairy looked very much like an intelligent person, he could naturally see Han Dong staring at Li Muxue the moment he entered.

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