Best Undercover Agent/C7 death cycle race
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Best Undercover Agent/C7 death cycle race
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C7 death cycle race

The other side raised his fist and punched towards Han Dong! His movements were abnormally fast and violent!


There was a muffled sound right after that!

In an instant, the entire arena fell silent.

The air seemed to have frozen, and the sound of a pin dropping could be heard.

One punch KO!

No one could clearly see how the fist fell!

The guy who was treated as a god of punches by everyone was actually killed with a single punch from this nameless brat!

Han Dong swung his arm, and his face relaxed as he tilted his neck.

Seeing this, the old referee was extremely frightened and began to count the seconds of each punch.




After the punch was knocked down, it lay there like a dead dog on the stage. It was impossible to get up with a blurry consciousness.

Xu Rou's previous worry was swept away! Big Hairy was so excited that she was about to jump up and down!



The referee finished reading for ten seconds, but his fist still did not respond. He immediately announced, "Black Fang has been knocked down, Red Team wins!"

"This is impossible! "This brat is going all out!" Chang Longfa protested.

The referee said, "Confirmation, a perfect KO!"

Everyone below the stage was stunned, there was a collective gasp as Han Dong's punch destroyed their shining silver banknotes.

"Oh my god!" The fist god had actually lost! The fist god, who has not lost for three years, has actually lost! "

Han Dong jumped down the stage indifferently and asked Xu Rou: "My punch earned me over a million, right?"

Before Xu Rou could speak, Big Hairy hugged Han Dong! She excitedly said, "Brother Zhu! You're my damn brother! That punch just now was too cool! "

Han Dong quickly pushed Big Hairy away and said disapprovingly, "I was just lucky, I just got hit in the ear and got KO."

The fist was being carried away for emergency treatment by Chang Longfa's men. Seeing that the situation was no longer good, Chang Longfa decided to slip away.

Big Hairy said loudly, "Fatty, you're planning to leave before this matter is over?"

Chang Longfa smiled obsequiously: "pilocarpine, it's normal for there to be a victor in a spar. I was in the wrong when I dealt with Brother's matters previously, so I'm here apologizing to you."

Chang Longfa clasped his hands together, in less than a second, he was dealing with Big Hairy.

Big Hairy amiably said, "Is that it? Are you treating me like a fool? "

Seeing Han Dong standing at the side, Chang Longfa did not dare act rashly, since this brat could beat him with a punch, it was clear how strong he was.

Feeling rather helpless, Chang Longfa said: "pilocarpine! If you admit defeat, you can handle this matter. We are all brothers of the Tsai Lung. "


Big Hairy slapped the dead fatty hard on the face, "Now you f * cking know who a brother is? That's not what you said when you smashed my face yesterday! "

Chang Longfa clenched his fists. If it was in the past, he would have already started fighting with Big Hairy, but now that he had Han Dong, this monster, protecting him, he could only submit.

"pilocarpine, I will accompany you in your loss. From now on, the people from the Long Alliance will follow you and dispatch them!" Chang Longfa expressed.

Big Hairy said, "You just have to compensate me with the equipment that was destroyed. There's a total of 1.5 million yuan. Just transfer it to me by 12 o'clock tomorrow."

"Understood, understood!" Chang Longfa forced out an expression that was uglier than crying.

"Scram!" Big Hairy roared, Chang Longfa acted as if he was pardoned and ran away.

Big Hairy counted with his fingers. He won about a million bet and took 1.5 million as compensation. Not only did Han Dong help him earn face, he even made him earn over 2 million more! Big Hairy's mouth was crooked with happiness.

Big Fur Sect's little brother went to settle the money he won, and changed the topic: "A Dong! I'll give you three hundred thousand later! We won't leave until we're drunk tonight! "

Xu Rou coughed heavily and winked at Big Hairy with a troubled expression.

Han Dong remembered that when he first arrived at the Jiede hall, Xu Rou and Big Hairy was discussing something, and now that the Alliance was messing up, he must have been making progress, so Xu Rou most likely warned Big Hairy not to forget about it.

Not long after, the little brother who went to settle the bill for Big Hairy came back, but he didn't take the money back ?

Big Hairy was extremely surprised that his subordinate returned empty-handed.

"Where's the money!" Big Hairy was flustered and exasperated.

That lackey stammered, "The Prince said, let you bring Dong-ge with you. Only then will he pay. I'm afraid he has something to talk to you about."

Han Dong thought to himself, after this fight, I'm already a 'pillar brother'.

Big Hairy nodded towards Han Shi before he followed Xu Rou and the other two to the one and only private room in the fighting arena.

Inside the box, the prince was sitting on the sofa, sipping a cup of tea. When he saw Han Dong and the other two enter, he hurriedly stood up.

Big Hairy aggressively said, "Your highness, what happened? Are you willing to bet and refuse to admit defeat? 1: 13 odds, don't blame me for not giving you any face! "

However, the Prince laughed and said, "Ah Mao, your bad temper won't change. Sooner or later, you will be chopped to death. Did I say I won't give you money? It just so happens that I have something to discuss with you.

"Let's settle the bill first before doing anything else!" Big Hairy refused to give in and said.

His Royal Highness snapped his fingers, and his subordinate dropped a packet of red notes onto the table.

Han Dong stared at the pile of money on the tea table with greed in his eyes.

Seeing Han Dong's reaction, Xu Rou nodded his head in satisfaction.

Big Hairy then told Han Dong to keep the money, then said, "Your Highness, what exactly do you want?"

"The little brother by your side is not bad. I want him to keep watch for us at the ring. You will get your money. I originally planned to let Fist handle this matter. Now that Fist is down, he's the best choice."

The prince sat with the rosewood buddhist beads in his hands as he looked at Han Dong with a kind expression.

Han Dong knew clearly in his heart that this fellow was even more ruthless than Mao Wuyi and Chang Longfa. A dog that bites would not bark.

"Guarding the battle arena?" I refuse, you know, I've gone through a lot of trouble to get this kind of subordinate, so I can't let him die at noon. " Big Hairy quickly shook his head.

The Prince smiled and said, "This is Boss Tsai's decision. If you refuse, Boss Tsai will talk to you face to face. The results are all the same."

Big Hairy had a troubled expression on his face when he heard this.

Unexpectedly, Han Dong didn't seem to be scared at all, "What do you mean by guarding the battle? As long as I have money, I will go!"

Just then, Xu Rou subconsciously tugged at the corner of Han Dong's clothes, indicating for him not to speak blindly.

The Prince slapped his thigh and said, "Since little brother has agreed, then this matter has already been settled! I'll go report to Boss Tsai right now. "

Big Hairy originally opposed it very much, but now that Han Dong didn't have any objections, and with the Prince using the words of Boss Tsai to suppress him, Big Hairy could only nod his head and agree.

The Prince walked to the side and made a phone call. Xu Rou said snappily: "Are you addicted to showing off? Do you know what is a gavel? "

"I even beat that fist-god down, what's there to be afraid of?" Han Dong said angrily.

Xu Rou said as her delicate eyebrows knitted together, "The gavel is not just about fighting with one person, there's also someone called the Death Cycle who can challenge ten opponents in a row without stopping to rest. You will die from energy consumption alone!"

"Are you worried about me?" Han Dong squinted his eyes and smiled.

Xu Rou curled her lips and did not say a word.

Han Dong said with interest, "If you don't say anything, then it's silent. Sister Rou Rou, you can't have fallen for me, right?"

"Whatever you want to do is fine. At first, when you saw that your foundation was not bad and planned to cultivate you, no one stopped you when you were looking to die." Xu Rou said, then turned and left.

Even a blind person could tell that this woman was angry!

After finalizing the relevant matters, Big Hairy and Han Dong returned to the Crown Nightclub.

Han Dong needed to fight one against ten. If he could successfully defend the arena, his odds of winning would be at least 1: 40, but that was almost impossible.

But in reality, he was colluding with Chang Longfa. His idea was to let Han Dong challenge the cycle of death, so he only wanted to help his allies and the Changlian Alliance to regain their breath.

Big Hairy naturally understood what was going on, but Han Dong didn't object, so he couldn't say much. The people of Methodist Hall would only see loyalty and loyalty, and if Big Hairy went against the arrangement of the Boss Tsai, that would be disloyalty.

When Han Dong returned to his hotel room, Li Muxue had actually stayed in his room!

"I sweated all over today!" Come and help me wash my back! " Han Dong did not explain further, and wrapped Li Muxue who was sitting on the chair and playing with his phone into the bathroom.

Li Muxue struggled free and said snappily: "Let me go! Didn't you say you would buy it for me for ten days? Ten days from now, we won't disturb the river! "

Han Dong supported Li Muxue's head with his hands, and pulled him over. The two faces were almost touching, how could Li Muxue have Han Dong's strength, she could only obediently maintain an extremely ambiguous posture.

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