Billionaire's Sugar Baby/C2 THE FIRST TIME
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Billionaire's Sugar Baby/C2 THE FIRST TIME
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The door opened with a smooth click sound and Celeste who was busy fixing her dress, looked up. Shocked would be an understatement if she said, that's what she felt.

In front of her, stood a man who had beauty, which couldn't be described in words. He had light brown hairs, a broad forehead, a pointed straight nose, plump set of cherry pink lips and a jaw that was sharp enough to cut through anything.

Celeste's gaze travelled upto his eyes. His eyes were the most mesmerising feature on his face. An ocean blue color. She felt her breath hitch, staring into his eyes, that looked out of this world, with the deepness they held. Warm and cold at the same time, like an ocean.

She shooked her head at her thoughts. Shit Cel! Don't think about such things.

The person standing in front of her was enjoying her state of nervousness. He knew the power his charms held. He knew that no girl could ever escape his Greek-God-like beauty. He hid his smirk, not wanting to irk the girl off.

Celeste gulped her nervousness down and raised her head once again, "I am Cele-" She started, but the man in front of her interrupted her mid sentence, "I know!"

Celeste sighed. That was not what she was expecting at all. She was expecting to see a old ugly man, who's tummy would have been too round for her liking, but here she was standing in front of a man, who looked like he had just walked out of a Greek sculpture.

His body was perfectly shaped and Celeste was sure he was hiding eight pack abs under his sweater. She had noticed for such a rich person, he was wearing clothes, that were too casual, consisting of a white sweater and white sweatpants. What a combination!

The man was getting tired by her judging eyes, he just moved aside, so she could come inside.

Celeste's face heated up in embarassment, taking note of what she was doing, so she stepped inside. A blush crept up her face, that didn't go unnoticed by him.

She stopped just at the entrance and he closed the door behind him. She was taking in her surroundings. Contrary to the black and gold interior of the outside halls, the interior of the penthouse consisted of white, gold and pink. She didn't expect this once again.

Her gaze travelled to the living room, where white sofas were placed in N form, while plush gold and pink cushions were set in place on each seat.

She noticed the chandelier hanging above the sofas, it was white, illuminating the whole living room.

The walls of the penthouse were made of glass. She could see the whole city from here. Night was beautiful outside.

The penthouse was sleek clean, like it's owner didn't like even a speck of dust. With the name of owner, she suddenly remembered that he was still standing behind her. She had embarassed herself again right! She closed her eyes cringing and slowly turned around, finding him staring at her, with his back against the door and his arms folded on his chest.

From the moment she had stepped inside, he had been observing her. She looked uncomfortable being here and it was too obvious.

The first time he had seen her, the only word he could think about was 'beautiful'. She was exceptionally beautiful, but too much makeup didn't suit her. He bet she was more beautiful without that makeup and with her simple face. His eyes had travelled from her face to her body.

She was what people described as the perfect woman, with all curves at the right place. Her skin was milky white and looked soft. He wondered what it would feel like to caress her soft skin with his rough fingers. He had shooked this though off, as he was going to find it out soon.

The most catchy thing about her, was her eyes. They were honey coloured, but looked mysterious. He could notice the underlying vulnerablity in her eyes. He surprisingly wanted to find the reason behind her eyes being like this.

He admitted internally, that she had managed to make him feel interested in her from the moment he saw her. He had this odd sense of familiarity, that he felt when he had opened the door, but he couldn't remember meeting her in the past and her name didn't ring a bell either.

When Celeste turned to face him, he pushed himself off the door and started walking. Celeste stayed rooted on her place. A question was bugging her mind, Why would a man like him want a woman like her? He could have any woman he wants then, why?

He had stopped midway, noticing that she was not following him, "Are not you coming?" He inquired with his back still facing her.

She shooked her head again. It was not her concern. She should mind her own business. Hearing his deep vibrating voice, she felt cold chills run down her spine.

She started taking short steps to follow him. Hearing the sound of the heels clicking on the floor, he started walking too.

He stopped in front of a door and stepped inside. Celeste followed him in, observing her surroundings once again. It was surely his bedroom.

She gave a once over look to the room. There was a king size bed in the middle, a sofa at the right side, glass walls surrounding the whole room at the three sides, a door at the left which was surely a bathroom or a walk in closet and lastly the balcony. The balcony was the most amazing part. And well everything had white in it again.

He noticed her stopping to take a look again and sighed. He passed by her and sat down on the sofa.

Celeste's eyes moved to him. He sat there like a king, with his back relaxed against the sofa and his legs spread apart. His aura radiated confidence, superiority and power.

Celeste wondered who he really was and how this night was really going to turn out!

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