CEO, Please Divorce/C10 I'll Give It Back to You
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CEO, Please Divorce/C10 I'll Give It Back to You
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C10 I'll Give It Back to You

It must have been awful to see his ex-wife dining at the same table as his enemy.

In return, she would pay back the pain he had inflicted on her tenfold, or even a hundred fold.

Actually, he should be glad that the man she was looking for wasn't Lin Xufan, his good brother.

"Oh? Does Director Jin have anything else to say to me? With our current relationship, don't you think it's a bit out of line to do something like this? " Rann Meng said as she tried to push the man in front of her away.

But he refused to let go.

"Rann Meng, don't force me!" Jin Luyao's eyes were bloodshot.

"Force you?" Rann Meng pushed him away with all her might and mocked him sarcastically, "Don't tell me that I, Rann Meng, am not forcing you to do this? Why should he? You were the one who betrayed me first! If you are qualified to seek happiness, then why can't I? "

"Happiness? "You're really funny, do you love Shi Chenjun?"

"Ridiculous, is love useful?" If it works, then the person I love now is him and not you! To me, he is an existence more suitable to me than you. "

"As long as he treats me sincerely, I will repay him sincerely." Rann Meng raised her delicate chin, her eyes filled with a tenacity that surprised him.

"Rann Meng, are you lacking men and are you crazy? I know that man better than you do. That woman of his is not something you can replace. You can't knock on his door, do you understand! "

Jin Luyao saw that Rann Meng didn't say anything, so he continued, "You've already experienced a marriage without the support of love, what about it? Do you want to experience it once more? "

"Are you such a lowly person!?"

"Lowly? I am such a scum! What can you do to me? " Rann Meng sneered.

"At least, the woman he loves is not my best friend, she's not my good friend! Jin Luyao, perhaps you will never understand it in your entire life. The reason why I gave my all to you is not because I hate your betrayal, but because you want to trample on my sincerity. "

"Ridiculous, the most laughable person should be me! "From today onwards, everything will be broken. You don't need to have the heart of a Bodhisattva to guide my life."

"You are not worthy!"

Jin Luyao's brows wrinkled with hostility: "You said I'm not worthy? Rann Meng, it's really a blessing that you can't differentiate between good and bad. If you despise me for trampling on your sincerity, then please don't give it to me. I don't have to care, right? "Then disappear now."

Rann Meng looked at him coldly with the corner of her mouth as she pushed him away.

"Jin Luyao, I hope this will be our last meeting."

After saying so, she quickly left the place. The tears in her eyes were like a flood that was about to burst.

"Is your pride that important? Rann Meng, you really can do it! " Jin Luyao, who was in the room, turned around and smashed the blue and white porcelain of the entrance. He then smashed his fist fiercely against the wall, and a hint of red was somewhat eye-catching on the snow-white wall.

When Rann Meng came out from here, there was nothing on the street except for the street lights.

She looked at her watch, as if it would be difficult to get a taxi at this hour.

She took off her high-heeled shoes and held them in her hands as she walked forward. Her eyes were filled with despair.

She wondered what right a man like Jin Luyao had to discuss love with her.

She loved him, but what was the use? Unilateral love, brought her only sadness, nothing more.

Love tired, love hurt, love enough.

She had lost the ability to love.

The light grew dimmer and dimmer as leaves were sucked into the darkness. Her tears fell like beads from a broken string.

As she walked, she wiped away her tears.

In the end, she started to bawl like a shrew.

Why had it been so many years? She could no longer struggle with her own heart.

In the past, Rann Meng had lived like a fool.

How ridiculous did Jin Luyao think he was in the past that he would humiliate him like that?

What did I do wrong? God let her experience this!

Do good people not get good retribution?

That's good! From now on, she wanted to live happily like a devil.

From then on, the word 'cowardly' would never appear on her body again.

Deep in the night, she shouted angrily towards the distance as if she had gone mad: "Jin Luyao! Thank you for letting me grow! From now on, you will never be able to hurt me again. You will get out of my life! The further the better! "

He took a taxi back to the hotel. Just as he was about to enter the elevator, a delicate voice came from behind.


Hearing this voice, Rann Meng froze for a moment.

Her face was somewhat stiff as she turned her head to look at the man.

If it was the former Rann Meng, she would have been easily deceived by that pitiful expression.

Rann Meng looked at him with an indifferent gaze, as if she had just poured a bucket of cold water over her face.

The woman stepped forward and held her wrist, tears streaming down her face. "Mengmeng, I beg of you, please don't do this. Can I give him back to you? "

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