CEO, Please Divorce/C9 Beauty Disaster
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CEO, Please Divorce/C9 Beauty Disaster
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C9 Beauty Disaster

"Impossible!" Rann Lincheng raised his chin and looked at Rann Meng through his nose: "Rann Meng, don't you act like you're crazy!" Why don't you accept his kind help? Are you really that willing to see our generation's Rann Family destroyed? "

"You still have the nerve to say that?" If I don't discuss this with you right now, do you think this ten million is enough to clean up this mess called Rann Family? "

Rann Meng gritted her teeth to hold back the anger in her heart, "The money he gave you is nothing more than a beggar fighting to the death. I'll get someone to help my Rann Family recover."

"You're helping Rann Family to recover? "How laughable …" Rann Lincheng lit up a cigarette and stood up. He was much taller than Rann Meng.

"I'm giving you two choices right now. One, take this ten million gold and go revive your Rann Family. From now on, everything regarding your Rann Family has nothing to do with me! Second, give the money to me, and I will look for Shi Chenjun to revitalize my Rann Family. " Rann Meng didn't lose out in the slightest when she stood in front of Rann Lincheng, who was 1.8 meters tall.

"Shi Chenjun? How did you find him? " Rann Lincheng asked in confusion.

"These things have already exceeded your knowledge. You only have the right to make decisions now." Rann Meng's expression was already terrible.

"Oh? I think I understand! " His unscrupulous gaze roamed all over Rann Meng's body.

"Girl, I didn't know you had that kind of ability!" "No wonder Father Ran said that women are the bane of women. It seems like it's not bad at all."

"Shut up, hurry up and choose now!" If you don't, I'll choose for you! "

"With your words, I'm relieved. I choose the latter!"

"Then you have to hurry? I won't be able to wait long. "

Rann Meng coldly glanced at him, snatched the cheque from his hand, turned around and left …

She looked down at the signature on the check. Jin Luyao!

Long Feifeng's three words were as unrestrained as his own.

Even now, Rann Meng still couldn't help but feel her heart beat faster when she saw these three words.

Rann Meng sucked in a breath of cold air, trying hard to control her thoughts to stop recalling the past story.

Ye Zichen took a taxi to Jin Luyao's home.

She had lived here before, but after leaving for a few days, she felt a sense of unfamiliarity.

She went up and rang the bell.

Soon the door opened and she strode in.

"Oh? "Since Rann Lincheng told you so quickly, he has arrived much faster than I thought." Jin Luyao sat on the sofa and stared at Rann Meng.

Rann Meng suddenly wanted to laugh. She had been tricked.

That was true. For a scheming man like him to trick her, he only needed to think a little.

However, she couldn't think too much about it. Rann Meng strode forward and threw the cheque directly at her face.

"I hope you won't disturb my life again, OK?"

"Disturb you? So, you went to Shi Chenjun to help you? "Rann Meng, let me tell you, you can find anyone but that man." Jin Luyao suddenly stood up and looked at Rann Meng as if she was his prey.

"Jin Luyao, are you still a child?" "We've already divorced, so you don't have the right to restrain my actions with your current identity. Even if I'm begging on the streets, it has nothing to do with you."

Jin Luyao approached her step by step. He raised his hand and grabbed her chin, "Let me tell you, this man is very dangerous. Did you hear that? "

"And you've been forgotten. You didn't get the divorce certificate, and I have the divorce agreement."

Rann Meng was very angry and shook Jin Luyao's hand off with all her might, "Alright, alright, you're amazing. Since I can't beat you, then let's just continue on like this! "Actually, I also want to see how you're going to explain it to Wang Jingru!"

She laughed suddenly, her eyes full of sarcasm.

This woman could always easily make him angry.

Jin Luyao's obsidian eyes emitted a cold and sharp light, giving off an endless oppressive feeling, "Rann Meng, you hate me, don't you?"

"Then let me make it clear to you today, don't think that I'll let you down. I've never liked you from the beginning to end, not at all!"

Although she knew that he was speaking the truth, hearing him say it would still make his heart ache.

It was as if the dagger had completely stabbed into him and could no longer be pulled out.

"So, I just wanted to remind you that this method of retaliating against me is very childish. This is just a form of self-consolation." "I will not care at all. After all, one day is enough for a husband and wife to give their blessings. This is the last straw for you."

"Director Jin, then I'll trouble you to take back your so-called kindness!" Rann Meng suddenly laughed at herself.

"I should be thanking you. Originally, there were some things that I didn't have the courage to make up my mind on. Thank you for completely cutting off this longing for me."

She took a deep breath. "This time, let me tell you, do not disturb my life again! Everything between us is over. "

Rann Meng turned to leave after saying that.

Jin Luyao went up and held her hand, pushing her against the wall.

"Rann Meng."

She could clearly feel the anger in his eyes.

In fact, what he had just said was a form of psychological comfort.

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