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XX University Graduation Ceremony has just ended. A man was walking excitedly on campus, rushing straight to the school gate. The man had a student's head, big eyes, and was entirely grey-white: a grey-white jacket, grey-white jeans, grey-white sneakers, clean and tidy. But in this era of popular brands, especially in college, it was out of place. However, he was as calm as ever, as steady as Mt. Tai.

This young man was different. But he was famous in this school. His name was Lu Yu, a senior in his senior year. Ever since he entered the school, his results had always been first. It never changed. Just like his grey and white clothes. He worked hard, struggled hard. It was to get a special prize for graduation thesis, the one hundred thousand prize money and the opportunity to apply for a study abroad. Today, he finally succeeded. After four years of hard work and persistent efforts, Lu Yu felt that all the flowers in the world were blooming for him, congratulating him. Applause him.

What made Lu Yu even happier was that he had a girlfriend who silently cheered for him from behind. Moreover, she was at the level of a great beauty. Her name was Xiao Yun, and they were on the same train in their first year of university, and they were coincidentally sitting in the same seat. Coincidentally, they were in the same school, and they were also in the same department. It made the two of them feel as if they had met in heaven. It was their fate. Thus, the two of them fell in love. From the senior year to the senior year, Xiao Yun silently supported him from behind. Facing the crowd's cold gazes and mocking, she was actually able to remain calm. This moved Lu Yu. Faced with the famous brands and flowers that others gave him, she could remain indifferent. Facing the big fish and big meat of others, she could silently accompany herself in the cafeteria as she ate the three yuan lunch box.

Was there a better woman in the world than this?

That year, when the two of them rented a room outside, Lu Yu wanted to read his target. The award that everyone was envious of. Xiao Yun silently cooked for him. Half a year went by in an instant. He was afraid that he would be disturbed while he was here, so he moved out of the house and returned to the female dormitory. He was equally silent. Even so, he came back to cook for himself.

How many women like this were there?

Lu Yu felt that he was the happiest man in the world. Now that his wish had been granted, he had a beautiful lady by his side. Was this the so-called success? Career, emotional double harvest. No one was happier than Lu Yu.

A successful man always has a great woman behind him. Xiao Yun was the greatest woman behind Lu Yu.

Lu Yu's expression was excited. Now that he had a hundred thousand gold coins and some money, he could finally let Xiao Yun eat a good meal and dress properly. Study abroad? Lu Yu didn't think about it because Xiao Yun was in the country. So he signed a contract with a large international company with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan and a commission. All of a sudden, Lu Sheng's face changed from that of a beggar to that of a gold-collared young man.

Xiao Yun, did you see that? I can finally make you live a good life. Lu Yu thought in his heart and quickly left the school gate. Xiao Yun was waiting for him outside, saying that there was something important for him to talk about today. Right now, Lu Yu also had something important to tell him. Lu Yu couldn't wait any longer. Lifting his head from the gate, he saw a woman who was not far from the gate. Lu Yu finally shouted, "Xiao Yun, Xiao Yun."

The woman was currently walking back and forth. Her brows were slightly furrowed, as if she was thinking about something. Only after hearing someone call her did she raise her head: her face was like white jade, her phoenix eyes were filled with emotion, and she wore a milky white dress that fluttered in the wind. This is my goddess! Lu Yu thought of this sentence in his heart. He had never seen Xiao Yun wear such beautiful clothes. Could it be that he was celebrating his special prize? Was he wearing such beautiful clothes to welcome his success? Thinking of this, Lu Yu's previously calm heart began to thump loudly.

Quickly walking in front of her, Lu Yu gently said, "Xiao Yun, you're really too beautiful today."

Xiao Yun also smiled slightly and said: "Thank you for your praise. Lu Yu, "Xiao Yun seemed to be unable to bear it any longer, and her voice became softer as she spoke," I have something to tell you … " I've been thinking about this matter for a long time … "I …"

Lu Yu didn't seem to hear Xiao Yun's words and said excitedly, "Xiao Yun, let me tell you a piece of good news. I've finally accomplished my goal, I've won a special prize. I did it. " Lu Yu said loudly, "Xiao Yun, do you know? I've worked hard for this goal for four years. His efforts were finally rewarded … "Haha …" Lu Yu seemed to have gone crazy.

Xiao Yun silently looked at Lu Yu with a sad expression …

"Xiao Yun, I have already signed a contract with XX Company. Now, our monthly salary is 10,000 yuan and we still have a commission. We won't have to live in hardship anymore. "I want you to be happy. I want you to live in a building and wear a nameplate …"

Xiao Yun revealed a pained expression, while Lu Yu was still muttering to himself, gesticulating about his plans for the future.

"Enough. "Enough, it's already too late..." Xiao Yun finally cried out as tears flowed down her cheeks. Only then did Lu Yu stop. Seeing Xiao Yun's appearance, Lu Yu became flustered in his heart: "Xiao Yun, what's wrong? What's the matter with you? "

Xiao Yun wrinkled his nose, wiped away his tears, and said, "Lu Yu, I'm glad that you have achieved your current success. This is all thanks to your hard work and hard work. As your classmate and friend, I am very happy for you. However, this is all yours, so it won't matter to me anymore, because what I want to tell you today is that I didn't break up right? "

Lu Yu felt his head explode, "Xiao Yun wants to break up with me?" Thunderbolt on a clear day, the sky above Lu Yu instantly became overcast with dark clouds, violent winds and torrential rain …

Xiao Yun had already calmed down, and said coldly, "We have been together for four years. These past four years, we must have known each other very well. I think we are very inappropriate. Let's break up."

Lu Yu's eyes reddened, and said: "Xiao Yun, do I not love you enough? Why was that? "Why?"

"Why? Lu Yu, I'll tell you about my life these past four years. " Xiao Yun calmly said, "From the first year we met, I felt that this was a blessing from the heavens. You gave me the sweetness of love, allowing me to depend on someone I have nothing to rely on outside, I am very grateful to you. For a while, you even made me think that you were the person I relied on all my life, that I loved you so much that I wanted to give you everything. "

"But to see other lovers embrace and kiss each other, and you." Xiao Yun pursed her lips, "And yet you only dared to hold my hand. In these two years, you actually only dared to hold my hand. I want to have a hug, but I'm a girl. Do you want me to open my mouth and tell you that I want to hug you, and I want to kiss you?"

Lu Yu felt bitter in his heart, "Xiao Yun, I …"

Xiao Yun didn't listen to Lu Yu's explanation and continued, "Third year. I finally gave you courage. That year, you lived outside, right? I lived with you. I wanted to feel your embrace. I wanted to have the feeling of a girl in love. "But …" As Xiao Yun said this, his eyes revealed a trace of anger, "We slept in the same bed, right next to each other. At that time, I thought you could give me a hug or a kiss while you were sleeping. I waited for a long time, but in the end, I realized that you had already fallen asleep. "Hehe …" Xiao Yun sneered, "Half a year, half a year. I slept by your side and I was just naked like that, yet you actually didn't have any thoughts about me. How pathetic it is for a woman like me to be naked while her boyfriend snores at her side. "He's lying there like a puppet …"

Lu Yu explained, "Xiao Yun, it's not like that. I just don't want to hurt you …"

"That would be the greatest harm to me!" Xiao Yun shouted.

The people around them also heard Xiao Yun's words and pointed at Lu Yu. From what they heard, it seemed that Lu Yu had ruined a girl. At the same time, they lamented that a fresh flower had stuck itself into the cow dung. The endless pity in his words …

Hearing the surrounding words, Lu Yu bitterly smiled. What was going on!?

At this time, Xiao Yun calmed down and said in a cold voice, "So, I moved out of your room. Because I can't stand being treated like a puppet there. "

"From that time on, I started to hate you. Thus, I began to hate you. Why are you looking down on me so disdainfully?" Am I not? To prove that I am not a puppet. "I've finally agreed to a man who wants to woo me …"

Xiao Yun gave a self-deprecating laugh as tears streamed down from his eyes and his face was filled with grief …

Lu Yu was silent, his heart was filled with grief.

Xiao Yun dried her eyes and coldly said, "Lu Yu, do you know how many times I have dated in the past year?"

Lu Yu remained silent.

Xiao Yun didn't seem to want Lu Yu to answer, as she looked up to the sky and said, "Nine times, they pursued me. Sweet words, roses, fine clothes, you never gave them to me. I know you love them, but I don't know what I want from you. You can't satisfy what I want. So, we'll see you later. "

Lu Yu: "…"

Xiao Yun took a deep breath, and then exhaled, and said: "Alright, I'll say what I need to. So I can't possibly be with you again. For a man who sees himself as a puppet, I would go mad. In that period of time, I even thought, Lu Yu, are you a man or not? " Xiao Yun said, "But now, I won't ask. Because it doesn't matter to me anymore. "

Lu Yu: "…"

At this moment, a handsome man came towards the two with a bunch of flowers in his hands. Xiao Yun said, "Let me introduce you, this is my boyfriend. He bought me my clothes. Look, he's here."

The handsome young man brought the flower in his hand to Xiao Yun and said gently, "Beautiful Xiao Yun, I hope you will like the flowers as a gift." She had a smile that made people unable to refuse.

Xiao Yun smiled as she caught the flower, revealing her white teeth. The smile on her face was able to melt the ice and snow on the Heavenly Mountain, "Thank you, Young Master Lin. Your flowers are beautiful. "

Young Master Lin gently said, "Today there is a PARTY. Time is almost up. We have to hurry."

Xiao Yun nodded, "Alright, wait a moment." Turning his head, he said to Lu Yu, "Lu Yu, take care of yourself. "Goodbye." He followed Master Lin into a Livingstone and disappeared from Lu Yu's sight. He didn't even look at Lu Yu, as if he was transparent.

Lu Yu watched this scene in a daze. His eyes were dull and indifferent, making others feel that he deserved a beating.

There was no longer any joy to tell the story, no longer any happiness to speak of. With the loss of Xiao Yun'er, everything became lifeless.

Lu Yu's world was dark and gloomy, devoid of light. The angel who had been his goddess had left him.

… …. The night was as cool as water.

On the university's outdoor observatory, Lu Yu sat paralyzed on the stone steps. He was drunk, and it was unknown what he was mumbling about. Holding a radio in his hand, the announcer said in a sweet voice, "Everyone, good evening. Today, we have the old song review again. "I'm XX, today's topic is about emotions. When it comes to emotions, everyone will think of a classic song, which is Xu Zhian's song …"

"The most beloved woman hurts me the most, so why do you love others behind my back? A woman's innocent eyes hide a cold needle, love is full of cruelty. But I am too serious... "

The tune turned back to bitterness, and the lyrics became sorrowful.

It was as if Lu Yu had suddenly found a soulmate, as he shouted his name loudly.

"The most beloved woman hurts me the most. Why do you love others behind my back?"

"Ahh …" Lu Yu shouted loudly, "Xiao Yun, I love you so much, and you are f * cking afraid of hurting me. Was it wrong? Can't love see something? " In the darkness of the night, Lu Yu's voice could be heard very far away, but the only thing he heard was a gust of wind. Lu Yu's heart was familiar with her as if he was eating a bitter yellow company, and he was filled with confusion towards love …

Thinking of Xiao Yun's words, Lu Yu was so shocked that he went crazy.

"Do you know how many times I've been in love this year? Nine times, they were all gentler and more considerate than you. "Moreover, there are two women among them …"

Lu Yu's heart felt as though it was being sliced by a knife. In this instant, he could see his own heart dripping blood …

"Motherf * cker, I'm not even as good as a woman. Are all the women in this world so lowly that they have to let someone tear you apart to make you happy?" I, an extremely intelligent genius, am actually inferior to those hooligans? "

Lu Yu roared towards the sky: "Scoundrel, what the f * ck kind of world is this?" Just as he finished speaking, he heard a rumble in the sky.


A bolt of purple lightning descended from the sky, directly smashing onto Lu Yu's body. In an instant, Lu Yu tumbled down the stone steps, unconscious …

"Damn it, I am really unlucky …"

The next day XX City Morning Post reported: Last night was, the sky innocently descended a bolt of lightning, hit a XX University student. According to their investigation, this student's name was Lu Yu …

Lu Yu was no longer a character in this world, but they didn't know that on another continent, there was a Lu Yu who was happily alive. Perhaps, this was their starting point …

New chapter is coming soon
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