Corporate Heat/C2 Where Danger Hides: Chapter Two
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Corporate Heat/C2 Where Danger Hides: Chapter Two
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C2 Where Danger Hides: Chapter Two

His body tensed and rippled beneath her touch, and she clutched harder at the fabric of his jacket to keep him from pulling back. She wanted this man in ways she’d never wanted anyone else. Ways that startled her as her body reacted in an unfamiliar manner. She almost changed her mind, frightened at the explosion of desire streaking through her, but determination overrode trepidation. For all the things she’d lost and the ones she’d never had, she deserved this. She pressed her tongue hard against his mouth and, whether from shock or desire, he opened and she tasted him. Whiskey and coffee and mint combined to produce a heady flavor that tantalized her senses. She sucked at his tongue, drawing him into her mouth in a kiss more sensuous than she’d ever permitted herself. Or ever wanted.

He gripped her upper arms tightly as if to push her away, but she had a death hold on his lapels. She was so damned tired of being straitlaced and obedient. The past week had stripped away all the steel bands restricting her life, with today finishing the job. All that obedience had been for nothing. Now, she wanted wild , a night that would help her blot out all the dark feelings rampaging through her.

With a groan, the man pulled her closer. He swept his tongue into her mouth, responding to her, leaving no inch of the dark wetness untouched. The slight roughness of it scraped across her sensitive tissues, calling each hidden nerve into play. He pressed his lips hard against hers, bearing down on them, devouring them, as he dug his fingers into her shoulders.

They stood suspended in the darkness, sensations from the kiss rocketing through her and drawing forth reactions from parts of her body long dormant. Her nipples tingled and wetness seeped between her thighs. She would have given anything to stay that way forever, balanced on a precipice.

He was the first to break away, looking down at her with glittering eyes. “I think you’ve had far too much to drink.”

Taylor was trying to find her breath, but all the air seemed to have been sucked out of her lungs. The pulse that beat between her legs was echoing through her core. She knew about ‘getting hot’ and ‘getting wet’, but this was the first time a man had made her feel it. The drinks had nothing to do with what was happening to her. It was the man, a powerful jungle animal who called to the hidden wildness within her.

“This is my idea, not the whiskey.” She pulled in another breath and tried to drag his face down to hers again.

He tightened his hands on her shoulders, a strangled sound erupting from his throat. “I’m a stranger. You can’t just pick me up and take me to your room like this. Don’t you know this kind of stuff isn’t safe?”

“I don’t think you’ll harm me,” she whispered. “I don’t know why, but I trust you.”

And wasn’t that absurd, when she’d hardly trusted anyone all her life? Yet something in him gave her a sense of security, certainly unusual when locked in the darkness with a caged panther. “Please don’t pull away.” With slightly trembling fingers, she shifted his tie out of the way and unbuttoned his shirt. She pressed her body against him, rubbing herself against the hard erection that the layers of clothing between them couldn’t hide.

“This is insanity.” His voice was hard and edgy, his grip on her tightening almost to the point of pain. “There are things about me you don’t know.”

Taylor licked the bare skin of his chest that she’d exposed and slid her hands inside his shirt. The warmth of his body almost burned her. Beneath the hot male skin, he was harder than steel, with thick, ropelike muscles. She danced the tip of her tongue over his chest and smiled at the hitch in his breathing.

She looked up at him, struggling to bring out words. “Are you a wanted criminal? Do you have a deadly disease? No? Then I don’t care about anything else.” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “I want this. I want you.”

“Listen, you don’t know… God damn it, I should have my head examined. I can’t do this.”

“Why?” She yanked on his tie. “Am I so repulsive?” She dropped her hands and turned away, consumed by equal parts desire and shame. Of course. He was used to women with long graceful legs and ample breasts, tiny hips and small asses. His kind only got turned on by model-thin women. “That’s it, isn’t it? I’ll bet all your women are tall blondes in size two dresses.”

“That’s not true. Not true at all.” He reached for her and turned her to face him. “This is just…” His throat muscles worked reflexively as he swallowed. “I have to get out of here.”

She saw the heat in his eyes, felt the desire flowing from his hands into her body and the whiskey empowered her. “But you don’t really want to, do you? Or you’d be out that door already.” She reached out and pressed her hand against his crotch, a very bold move for her. She cupped the hard, impressive bulge through the fabric of his pants and squeezed. “See? You want me, too. This tells me.”

My God, am I doing this?

He sucked in his breath. For a long moment, they stood there, her hand on his crotch as she waited for whatever war he was fighting with himself to resolve itself. Then, as if he’d come to some momentous decision, he pushed her hands away and stripped off his jacket, shirt and tie. “I’ll be damned to hell for this.”

All the saliva in her mouth dried up at the broad expanse of chest and the soft curls that spread across it and arrowed down to his groin. She stood, waiting for him to remove the rest of his clothing and wondering what to do next.

He came back to her and brushed his lips across her forehead. “You don’t look like this is a familiar dance. Last chance to change your mind. Otherwise, I’ll lead.”

“I’m not changing my mind.” I want this. I need it. Don’t turn away from me.

“I should be shot.” His voice sounded strained. “I’m not…”

Impatient at his reluctance, she gripped the edges of her jacket and blouse and ripped them open, sending buttons popping onto the floor. Next came the skirt, pooling at her feet. She stepped out of it and kicked it away, along with her shoes. She was glad she hadn’t worn pantyhose. Her grandmother would have been scandalized, which was the very reason why she’d done it.

He gave a sharp intake of breath as his gaze dropped to her breasts and her nipples hardened into tight points.

He ran a finger across the upper slope of her breasts, back and forth as if memorizing the texture of her skin. When he reached around behind her and unclasped the bit of lace and silk, her breasts sprang free and he cupped them in his hands.

“You have unbelievable breasts.” His voice was awed. “Magnificent.” He bent his head and drew one peak into his mouth, pulling on it, bathing it with wet heat.

Heat streaked directly from his lips to her womb. When he bit down gently on her nipple then ran his tongue over it, she thought she would faint from the pleasure. Just that light grazing of his teeth and the pull of his mouth were enough to make her legs wobble.

He gave a soft laugh and swept her up in his arms. “I think you’d do much better lying down, don’t you?”

He stripped back the covers on the bed and laid her on the coolness of the sheet. His hand was warm on her abdomen as he lightly stroked it before moving downward with a gentle glide. The touch of each finger was like a fiery kiss on her skin. Taylor shivered both in anticipation and fear of the unknown. No man had ever looked at her with such a devouring gaze. When he slid his hand inside her panties and teased at her curls with his fingers, the throbbing deep inside her vaginal walls increased in tempo.

She had barely a second for her insecure self to wonder if he found the touch of her pleasing and her curls soft and appealing to him. Then the panties were gone and she was stripped naked.

When she reached to snap off the bedside lamp, he shook his head and closed his fingers around her hand. He spoke in a voice heavy with desire. “I’m not doing this in the dark. I want to see what every inch of you looks like.”

She flinched under his gaze, turning her head away from the brightness. No one had ever seen her completely naked except doctors. Her tiny roster of lovers had been more than willing to perform in complete darkness. Her choice, but no one had objected. The darkness had given her a sense of refuge, hiding her flaws and protecting her from the disappointment she’d been sure she’d see in the eyes of her partner. And that was all they’d been—partners. Not lovers. Lovers caressed and worshiped and adored. Her fumbling experimentation had never included that.

But he smoothed his hands down her arms and hips as if stroking fine silk and her skin tingled under the intensity of his gaze, the sweep of his eyes touching her like a caress. There was no hint of the expected disappointment, no indication that he found her body wanting in any way. That in itself eased the painful band around her heart. Without taking his gaze from her, he rid himself of shoes and socks, trousers and boxers. When his cock sprang free, the sight of it made saliva pool in her mouth. It was enormous, leaping proudly erect from the dark hair curled at its base. Below it, his heavy testicles rested against his thighs. She swallowed, wondering if she could fit all that inside her.

As if he read her mind, he said, “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

Fine. What a mild word to describe what she wanted to feel.

She devoured his naked body with her eyes. He was a magnificent animal, her panther. The bedside lamp reflected on the rippling muscles and sun-bronzed skin of his sculpted body. Warrior . The stalker, not the prey. He would devour and the prey would relish the devouring. She could barely breathe at the thought of being captured by him.

He watched her face intently as he kneeled on the mattress at her feet. Placing both hands on her legs, he bent them up and spread them apart, fully exposing her. Her breath caught as he looked at every inch of her. No one, none of the fumbling men she’d had such unfulfilling sex with, had exposed her so shamelessly or looked at her with such hunger. Or wanted to.

Her first instinct was to cover herself, frightened of the gaze that seemed to see inside her. But the heat in his eyes blew that away and suddenly she wanted more. To expose more. Feel more. With her eyes fastened on him, she spread her legs wider to offer him even greater access, shocked at the ripple of pleasure it gave her.

“You like that, do you? I wonder what else is under that proper exterior of yours.” His face gave nothing away but his eyes flashed and he stroked the lips of her sex, probing gently. When he spoke, his voice was almost reverent. “God, your cunt is beautiful.”

She jerked slightly at his words and he gave a soft laugh.

“Not used to people telling you it’s beautiful? Or is it calling it a cunt that puts that startled look in your eyes? Does it offend your sensitive ears? Get used to it. Whatever polite sex you’ve had until now is out of the window. Tonight, I’m going to look at every inch of your cunt”—he stressed the word—“your pussy. I’m going to put my mouth on you and suck you then plunge my fingers inside you. When you’re good and ready then I’m going to drive my cock into you and fuck you until you don’t even know who you are.” He bent toward her. “Can you take that, little girl?”

His voice was hard with an indefinable underlying edge. Was something wrong? Had she already displeased him in some way? She was caught in a mixture of inexperience and uncontained need, with no idea how to deal with such a complex man. What did he want her to say?

“Can you?” he repeated, his head close to hers, eyes demanding an answer from her.

“Yes,” she hissed at last, pushing herself toward him. Rather than frightening her, his words aroused her to an unbelievable state. Her body was suddenly not her own but an instrument that his words were tuning for the main performance. “And I’m not a little girl. Far from it.”

He reached out a thumb and forefinger and gave a light pinch to her clit. “We’ll find out, won’t we, little girl? You wanted to unleash the panther. This is what you get.”

“Taylor.” She was struggling to hold on to the threads of her mind which was rapidly sinking into a haze.

“What?” He frowned at her.

“My name is Taylor. Call me Taylor, not ‘little girl’.”

“All right, Taylor .” He stressed the name, the tone slightly mocking. “Time to feel the panther’s bite.”

Her body quivered in anticipation of what his words promised.

He moved up on the bed and cradled her breasts in his palms, rubbing his thumbs and forefingers over her nipples. When he tugged and pinched them, the sharp bite of pain sent arrows of heat straight to her womb. But the heat of his mouth soothed them as he licked slowly. With a slow movement, he rubbed the pads of his fingers back and forth over the heated points until Taylor thought she would come just from his attention to her breasts.

She shifted beneath him, wishing he’d stroke her between her legs again, wanting to feel his hand there touching her, probing, wringing every drop of liquid from her. This was every fantasy she’d ever suppressed coming true with the kind of man she’d dreamed of but who was always far beyond her reach. His hands on her were magical, his tongue hot wherever it touched her. Her body was so aroused she couldn’t hold herself still. She shifted her hips and thrust them at him. Whatever was driving him didn’t matter, only that he brought her the pleasure promised with every touch of his hands.

“Touch me like you did before,” she pleaded, her voice coming from a faraway place. “With your fingers. Please.”

“Don’t rush me.” He spoke the words directly against her lips, his voice liquid in her mouth. “I plan to take my time with this. A gourmet feast shouldn’t be hurried. It should be savored and enjoyed slowly, letting the flavors invade your body.”

When he touched his mouth to hers again, his tongue stroking inside, heat consumed her, leaving no space bare. This was beyond anything she’d ever experienced, even anything she’d dreamed of. If she had one rational thought left, the blaze consumed it.

Taylor reached up to untie his badge of civilization, the leather thong that held his hair gathered neatly at his nape, and his hair fell loose and thick around his shoulders. She ran her fingers through it, feeling the silken texture, and the strands fell easily away from her touch. She moved against him, pressing her body upward against the heat and hardness of his. He made her aware of him in a way she’d never been aware of another man, his powerful strength wrapping around her.

“Easy, Taylor.” With his big hand, he cradled her hip, stilling her, his voice a low crooning sound. “We don’t want to miss all the good parts.”

He kissed her jawline, under her ear, down the column of her neck, painting her skin with his tongue. He grazed his teeth along the column of her neck and bit gently at the place where her neck and shoulder joined. Then, in the next moment, he soothed the bite with a tender flick of his tongue.

She shivered and the heavy beat inside her core intensified.

When he returned to her breasts, he paused to suck each one again, drawing little whimpers from her. Her chest felt swollen and tight and she was sure her nipples would burst. His five o’clock shadow rasped against the tenderness of her skin, but then the silkiness of his hair flowed over her. When she was sure she would come if he kept it up one more minute, he moved his head and pressed his open mouth on the softness of her belly. The sensation made the muscles in her sheath contract and moisture pour out of her, drenching the curls covering the opening of her sex. God, she wanted him there. Touching her there.

With attention to detail that could only be called reverent, he kissed his way down the length of her body, licking every inch of skin he moved his mouth over. At last, he kneeled and pulled her toward him with her legs draped over his thighs. With his thumbs, he pressed apart her labia, staring intently at her open cunt. Without warning, he leaned down and ran his tongue along her seam, then flicked it across her swollen nub. Her body jerked and she nearly came off the bed. She would have, except for his pressure on her inner thighs.

“Delicious. I knew you’d taste this delicious.”

He licked her again and when at last he’d tasted his fill, he parted her lips, slid a long, lean finger inside her and stroked it back and forth.

Her inner muscle clenched at once. Gripping the sheet with her fists, she pushed against his hand, urging him to explore her, wanting to feel him higher, deeper. God, just the simple exploration of her vagina and she was ready to turn herself inside out for him. She wanted to draw him into the deepest recesses of her body. When he slipped a second finger in beside the first, tremors rippled through her.

“Tight and wet. You might squeeze my cock to death. I don’t know what to do first with such a banquet spread before me. But I think I’m going to finger-fuck you, because I want to watch that gorgeous cunt when you come. The first time.”

“Mmm,” was all she managed as he slid his fingers inside her hot, waiting flesh.

He leaned toward her, his face suffused with lust. “Better than pleasuring yourself, isn’t it, little girl? Better than your vibrator.” When she didn’t answer, surprise flashed across his face, but he wiped it away almost at once. His eyes narrowed. “You’ve never used a vibrator, have you? Never touched yourself or used your hand to give yourself release?”

She lowered her eyelids as she tried to hide her embarrassment. She couldn’t tell him that in the house where she’d grown up, everything was forbidden and nothing was private. There was no place she could have hidden to pleasure herself or hide the toys she’d need. It was nothing short of amazing that she’d managed even the unsatisfying, awkward forays into sex that she’d accomplished without her grandparents seeing the telltale knowledge in her eyes or emblazoned somehow on her face.

Now, she wanted it all. Everything. Fate had dropped this man into her lap. After tonight, she’d never see him again, so she was free to indulge in whatever fantasy played out. She could act with as much abandon as she wanted and never fear censure or gossip.

When he rose suddenly and left her body, the absence of his touch disturbed her. Was he leaving? Now? Surely not. “What’s wrong? Where are you going?”

“Nothing’s wrong. I just saw something here I want.” He picked up the hand mirror she’d placed on the dresser then he was back, her legs draped wide again over his powerful thighs. He propped the mirror against his stomach so it was facing Taylor. “I want you to watch me, little girl. See what your gorgeous cunt looks like with my fingers sliding in and out.” His voiced thickened. “I’ll bet you’ve never even looked at yourself in a mirror, have you? I want you to see what you’ve been missing all these years. What it looks like to have a man’s hand stretching these tight little muscles and spreading your juices on that soft flesh. Watch yourself as I pleasure you, see your body respond to me.”

“I’ve never…”

“No, I’m sure you haven’t.” His voice was heavy with lust. “But, tonight, you will.”

Her skin grew hotter as her gaze automatically dropped to the mirror and she watched him open her pussy and slide two fingers inside. Dark tendrils of need coiled low in her stomach and reached out their tentacles to every part of her body. Unfamiliar sensations bombarded her, awakening her dormant sexuality.

“Do you want to know what you feel like, little girl?” His voice was thick with desire. “Wet satin. You are so smooth inside and sopping wet. Slick. But tight. Very tight. Let’s see just how tight you are.” He slid a third finger in and flexed them together to stretch her.

Taylor couldn’t take her eyes off the mirror, off his fingers sliding in and out of her, off the slickness that told her just how drenched she was. She was fascinated by the sight of those strong male fingers stroking in and out of her vagina, the knuckles brushing against the curls of her sex which were damp with her moisture. Automatically, she spread her legs wider and braced herself on her elbows to get an unobstructed view of the hand mirror.

As she watched the smooth movement—in, out, in, out—the quivering in her sheath became faster and harder and echoed back into her body.

“Do you like that, little girl?” His voice had just the slightest tremor in it. “Does that excite you?”

She couldn’t speak, so caught up in the erotic sight before her eyes that speech was impossible. But when his other hand moved to her swollen nub and massaged it, she wanted to close her eyes and go with the feeling.

“Eyes open, little girl,” he commanded in a soft voice. “Eyes wide open. Put your feet on my thighs and bend your knees.” He nodded when she complied. “That’s right.”

Now she saw everything, her entire sex, the core of her, where his fingers kept up their hypnotic motion while massaging her clit at the same time.

“ God. ” The word escaped her lips.

His eyes flashed at her. “Turns you on, doesn’t it? I thought it would.”

Taylor only vaguely heard him now, even though he never stopped talking to her as he turned her clit into a throbbing nub of tissue and her sheath greedy. Wanting more, needing more, she moved her hands to the insides of her thighs, holding her legs apart so her view of the mirror was unobstructed.

Every sensation in her body became magnified, consuming her until nothing existed except the building of an intense orgasm. She tried to pull back from it, terrified of a place she’d never been before but needing to go there. Her body welcomed it while her mind did battle with it. A fine sheen of sweat covered her and she labored for each breath.

“Don’t fight it.” His voice was dark and seductive. “Go with it. Just let it come.”

Without warning the orgasm broke over her, a violent lifting and tossing, waves of sensation buffeting her body, hurling her about and pounding at her with frightening intensity. Spasms shook her beyond her control. Her blood was hot. No—cold. No—hot.

He moved one hand to press down on her abdomen and hold her in place as her body gave itself over to the orgasm. “Watch,” he commanded. “Don’t take your eyes off it.”

Taylor wanted to throw her head back and scream with the ecstasy of it, but he forced her to watch the mirror. She saw the walls of her pussy grip his fingers, pulse against them and liquid pour from her into his hand. His eyes focused on her face, watching, maybe gauging the strength of her spasms. At the peak of them, he pushed harder inside her and his fingers scraped the sensitive spot that sent her tumbling again, a toy in the wind that was consuming her.

He kept his fingers inside her sheath, stroking the still quivering flesh until the last aftershock had died away. When he removed them, he brought them up to his mouth and carefully licked each one. His dark eyes glittered. “Sweet cream, little girl. Very sweet.”

Moving the mirror out of the way, he also shifted until he was lying beside her. He pulled her against his body, her own still shivering from her climax. He rubbed her back, his big hands gentling her and holding her as her breathing returned to some semblance of normal.

This had to have been the most insane thing he’d ever done. What in the hell am I doing here? He had no business in this hotel room with this particular woman. Shooting would be too good for him.

He wasn’t a man who let his cock lead him around. Far from it. And passion was a forbidden emotion in his life. The past had taught him what a trap that could be. He had an itch and he scratched it. When he’d satisfied his sexual needs, he was always up front with the women he took to bed. Expect nothing, he told them. He had nothing to give.

Yet here he was, unable to pull himself away from this woman who made him feel things long dead and buried. A woman he had no business being with in the first place.

Considering her age, she was surprisingly untutored, but fire bloomed beneath the alabaster skin and flared in her emerald-green eyes. Her lack of experience was as much of a turn-on as the woman herself. With each response he drew from her, his own body reacted.

His eyes devoured her nudity, imprinting the image of her on his mind. She was a miniature Rubens come to life, all lush curves and voluptuous flesh. Breasts that fit nicely into the palms of his hands. Hips and thighs a man could feast on. Her skin so soft and satiny that touching it made his blood heat and his cock throb.

She didn’t trim or wax her pubic hair and he wondered what that tempting cunt would look like totally naked. His cock bobbed as visions of the sight shot through his brain.

Unreasonable anger clawed at him, resentment at the woman for making him feel things when he wanted this to be nothing more than an act of physical satisfaction. Bitterness that he couldn’t turn away from her, drawn by the tug and pull of an invisible thread she unknowingly exerted on him. He knew that anger had made him behave appallingly, but he couldn’t seem to do anything else.

If only he’d had the strength to walk away before things had gotten this far. But he hadn’t had it then, nor did he have it now. Instead, he’d sought to make her despise him by using crude words and forcing her into things like the mirror trick. His sexual tastes and habits were far beyond anything Taylor Scott had ever experienced. Of that he was sure. The women he took to bed knew what he was about and what he expected. They weren’t neophytes who could be frightened away.

And she would be if this ever went anywhere, if he let things get out of hand again. Taylor Scott was not into the type of sexual games he was. Nor was she the type of woman a man took to bed for a quick fuck. He knew the unlocking of her sexuality tonight had been a reaction to the chaos in her life. Certainly, no one knew it better than he did. She deserved someone who would seduce her and cajole her, unwrapping each layer with care and attention. He was bombarding her, assaulting her senses to drive her away.

He had his reasons. This woman could reach beneath the surface if he let her and that was not an acceptable option. He had to put emotional space between them. Get his famous control back. When tonight was over, this needed to take up residence in the back of his mind, not tempt him to find her again, strip off her clothes and fuck her senseless.

Or admit the duplicity that he was hiding from her, a truth sure to provide even more fuel for her anger.

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