Corporate Wolves/C2 The Favour: Chapter Two
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Corporate Wolves/C2 The Favour: Chapter Two
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C2 The Favour: Chapter Two

Annabelle didn’t think three hours had ever passed so slowly in her life. Being with the two men who haunted every dream she had in the small confines of a car was torture.

When Matt slowed and pulled off the highway, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Almost there,” he told her, looking into the rear view mirror at her.

She smiled and nodded. They’d had good conversation, but every once in a while, it would stall because she was thinking about his mouth and how it would feel on her. Or Trevor’s on hers while Mac licked and sucked on her breasts.

She wanted to ask if they’d be alone or if they would have other company, but she wasn’t sure how to say it without sharing her thoughts. If they had a woman there, than she would just stay in her room the entire time.

Ten minutes after pulling off the highway, they came to a gated community. A security guard waved from a stand as the gates opened. Both men waved back and they drove the vehicle through. Annabelle even managed to send him a smile. A weekend house that was in a gated community? She knew her boss had money but…wow.

“My house is in the back of the territory.” He pointed ahead.

“Territory?” She had never heard it put that way.

“Community.” He shrugged. “Trevor and I grew up here, and everyone is pretty friendly.”

They grew up here? Then that would mean that their family…

Trevor finished her thought for her. “My parents and sister still live here along with other extended family. Mac’s too.”

Annabelle was pretty sure she paled and was glad to be looking out the window so Trevor couldn’t see. It sounded like a pretty big family. Not having a family at all, Annabelle was more nervous about possibly meeting them than her sexual attraction to the men— almost.

“You’ll meet them all tomorrow.”

She swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded. Maybe she could just stay in her bedroom all weekend and hide from everyone.

Trevor could feel the unease in Annabelle as he spoke about his family. Brushing it off as meeting-the-parents jitters, he pointed to the house up on the right. “That’s it.”

Annabelle sucked in a breath, and he smiled. They had the house built when he sold his first company and went to work with Mac. It was his pride and joy. He couldn’t wait until they found their mate and spent more time there instead of the city.

Mac pulled in front of the house, and Trevor noticed immediately that his mother had been by. Fresh flowers sprinkled were along the walk that hadn’t been there last month.

Getting out of the car, he turned and opened Annabelle’s door for her. Her mouth had dropped open as she stared up with wide eyes.

“This is it,” Mac told her as he came around her car.

She turned to look at him. “This is your weekend house?”

He shrugged and looked over at Trevor. “It’s ours. Come on and look around.”

Trevor took a deep breath, bringing in the woods, the water, all the sounds and smells he had grown up with teasing his senses. A were-shifter, especially a wolf, needed a pack. It had been hard to move away from his family, but necessary.

He turned back towards Annabelle. She looked beautiful standing in the driveway, the wind pulling strands of her blonde hair from the twist she had it in. His fingers itched to let her hair fall and feel it over his body.

Plenty of time for that, he told himself and tried to will his body under control.

“Behind us is a small creek. The water is too cold now to swim in, but in the summer, it’s wonderful,” Mac interrupted his thoughts.

Trevor looked over at him and received a heated look from Mac, showing him that his lover knew what had been inside his mind.

Annabelle turned, and Trevor felt his cock jump as she licked her lips. “It’s beautiful here.”

“It is. I like getting away from the city. Coming here reminds me of the important things,” Trevor agreed.

She nodded and looked towards the house.

“Let’s show you inside. I’ll come back for our bags.” Trevor placed a hand on the small of her back and felt electricity through his fingertips. She gasped, proving she wasn’t unaffected either.

Unlocking the front door, Trevor was glad his mother had aired out the house. The scent of the outside drifted through the large space.

“It has three bedrooms, all upstairs. Down here, we have the living room, dining room, kitchen, and a gym.” He didn’t want to stop touching her so he twined his fingers around hers as he showed her around. He felt his heart swell with hope when she didn’t pull her hand from his.

“Feel free to make yourself at home,” Mac said from behind them.

Annabelle looked back at him as she finally pulled her hand from Trevor’s. “Thank you. But if you show me the guest room, I’ll unpack and then go to work.”

Trevor didn’t want her to. He wanted to take her upstairs and spend hours worshipping her body, and he knew Mac did too. But she needed time to get comfortable with them.

After showing Annabelle the bathroom where she could wash up, Trevor left her in the guestroom. Between the two of them, the men grabbed all of the bags in one load. Their briefcases were left on the kitchen table along with Annabelle’s bag, and the men’s weekend bags were dropped in the room they would be sharing. She had a lot of surprises in store for the weekend, Trevor thought, chuckling to himself.

“She shouldn’t be in the guest room,” Mac complained as he unpacked his bag.

Trevor looked over at him. “Hopefully she won’t be there long.”

“We could just tell her. Lay it all out and see how she reacts.”

Trevor walked slowly to his frustrated man and wrapped his arms around him from behind. “And she will run for the nearest town.”

Mac sighed, and Trevor moved his hands down the other man’s chest. “I’ll take care of you until she can join us.”

Mac turned his head and nibbled Trevor’s neck. “Now?”

Trevor would love nothing better than bend Mac over the bed and shove his dick inside, but he knew that Annabelle would start wandering the house. “Soon,” he promised.

Mac groaned, but stepped out of his embrace. “Okay, then let’s go find our girl.”

Annabelle stood with her back to the door, looking out the window down into the lake when Trevor stepped into the guestroom.

Silently, he moved forward and placed her bag on the bed. Once behind her, he once again had to touch her.

Gently he clasped his hands on her shoulders and pressed against her back. “At night you can see the moon shine and the stars from the window. It is a beautiful sight.”

She trembled under his touch before turning. “I can imagine.”

Trevor dropped his eyes to her mouth. He wanted to taste her, to dive in and steal her breath, to know the woman intimately.

Before he realised what he was doing, he was leaning down, his mouth inches from hers.

“Mr. King.” Her soft voice barely penetrated through.

“Trevor. Call me Trevor. And Mr. McCoy is Mac,” he told her as he held her eyes. “Those are our names and I want to hear them from your lips.

“Trevor,” she whispered, the need evident in her voice.

His control snapped, and he covered her mouth with his. She moaned and moved up to her toes, wrapping her arms around his neck. Trevor thrust his tongue inside as his senses were assaulted. She tasted like honey as her mouth moved under his.

He pressed his hands against her back and brought her closer, and he knew she would be able to feel his arousal. His lips left her mouth and travelled down her neck. She moaned again as he licked the sensitive skin.

Mac called for them from downstairs, breaking the mood, and they moved apart. Her well kissed lips pressed together as she pushed the hair away from her face

Trevor ran his fingers over her cheek as she looked anywhere but at him. “Why don’t you change into something more comfortable, and I’ll go down and help Mac with dinner.”

She nodded once and grabbed her bag from the bed before closing herself into the bathroom.

Shaking his head, Trevor headed to the kitchen. He was in the mood for red meat. And Annabelle would need her strength to keep up with him.

When he walked into the kitchen, Mac stood with his arms crossed over his chest. “You kissed her,” he accused.

Trevor took long strides to him. “Only so I could share her taste with you.” He grabbed Mac’s head and thrust his tongue inside his mouth.

Mac rubbed his body against him until Trevor drew away. “Damn, I’m hard,” he told Mac, leaning his forehead against the top of Mac’s head.

Mac chuckled and turned back towards the stove. “Nothing you don’t deserve. And since you got to kiss her first, I get to fuck her first.”

Trevor growled. He didn’t like that idea at all.

Annabelle walked down the stairs with her fingers on her lips. Never had she been kissed like that. Trevor’s mouth had been so powerful, demanding, and erotic that she had almost lost it. If just kissing him had felt like that, what would making love to him feel like?

Not that she was going to, but she could dream. She wasn’t certain who had kissed whom but didn’t think it mattered. He seemed to enjoy it just as much as she had.

But she did feel guilty as she made her way quietly to the kitchen. She had a pretty good idea if it had been Mac who had been up there she would have kissed him.

Stepping into the kitchen, she stopped in her tracks. Mac was bent over the oven giving her the prefect view of his ass. And what an ass it was. She wanted to sink her teeth into it. But instead Trevor was rubbing it and then between Mac’s legs.

She gasped which had both men turning towards her. Annabelle immediately tried to look away although she really wanted to continue to watch them. She hoped they would touch again. The two men together was perhaps the hottest thing she had ever seen. She wasn’t disgusted like she would have thought; instead, she was incredibly turned on.

“Busted,” Trevor said, smiling and wrapping his arm around Mac’s shoulders.

Mac rolled his eyes. “You’ll have to excuse him. He likes shocking people.”

Annabelle nodded—she was certainly shocked. They were gay, and she hadn’t even had a clue. Then another thought struck her. If they were gay, then why had Trevor kissed her? Unless he hadn’t and she had confused fantasy with reality.

She laughed out loud at her last thought. Even she couldn’t have dreamt that kiss.

Trevor lifted an eyebrow, and his lips quirked. “Are you laughing at us?”

She shook her head but had to cover her mouth with her hand as another giggle escaped.

They stalked towards her, and Annabelle got the impression of predators stalking prey. Of course that would make her the prey. Trevor stopped right before his body touched hers while Mac moved behind her.

“I’m not sure if I should be relieved that you’re comfortable enough with us that you’re laughing or insulted.” Trevor’s voice dropped low and she pressed her thighs together.

“I’m not laughing at you,” she told him, shaking head. “I just never would have guessed. It came as a surprise.

“Oh, we have much more than that to surprise you with.” He moved and pressed into her, crushing her against the body at her back.

He kissed her again, and after only a second, she kissed him back. Then she felt another pair of lips at the back of her neck. Oh God. She had both of them. Two hot men who were touching her.

“Do you like that?” Trevor asked against her lips. “Both of us touching you?

Of course she did! But these were her bosses. She couldn’t be doing this with them. She felt Mac press his erection against her bottom and had to bite her lip to keep from moaning.

“Do you?” Trevor asked again, his eyes flashing as he demanded she answer.

“Yes,” she whispered, afraid to admit it out loud.

Mac growled from behind her before she was spun around, his mouth suddenly covering hers.

Where Trevor had demanded, Mac coaxed her response. She found herself leaning into him until strong hands gripped her hips from behind.

“Mac. Trevor.” She panted their names as she tore his mouth away.

It was Mac who answered. “Hmm?”

“You have to stop kissing me.” She couldn’t take much more before she was screaming for one or both to take her.

He stilled and looked into her eyes. “Why? I know you want me. You want Trevor. Your body tells us that and more.”

“I…it’s not right.”

Again, she was spun around, but this time she was facing Trevor, and he didn’t look happy. “What’s not right?”

Putting her hand on his chest, she tried to put distance between them. She didn’t budge him an inch. “You’re my bosses.”

Relief flooded his face as she said it.

“So?” Trevor said as he sent her another heated look.

“So I have to work for both of you after this weekend. It would…complicate things.”

“Complicate things?” he repeated.

She nodded.

He surprised her by lightly kissing her before he released her. Mac kissed her cheek and started back to the oven. Annabelle blinked at them, confused.

“This isn’t casual,” Trevor told her, taking her arm and leading her to the table. “Have a seat and I’ll get you some wine.

Mac watched as Annabelle sipped her glass of wine from his position in the kitchen. She had changed into a T-shirt and a loose pair of cotton pants. He knew deep down that she belonged with him and Trevor. All they had to do was convince her.

“So you two are partners?” she asked as Trevor walked across the kitchen to the fridge and handed him a beer.

Mac frowned as he checked the steaks and potatoes, unsure how to explain it.

Trevor’s laugh echoed through the room. “All the questions you could ask and that’s the one you come up with?”

Mac looked back over at Annabelle as she blushed so he elbowed Trevor in the ribs.

“Oh honey I wasn’t laughing at you.” Trevor set his beer on the counter and walked towards her. As he sat in the chair next to her, Mac relaxed. Trevor would know what to say to her.

“Yes, we are partners, but we are looking for someone else. A woman who will complete us.”

Annabelle looked from Trevor to him, and Mac nodded in agreement.

“You want me to complete you?” she asked, and Mac didn’t like the panic that showed on her face.

“It’s a little more complicated than just a sexual relationship,” Mac informed her, wanting to tell her the truth. He caught Trevor’s eyes, but his lover shook his head. Mac sighed, but winked at Annabelle. “Which we will explain later because dinner’s ready.”

Mac set the plates down in front of her and Trevor before going back and getting his own and both men’s beer. Trevor topped off her glass of wine then they sat around the table together.

As they ate, she kept looking from one to the other. Mac wanted to say something to put her at ease, but he didn’t know what would and what would upset her more.

While he thrived in the corporate world, he was content to let Trevor handle the things at home. It was one of the things that made them the perfect team.

When Trevor started a casual conversation with her about the company, Mac listened while he ate, closing his eyes at the sound of their voices as they mixed. When he opened his eyes Trevor was staring at him.

“You okay?” Trevor asked, looking at him with a funny look on his face.

Mac picked up his beer and tilted towards him in a salute. “Perfect.”

Annabelle pushed her plate away. “I’ll clean up before we start to work.”

“Work?” Trevor asked looking completely confused.

Mac kicked him under the table.

“Yes. The files you wanted me to look at.” Her eyes narrowed as she glanced between them. “There are files to look at?”

Trevor leant back in his chair and laced his fingers behind his head. “Okay, you caught us. We lied.”

Her mouth dropped open. “You lied!”

Mac could see this conversation going down hill fast. “We needed to get you out of the city…” he tried to explain.

She jumped out of her chair, and it fell back onto the floor. “Get me out of the city and what… seduce me?”

He didn’t answer right away. Because that had been exactly their plan. That and they had to be here for tomorrow’s full moon. “Kind of.”

Her face flushed red. “Kind of? You lied to me.”

Trevor stood and started to come around the table.

“Oh no, you don’t.” She pointed a finger at him. “You just stay over there.”

“Annabelle, that’s not the only reason.” Mac stood also.

“How would I know that?” Her voice rose, surprising him. He had never known her to raise it before.

“I’m telling you…”

She fisted her hands at her sides. “How do I know you’re not lying again?” With that she turned on her heel and stomped out of the room.

Trevor whistled at her exit. “Boy, do we have a spitfire.”

Mac glared at him and started to go after her.

“No, let her cool off,” Trevor told him softly.

Mac could hear the worry in Trevor’s voice but that didn’t stop the anger he felt. They had waited so long to claim Annabelle. And he was scared to death of losing her. He couldn’t tell Trevor that though.

“That was stupid,” Mac complained and grabbed the dirty dishes off the table. Dumping them in hot water, he felt Trevor move up behind him.

“Well, we did lie to her. Give her time and she’ll settle down.”

“What if she doesn’t?” Mac shared his fear. “We’ve waited for so long. What if she decides she doesn’t want us?”

Trevor’s talented hands moved to his shoulders and started to rub out the tension. “Not going to happen. Just give it time.”

Mac leant against the other man. “I’m tired of waiting. I knew she was the one the day I interviewed her.”

“Come on.” Trevor grabbed his hand and pulled him to the back door.

“Where are we going?”

“We’ll take a quick run and relax you. It will give her time to cool down also.” Trevor opened the back door and pushed him out.

Reluctantly, Mac followed him down the deck steps. “A quick run, then I want to talk to her.”

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