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C1 Wu Family Youth

Chapter one – The Youth of Wu Family

Tianfeng Empire, Xin Si City, Wu Family.

"Nine-star of Yellow Grade!"

The four yellow words on the Star Evaluation Monument caused the cyan-robed youth's eyes to narrow. The cyan-robed youth was about fifteen or sixteen years old. He was tall and straight, with a pretty face and clear eyes like stars.

At this time, cyan-robed youth stiffly retracted his palm, held it in his sleeves, and pierced his fingernails deep into his hand while still being unconscious of the pain.

"Wu Hui, fifteen years old, Nine-star of Yellow Grade, unqualified!"

The third elder, who was in charge of the test, announced the results indifferently. As expected, the moment he said those words, the surrounding crowd burst into an uproar of ridicule.

"Haha! As I expected, this piece of trash is still standing at the same place! "

"Tsk tsk, what a pity. The genius from back then has now fallen in such a way. He should now become an peripheral disciple of the clan."

"That may not be so, anyway, his father is the Patriarch? But after seven years of no progress, the Patriarch won't be able to protect him this time. "

"This is truly disgraceful to Patriarch."


The sounds of ridicule and ridicule from the crowd grew louder and louder until they finally became unbridled.

Boom! *

A loud noise came from the high platform, attracting everyone's attention. The cyan-robed youth's gaze turned to the high platform at the same time. His expression darkened, his eyes glimmered with tears and his mouth pursed.

"Father, I'm sorry!"

The youth muttered to himself as he turned around and walked towards the back of the crowd.

On the high platform, a seemingly thirty-something middle-aged man sat in the center. He had a resolute expression on his face, with eyebrows that reached the temples, and yet, gray hair could already be seen on his temples. At this moment, the teacup in his hand had already turned into a pile of powder. Her gaze was filled with love, pity, and a trace of unwillingness as he watched the youth who was walking towards back of the crowd.

This man was Wu Hui's father, Wu Haiya, Patriarch of the Wu Family.

Wu Hui walked to the back of the crowd. This was where the disciples who had completed their tests were located, and was already divided into two parts. One part was qualified disciples, the other part was unqualified disciples.

Actually, the majority of them were unqualified, because the test criteria for Wu Family disciples were that they would pass once they reached the Profound Grade by the age of fifteen. This standard was not low in the Wu Family. In the annual examination, only less than half people could reach this standard at the age of fifteen. Everyone else was assigned to the family estate.

But the Wu Family's assessment was aimed at all disciples under the age of fifteen, including those who had just started cultivating the Martial qi, they were only children of six or seven years old. Wu Hui stood in the middle of this group of children who were one or two heads shorter than him, his eyes filled with depression, he turned his eyes and recalled days before.

He cultivated Qi at three years old and reached the Nine-star of Yellow Grade at eight years old, he was once praised as the genius of the Wu Family. If he could break through Yellow Grade and reach the Profound Grade before the age of ten, there might be an Innate Expert in Wu family. An Innate Expert was a powerful existence in the entire Tianfeng Empire.

Everyone in the clan had placed their hopes on Wu Hui.

When he was nine years old and had yet to break through, his family was still full of confidence.

At the age of ten, he failed to break through. Although the family was slightly disappointed, they still gave their full support to the birth of a strong person.

When he was eleven years old, aside from his own father, no one else had any confidence in Wu Hui. If he were to break through Profound Grade at the age of twelve, although he would still be extraordinary, he would not be worthy of the clan's great effort in nurturing him.

When he was twelve years old and did not break through, the family gave up completely. His father continued to support him, and under his father's influence, the family's cultivation resources were still provided to him according to the standards of a core disciple.

When he was thirteen and had yet to break through, his name of “trash” rang out. His father was infuriated and severely punished those who had insulted him. For a time, no one brought up the word "trash" anymore, it was just that the clan disciples were becoming more and more dissatisfied with Patriarch's practice.

When he was fourteen, he still did not break through. His father went to various large cities in Tianfeng Empire, searching for a solution to his problems, but in the end, he had instead returned with heavy injuries. His strength had dropped from an 8-star heaven grade warrior to his Three-star of Heaven Grade, and at the same time his strength had plummeted, his prestige had also plummeted. Even his position as the patriarch was shaken.

And now, Wu Hui was fifteen years old and was still at Nine-star of Yellow Grade. According to the rules of the Wu Family Clan, if one was not able to reach the Profound Grade Realm at the age of fifteen, the adult age, then his cultivation resources would be cancelled, becoming an peripheral disciple who would take care of the businesses of the Wu Family, and the resources would be used to nurture other disciples with greater potential.

Was it because Wu Hui wasn't working hard?

This was definitely not the case. Wu Hui woke up at least two hours earlier than the others every day, and slept at least two hours later than them. Every day, his training was much more intense than other disciples. However, no matter how hard Wu Hui tried, the barrier of Profound Grade that was obstructing him was unable to be broken, and the reason was unknown.

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