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Samke possessed a strong body and innate strength. In battle with other races, Samke could easily defeat their own enemies. However, as the humans started to train their Dou Qi, the human soldiers' fighting strength increased day by day. Relying on their absolute advantage in numbers, the human army defeated the Samke army again and again.

This was also the origin of the Samke Wasteland's name. Samke, who had once been strong, was now forced to hide within a stretch of Samke Wasteland after being defeated by humans. However, the Samke who had lost control of the world was not willing to lose. Every day, there would be an army from the Samke entering the Brilliant Empire at the border to plunder and plunder. Every year, there would be an army of Brilliant Empire that would enter the Samke Wasteland to hunt and kill the Samke.

In the training grounds of the Brilliant Empire Battle-ax family, a young man was constantly practicing the bow and arrows in his hands. When the young man aimed the bow and arrow at the center of the target, the other middle-aged man clapped his hands and laughed, "Chen Jianshan, good shot."

Hearing the middle-aged man's words, Chen Jianshan laughed bitterly and said: "Zheng Haoyu, this kind of flattery has no meaning to me." Zheng Haoyu was Chen Jianshan's bodyguard, and also Chen Jianshan's archery teacher. Zheng Haoyu was captured while Chen Jianshan's father was fighting the enemy.

However, because Zheng Haoyu possessed astonishing martial arts skills, Chen Huaping finally spared Zheng Haoyu's life and allowed Zheng Haoyu to become his third son's, Chen Jianshan's, guard. But towards this decision, Chen Huaping felt extremely regretful. Zheng Haoyu had a slight understanding of archery, and thus became Chen Jianshan's mentor in archery. And it was precisely because of the existence of Zheng Haoyu that Chen Jianshan began to be deeply infatuated with the archery technique.

At this time, Chen Huaping also walked behind Chen Jianshan, and said indifferently, "Chen Jianshan, your archery skills are really not bad." Hearing his words, Chen Jianshan immediately turned and bowed. "Thank you, father." I wonder if your Battle-ax's usage is as excellent as your bow and arrow? " Chen Huaping asked coldly.

"Father, I have always been practicing archery, so the training of the Battle-ax was a little sluggish." Chen Jianshan explained. Slacking? But I heard that you never practice Battle-ax. Chen Jianshan, tell me, why did our clan get the title of the Battle-ax Clan? "

Hearing Chen Huaping's words, Chen Jianshan directly said, "This is because we possess the inherited axe technique. And our Battle-ax Clan has used the Battle-ax in our hands to give countless military merits to His Majesty the Emperor. " That's right, because in our family, all the men can make a good Battle-ax. But Chen Jianshan, tell me, can someone who can't use Battle-ax s be called a man of the Battle-ax family? " Chen Huaping asked coldly.

"No." Although Chen Jianshan knew that using Battle-ax was his mission, he had a natural preference for bows and arrows. Although Chen Jianshan had also trained in Battle-ax before, when the Battle-ax was in Chen Jianshan's hands, it felt like a giant mountain, not like a bow at all, but more like a part of Chen Jianshan's body.

Hearing Chen Jianshan's words, Chen Huaping said furiously, "I like Battle-ax the most, because I can use Battle-ax s to fight in close quarters battles with enemies. I don't need to be like those archers who would cowardly hide behind and ambush your enemies. Chen Jianshan, you are the shame of our Battle-ax family. Before you, when anyone from the Brilliant Empire mentioned our Battle-ax s, they were filled with respect. "

"But now, when people talk about the Battle-ax family, there will be people who say, look, there are still cowards in the Battle-ax family that can't use Battle-ax. This so called Battle-ax family is already beginning to decline. Chen Jianshan, the Battle-ax family has given you wealth and honor, but what you have brought to the clan is humiliation that cannot be washed away. "

At this time, Zheng Haoyu explained and said, "Master Chen Huaping, when young master Chen Jianshan was fifteen years old, he was able to use a bow and arrow to hunt ferocious beasts." When I was fifteen years old, I could kill a tiger with the Battle-ax in my hands, not kill a tiger while hiding behind my back. " Chen Huaping mercilessly cut off Zheng Haoyu's words.

"Chen Jianshan, your two elder brothers and I have earned military merits for the Empire from this expedition. Furthermore, His Majesty also bestowed a piece of territory to our Battle-ax family with our Samke Wasteland. I've thought about it, you can inherit this territory. "

"Master Chen Huaping," Zheng Haoyu said worriedly. Young Master Chen Jianshan is only twenty years old this year, isn't it too dangerous to enter the Samke Wasteland? " Zheng Haoyu, are your words sarcastic towards our Battle-ax family? When I was twenty, I had long since followed the Empire's army and fought in the Samke Wasteland. Since you are worried about Chen Jianshan's safety, then you can go with him. " Chen Huaping said impatiently.

After he finished speaking, Chen Huaping looked at Chen Jianshan and said, "Chen Jianshan, go to the Samke Wasteland. With that, Chen Huaping ignored Chen Jianshan and turned to leave. Looking at Chen Huaping's leaving figure, Zheng Haoyu helplessly said, "Sir Chen Huaping's decision is really too crazy. How could he throw his son inside the Samke Wasteland? "

"I am not his son. At the very least, in Chen Huaping's heart, I am not his son." Chen Jianshan shrugged his shoulders and said. Chen Jianshan, your words are really too much. How can you say such things about your own father? " Obviously, Zheng Haoyu thought that it was because he was angry that Chen Jianshan said those words.

But Chen Jianshan laughed bitterly and said, "Zheng Haoyu, these are not my angry words. "Do you know my mother?" Your mother? I heard that she passed away from illness a dozen years ago. I've never seen your mother, nor have I heard anything about her. " Zheng Haoyu shook his head and said.

Hearing Zheng Haoyu's words, Chen Jianshan said somewhat painfully, "This is an old story of our Battle-ax family, and it is strictly forbidden to speak carelessly about it. One of my mother's female servants told me about this later. " So it turned out that Chen Jianshan's mother and a guard of the Battle-ax family were having an affair. Coincidentally, this guard also used a bow and arrow.

In this world, there was no wall that did not leak out wind. In the end, the matter between Chen Jianshan's mother and this guard was still known by Chen Jianshan's father, Chen Huaping. And in his fury, Chen Huaping had killed the guard with his own hands, and also ordered Chen Jianshan's mother to be executed in secret.

And from that time onwards, Chen Huaping started to suspect that Chen Jianshan was not his own flesh and blood. Although Chen Jianshan had grown up day by day, Chen Jianshan suddenly liked to use his bow and arrow, while the Battle-ax s that the clan used were Battle-ax s. And Chen Jianshan's actions undoubtedly caused Chen Huaping to believe even more firmly that Chen Jianshan was not his own flesh and blood.

However, this kind of matter was a huge humiliation to the Battle-ax family, so Chen Huaping naturally could not tell anyone else. However, from then on, Chen Huaping was filled with hostility towards Chen Jianshan. Because of military merits, Chen Huaping, who fought for the Empire, obtained a territory bestowed to him by the Emperor of Brilliant Empire.

Every two years, the Brilliant Empire would recruit Samke s within it. Therefore, there were many nobles within the Brilliant Empire that had territories bestowed to them by the Emperor of Brilliant Empire s. However, regarding the harsh weather and the Samke Wasteland that was at the same time filled with Samke, not a single noble had the interest to develop it.

But this time, Chen Huaping was an exception to the Brilliant Empire. In Chen Huaping's opinion, he had given the Samke Wasteland's territory to Chen Jianshan to inherit. Then, after Chen Jianshan had entered the Samke Wasteland, the Samke would definitely entertain him well. And Chen Jianshan died in the hands of the Samke, to the Battle-ax Clan. It was also the best ending.

Hearing Chen Jianshan's words, Zheng Haoyu couldn't help but feel chills down his spine. "Looks like this time, Master Chen Huaping really wants you to die inside the Samke Wasteland." Yeah, it's also good if we don't go to the Samke Wasteland. There were only Samke there, and no power struggle within the Brilliant Empire. Even though the Samke's attacks are dangerous, they come from the open. And in the Battle-ax family, I have to constantly release attacks that come from the shadows. In comparison, I actually prefer Samke Wasteland. " Chen Jianshan said with a smile.

Chen Huaping told Chen Jianshan this afternoon that they would leave tomorrow morning to inherit the Battle-ax's clan's territory in the Samke Wasteland. Naturally, it was not like letting Chen Jianshan bid farewell to his relatives in the Battle-ax family. And under Chen Huaping's guidance, the young people of the Battle-ax family also treated Chen Jianshan as a humiliation to their family, as they were not willing to interact too much with him.

Towards these relatives that were incomparably cold to him, Chen Jianshan did not have the nature to bid them farewell. And for Chen Jianshan, who was in a hurry, instead of bidding farewell to his family and relatives, it would be better to do some meaningful things, things that could possibly allow him to save his life within the Samke Wasteland.

So after Chen Huaping left, Chen Jianshan left his family's villa and arrived at a shabby looking tavern within the city. Just as Chen Jianshan entered the tavern, the tavern's owner shouted angrily, "Yang Shaofeng, you damned fellow! Do you know how much you owe me for the wine? " Hearing the tavern owner's words, Yang Shaofeng said indifferently, "I don't remember anymore. That way, wouldn't you be able to calculate some of my money? Give me another cup of pauper. "

"Don't even think about it, unless you give me back all the money you owe for the wine." The owner shook his head and said. [I owe you. When did I not pay for the liquor?] For war, as long as there is war, I will have money. " Yang Shaofeng said while smiling. It's true that you gave me back the money you owed me every time, but the day after you paid me back the money you owed me for the wine, you would be paying me back the money you owed me for the wine. "You damned mercenary, if you died in the war, who would I ask for the money for the wine?"

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