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"Now that everyone is here, can we begin?" Seeing that Zhu Bin and his son had taken their seats, the people in the conference room started to clamor again.

I'm sorry, I came a little late, but, Niece Su Meng, why did you gather us here, can you explain the matter to us now? Zhu Jiang still had a smile on his face, his squinted eyes made it impossible to see what he was thinking.

Su Meng opened her eyes once again and placed her arms on the conference table. Her fingers intertwined on the table as she supported her head with her chin, slowly saying: "This time, there's actually only one thing that I called everyone here for."

Saying that, Su Meng stopped, her cold eyes swept across everyone in front of him. As the shareholders, they frowned because Su Meng was looking at them, but because they were talking about proper business, they did not react.

Seeing everyone's reaction, Su Meng said again: "I have something here, take a look and then tell me what you think."

After saying that, Feng Feifei carried a huge pile of information and sent it to everyone, looking at the white folder in his hands, the directors all had confused expressions. After they finished looking at the documents in their hands, all of their faces turned extremely ugly, and finally, some people threw the documents in their hands onto the table.

Su Meng did not care about their expressions, she only looked at Zhu Jiang's face coldly. Zhu Jiang's expression could be said to be extremely rich, the smile from before had long disappeared, and was replaced with a face that was completely pale white, and perspiration that was no smaller than a drop of rain.

Zhu Jiang did not finish reading the document, his hands trembling as he closed the document, a look of despair in his eyes.

Feeling that it was about time, Su Meng turned to Zhu Jiang and said: "Vice Chairman Zhu, is there anything you want to say?"

After Su Meng's words fell, the entire board of directors burst into an uproar, and a few of the older shareholders immediately questioned Zhu Jiang: "Zhu Jiang, how could you do such a thing? One billion!

Zhu Jiang did not say a word, he only needed a glance at the documents in his hands to know that what was written was true. Ever since he found out that his family had been robbed yesterday, he knew that such a thing would happen, but he did not expect it to happen so quickly, so quickly that he did not even have time to prepare.

Seeing his father not saying anything, Zhu Bin became anxious and immediately shouted: "How is that possible? The thing on the document must be fake, someone is trying to frame us." Because of the wound on his face, Zhu Bin's words were unclear, but everyone present could understand his words.

"The police will judge whether the contents of the folder are real or fake!" Su Meng did not mind Zhu Bin's shouts at all. From start to finish, her expression had not changed, but her tone of voice was even colder.

Hearing Su Meng's words, Zhou Hao opened the door to the conference room, and at the same time, a few men dressed in the uniform of a police officer walked in. They did not care about the gazes of the others, and directly walked to Zhu Jiang's side and took out their documents, and said with force: "Mr. Zhu, we suspect that you have committed corruption and have secretly embezzled the funds, please follow us back to the police station to investigate."

Zhu Jiang did not resist, and did not even say a single word. He very obediently followed the police officers as they walked out of the room. Before leaving the meeting room, he gave Su Meng a deep look, and a smile unexpectedly flashed across his face.

Zhou Hao had seen all of these details clearly. He could not help but frown, as he was unable to understand exactly what this old fox meant.

After the police brought Zhu Jiang away, the entire room was filled with whispers, the shareholders were in a mess, "Quiet, I still have something to say." Su Meng stood up, looked at everyone present, and the moment her voice came out, the entire audience fell silent.

Seeing that no one said a word, Su Meng then spoke again: "This matter has given us a serious lesson, in the next month I will thoroughly investigate this matter, and this is also for everyone's benefit, so I hope for everyone's cooperation, enough, disperse the meeting." The imposing aura of the strong lady Su Meng was instantly released, and Feng Feifei, who was by her side, was instantly subdued, looking at Su Meng's back, her eyes were filled with stars.

Just as Su Meng had said, in the next month, she checked the entire company's situation and caught a lot of culprits, and because of corruption, Zhu Jiang was arrested for embezzling public funds. Zhu Bin was also ordered to resign because of his father's issue, in short, this purge had completely changed Hao Yu Group's blood.

However, these were not the things that Zhou Hao was concerned about. The only thing he was worried about was Su Meng's safety, and also the person who had investigated the culprit back then.

However, everything during this month was very normal. The killer from before had not appeared, and there was also the mastermind behind this. Zhou Hao thought that if he continued to take care of Zhu Jiang, that thug would make a move, but it was clear that the other party did not.

Suddenly, Feng Feifei ran out. She pulled Zhou Hao's hand and looked at him with her bright and clear eyes: "Luckily we made it in time, I thought you left!"

Zhou Hao looked at her strangely, "What are you doing!? "Why are you in such a hurry to find me?"

Feng Feifei nodded her head very quickly, and said quickly: "Brother Zhou Hao, you forgot, you promised me you would help me drive the car." Hearing Feng Feifei's words, Zhou Hao was stunned, only then did he remember that he had agreed to her request.

"Must it be now? But I still have to send Su Meng back! You can't choose another time? " Zhou Hao was very conflicted. He had not forgotten to protect Su Meng, especially at such a sharp point of time. She did not dare to make any mistakes, but he had indeed promised Feng Feifei that she would.

Just then, Feng Feifei revealed a fox-like smile, took out a key and twirled it in her hand, then said proudly: "Rest assured! When the time comes, she can just drive back by herself. Today, you belong to me. "

Hearing Feng Feifei's words, Zhou Hao became happy, he pretended to reveal a shy expression, his eyes moved up and down, going over Feng Feifei from head to toe multiple times, and said somewhat embarrassedly: "I don't have a girlfriend yet, what does it belong to you, it's not too good right?"

Zhou Hao's voice was not soft, every word was clearly heard by Feng Feifei, causing her to stamp her feet in anger. Her cherry lips slightly opened, revealing her pearl like teeth, as if she was about to bite them at any time. No, what was this!? Are you going to help me or not? "

Feng Feifei was so angry that her words were wrong. When she had reacted that Zhou Hao was deliberately toying with her, the other party had already burst out laughing, Feng Feifei pouted her lips, and her tender little hands continuously knocked on Zhou Hao's body.

"Alright, stop joking around." After fighting for a while, Zhou Hao stopped laughing, he grabbed Feng Feifei's hand and said seriously once again: "I can help you, but you have to say it yourself, I do not want to be criticised by the boss!"

Feng Feifei whose hand had been grabbed had a blush on her face, her eyes drooping a little, showing a shy look. Hearing that Zhou Hao had promised her, she instantly became extremely happy, and said excitedly: "No problem, Sister Su Meng can just look at me."

After the two of them finished discussing, they walked towards the garage. Su Meng was already waiting beside the Audi A8, but seeing Zhou Hao and Feng Feifei walking over, her face revealed a look of astonishment, looking at the two of them with a strange gaze.

Feng Feifei saw Su Meng from afar and she immediately ran over. She hugged Su Meng's arms and started to borrow her arms, but Zhou Hao did not mind what she said. Her eyes remained fixated on the two girls.

The two top beauties stuck closely to each other just like that. One of them was wearing an OL, while the other was black and the other was white. There was a huge difference in temperament between the two.

After finding out the reason from Feng Feifei, Su Meng did not object to it either. She nodded her head in agreement.

Hearing that Su Meng had promised her, Feng Feifei jumped in joy, as a smile that looked like a little girl appeared on his face. His well-developed chest curved at an angle, causing Zhou Hao to continuously swallow his saliva.

Of course, Su Meng didn't notice Zhou Hao's actions of 'watching the ball'. She was looking at Feng Feifei as if she was her little sister, her long frozen and expressionless face actually revealing a trace of gentleness. The strange feeling in her heart earlier had already been tossed to the back of her mind.

Although Su Meng didn't see it, Feng Feifei had clearly seen Zhou Hao's actions, but she wasn't angry, and instead held her chest up straight, a trace of confidence flashed across her eyes. Indeed, in terms of size, there were very few people who could compare to Feng Feifei, and this was also the reason why she was confident.

After handing the key to the Audi A8 over to Su Meng, Zhou Hao was still worried. He repeatedly reminded Su Meng to be careful and to call him whenever she had anything to do.

Zhou Hao watched the Audi A8 as it slowly walked away without moving. At this time, Su Fei Fei's clear voice entered his ears, "You're really good to Big Sister Su Meng, I'm a little envious of you. Hey, honestly, you can't have fallen for Big Sister Su Meng, right?"

Zhou Hao turned his head, and with a face filled with black lines, he looked at Feng Feifei, who had turned into a curious baby. This is my duty as a bodyguard, okay? Didn't you ask me to drive a car? "Let's go!"

With both hands covering his head that was knocked, he looked at Zhou Hao and snorted, showing his teeth, as though he was a little kitten that was about to bite him, it was extremely cute.

After getting on Feng Feifei's car, Zhou Hao lit up a cigarette, and carefully examined the surrounding of the car. There were pink furry toys everywhere, and the cute little girl was in front of him. He lazily said, "Alright, you should tell me where you're going now, right?"

Feng Feifei frowned, she snatched the cigarette from Zhou Hao's mouth, and threw it outside the carriage: "I hate it when you don't smoke in my car, come to my house first!"

"Let's go to your house first? I really don't understand. What are you trying to do? " Zhou Hao who was completely confused had no choice but to start the car, and according to Feng Feifei's guidance, they drove to a villa.

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