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A woman's soft and soft body didn't weigh much. Zhou Hao could clearly feel that the other party's body was definitely comparable to a woman like Feng Feifei. The faint fragrance from her body made Zhou Hao feel like he was about to be drunk.

"Ugh!" The woman in Zhou Hao's embrace humphed. It was obvious that she fell quite hard, even with Zhou Hao's body as a cushion.

That day, Zhou Xiaoqian received a very interesting project to interview Su Meng, the general manager of the top company in Jiangnan City, Hao Yu Group. Su Meng was Zhou Xiaoqian's idol, not mentioning how beautiful and rich she was, she yearned to have that kind of temperament of a strong woman.

Zhou Xiaoqian thought that she had really hit the jackpot, but she didn't know that this was the unlucky start. They finally settled down after being pestered by Su Meng for a long time, but she was late for work, and even had to face a leadership examination. She listened to the leader's nagging for an hour, and would have listened to it if it wasn't for Su Meng.

When Zhou Xiaoqian, who had finally escaped from hearing the Leader's nagging, heard that Su Meng was here, she was so excited that she immediately ran to the elevator. However, after waiting for a long time, she realised that the elevator actually broke.

She was on the top floor of the building, and from here to the reception room, she had to walk down more than 10 floors of stairs. Although Zhou Xiaoqian was not afraid of tiring, it was definitely enough of a waste of time.

But he had no choice, Zhou Xiaoqian could only run towards the stairs, and jogged along the stairs. Seeing that they were about to arrive, and that a tragedy was about to happen again, she tripped herself and flew down, but in the instant she flew down the stairs, Zhou Xiaoqian realized that she was dead for sure.

Zhou Xiaoqian who had her eyes closed tightly felt that she was flying in the air for a very long time, and had not landed even once.

Why doesn't it hurt? After a long while, Zhou Xiaoqian finally realised that the pain she had imagined did not come. At this time, a magnetic male voice reached her ear: "Beauty, are you alright?"

Her eyes trembled as she opened her eyes. A face that could not be considered handsome, yet had an imposing manner, appeared in front of her eyes. Looking at the other party's eyes, Zhou Xiaoqian was slightly stunned.

Although the other party was a beauty, Zhou Hao was speechless, because the woman seemed to have fallen so far.

He woke the woman up, but the other side saw that he had been in a daze. He tried to call out a few more times, but the other side did not respond.

Just as Zhou Hao was still thinking about whether or not he should send her to the hospital, the woman suddenly shouted, "Oh no, I'm going to be late again." The woman broke free from his embrace, ran a few steps forward, then stopped, turned around, thanked him, and hurried off again.

Zhou Hao looked at the woman who had disappeared, and his entire being seemed to be in a bad mood. He shrugged his shoulders helplessly, threw away the cigarette in his hand, and walked towards Su Meng.

Standing outside the studio, Zhou Hao once again saw the woman from before. He never thought that the woman would actually be the host, and only after asking the staff member beside him did he know that the woman's name was Zhou Xiaoqian.

She really was a beauty! Because he had been in a rush a moment ago, Zhou Hao did not pay much attention to Zhou Xiaoqian's appearance. Only now did he seriously size up's appearance.

Zhou Xiaoqian looked like a classical beauty. She had a standard oval face, two willow shaped eyebrows, and the corners of her eyes were slightly raised. The most obvious feature was that there was a pink mole in the middle of her forehead, but because her hair was covering it, Zhou Hao did not see it.

After finishing the recording, Zhou Hao took a bottle of water and walked over to Su Meng's side. Su Meng nodded her head in thanks as she received the bottle of water, but Zhou Xiaoqian, who was beside Su Meng, obviously recognized him. She was startled at first, but then exclaimed in shock: "It's you?"

When Su Meng heard Zhou Xiaoqian's voice, she looked at Zhou Hao suspiciously, as if she wanted to ask if the host was a person he was familiar with.

Zhou Hao then smiled and adjusted the flow towards Zhou Xiaoqian: "Beautiful girls, it seems that we are destined to meet again. We meet again, there's no need to be so anxious this time, right?"

Zhou Xiaoqian's face flushed a little as she said embarrassedly: "Um, I'm really sorry about that earlier, and thank you for saving me."

Zhou Hao waved his hand nonchalantly, he did not care about all these, he was just greeting them just now.

At this time, a man dressed in a black suit walked out, he walked to Su Meng's side as though there was no one around, he ruffled his glossy hair, took out a name card from his chest pocket and handed it over: "Manager Su, I am the Deputy Station Head Zhang Hua, and am very grateful to you for coming to participate in this shoot. This is my name card."

After saying that, the man called Zhang Hua shook off his glossy long hair, and upon seeing Zhang Hua, Zhou Xiaoqian revealed a look of disgust, while Zhou Hao who was beside Zhou Xiaoqian also looked at him speechlessly. "Is that for real?"

Hearing Zhou Hao's words, the originally scornful Zhou Xiaoqian revealed a smile of disdain. She said in a low voice: "This guy doesn't have much ability in the first place.

Hearing Zhou Xiaoqian's explanation, Zhou Hao had an expression that said "as expected". He looked at Su Meng and coincidentally, Su Meng happened to be looking at him as well. After saying that, she nodded towards Zhou Xiaoqian and prepared to leave.

"Hey, Miss Su, don't be in such a hurry to leave. It's almost time to eat. I want to treat you to a meal." Before Zhang Hua could finish speaking, Zhou Hao had already blocked his path.

He took the name card from Zhang Hua's hand and spoke sinisterly: "Deputy Station Head Zhang, your name card has already been accepted. Our Manager Su is still busy, so let's just forget about eating!"

Seeing that someone was blocking his way, Zhang Hua pushed forward without even looking at them, but the other party didn't move at all. Seeing that Su Meng was walking further and further away, he said with an exasperated expression, "Who are you, don't block his way, you ?"

Before he could finish, he saw Zhou Hao's savage expression and immediately swallowed the words he was about to say. He subconsciously took a few steps back. Seeing the other party's appearance, Zhou Hao laughed, and then turned to chase after the distant Su Meng.

Only then did Zhou Xiaoqian remember to not ask for the name of the person who saved her, and she immediately shouted out: "Hey, wait a moment, Sir, I still don't know your name, can you tell me your name?"

Zhou Hao did not turn back, but only casually said: "My name is Zhou Hao." Then, he followed Su Meng up the elevator.

In the car park, Zhou Hao who was about to drive away, suddenly realized that there was a problem with the car.

Without any means of transportation, Zhou Hao was just about to take a taxi with Su Meng, but suddenly, Zhou Xiaoqian walked past them. When she saw Zhou Hao and Yue Yang from afar, she walked over suspiciously, then looked at Zhou Hao and Su Meng: "Zhou Hao, Manager Su, you guys still haven't left?"

Zhou Hao helplessly pointed to the car behind him and said: "We did want to leave, but this guy went on strike, so we decided to take a taxi back."

"So it's like this, but now is the time for the taxi to turn around, it's very difficult to get on the train. How about this, I'll lend you my car, then you can pay me back when you're free." As he spoke, Zhou Xiaoqian took out his car key from his bag and brought it in front of Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao did not accept the key, and looked towards Su Meng, who was beside her, wanting her to make a decision. But Su Meng did not say anything, she only turned her head to the side, and Su Meng's attitude made Zhou Hao feel somewhat baffled.

However, before Zhou Hao could say anything, Zhou Xiaoqian shoved the key into Zhou Hao's hands: "That's right, what are you hesitating for, you saved my life no matter what, if you really don't want to see me then you can just treat me to a meal."

Zhou Hao did not know what to say, but in the end, he accepted Zhou Xiaoqian's help. After exchanging numbers, Zhou Xiaoqian turned and left.

After getting on the car, Su Meng, who was sitting in the back seat, looked outside and asked coldly: "Are you on good terms with that host?"

Not knowing why Su Meng would ask such a question, Zhou Hao roughly explained what happened to him on the stairs. After hearing the story, Su Meng softly said "oh" and no longer spoke, but her tone was not as cold as before.

After sending Su Meng to the company, Zhou Hao called Zhou Xiaoqian. He arranged a time to return the car and also agreed to have a meal with him.

The next day, Zhou Hao went to the Sichuan Cuisine that Zhou Xiaoqian had talked about. The decor of the restaurant was not bad, and there was a clamor of voices everywhere as he was brought in by the waiter to a first-rate room. Zhou Xiaoqian had long been sitting there.

Zhou Xiaoqian was a very friendly person, and Zhou Hao also seemed to be one of them, so the two of them started chatting very quickly.

The longer they chatted, the more interested Zhou Xiaoqian became in the man in front of him. Although her looks were not that outstanding, but she became more and more interesting the more she looked.

Zhou Xiaoqian who had seen too many famous people before, was sure that this man was not simple. Just as the two were chatting happily, a noisy voice came from beside her ears. Just then, the door to the room was pushed open by a few delinquent-like people.

Just then, the manager also rushed in, and said to Zhou Hao apologetically: "Apologies, Sir, these guests drank too much, we went into the wrong place, I will bring them out now." Seeing the group of people barging in, Zhou Xiaoqian's smiling face immediately turned cold, but seeing the manager's attitude, she was too lazy to care.

However, these lackeys were obviously here to cause trouble. The red-headed chicken that was standing right in front kicked the manager away and cursed: "You're the one that's f * cking drunk, are you looking for a beating?"

Zhou Hao frowned, he just knew that it was unfortunate. He did not understand, since he could always meet such a little rogue.

At this time, Zhou Xiaoqian said coldly: "It doesn't matter if you drank too much, immediately get out."

Hearing Zhou Xiaoqian's voice, the leader of the Chicken Feather laughed obscenely, "Oh, I didn't realize that there's a beauty here, tsk tsk, looks the same as that female host. If you look at her pretty face, it would definitely be fun to play with, wouldn't you brothers?"

After the people behind Chicken Feather heard this, they all laughed out loud, causing Zhou Xiaoqian's face to immediately turn red from anger, and she was unable to say a word.

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