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"Being able to promise Uncle Tang to let you stay in the villa is already the greatest amount of tolerance. I hope you can behave yourself and go out to play tonight. But it's best if it doesn't exceed 11 o'clock." Only god knew that when Zhou Hao came back yesterday, it was already around 3 in the morning.

Su Meng herself slept extremely lightly. Although Zhou Hao had already managed to sleep the lightest, she still woke her up when she was showering. She really didn't know where this man got so much energy from sleeping so late the next day. It seemed like she wouldn't only be staying at the company, but at home as well.

"Alright, I understand." Zhou Hao nodded his head. If the other members of the Shadow Special Forces saw that, they would probably be shocked to the point that their jaws would drop. Back then, the super soldier king who could cause the whole military area to go into chaos, the one who refused to be disciplined the most, actually listened to a woman's words so obediently that they wouldn't believe it even if they were beaten to death.

Zhou Hao had always blamed Su Meng's father's death on himself, so he was trying his best to accommodate Su Meng right now, so as to make up for the slight apologetic feeling in his heart. was truly not afraid of Su Meng, but rather, was most afraid of her, and was feeling guilty due to her mistake in the mission one year ago.

When he arrived at the bottom of Hao Yu Group, Su Meng got off the car and directly went inside the company. After stopping the car in the car park, Zhou Hao also walked in.

Haoyu Group was the largest foreign trade enterprise in Jiangnan City. It had a total of 18 floors and inside of it were all the employees of Haoyu Group. Just the shareholders alone numbered more than a dozen.

Su Meng's father, Su Haoyu, was also a shareholder of Haoyu Group. Not only that, she was the largest controlling shareholder, occupying over 60% of the shares.

After Su Haoyu died, this 60% of the shares would be taken over by Su Meng. Although on the surface she was only a general manager, she still held the capital and decision-making power of the entire Haoyu Group.

Amongst the other shareholders, Zhu Bin's father was second only to Su Meng in terms of shares and held a share of close to ten percent of the shares.

Zhou Hao had always thought that Su Haoyu's kidnapping was for some sort of business purpose. If it was an internal conflict within Hao Yu Group, then the most suspicious person would be Zhu Bin and his son.

After a month of investigation, he did find out some of the Zhu father and son's wrongdoings, but there was still no conclusive evidence that they were the masterminds behind the kidnapping and killing of Su Haoyu.

"Zhou Hao, you finally came. Quickly take a look at today's newspaper!" Just as he entered the executive office on the eighteenth floor, Feng Feifei pounced over with a black coloured work attire and excitedly shouted as he held a newspaper.

"What news can make you so excited? The headlines shouldn't be 'Amazing!'" So the female assistant Feng Feifei who is with the general manager of Hao Yu group is actually a transgender person? " Seeing Feng Feifei's excited expression, Zhou Hao could not help but burst out laughing.

"You dead Zhou Hao, you only know how to bully me, go die!" Feng Feifei rolled her eyes at Zhou Hao, then took the newspaper and leaned in front of Zhou Hao and whispered: "It's true that it's a shock, but it's true that the mysterious girlfriend of Hao Yu Group's Vice Chairman, Young Master Zhu Bin, is actually a girl! "Haha, that's too kind. I must thank this newspaper. Let's see how he will pester Sister Su Meng in the future. Hmph!"

As for this piece of news, it was already within Zhou Hao's expectations, but he still couldn't help but take the newspaper back. Indeed, the headline was all about Zhu Bin's mysterious girlfriend.

"Hehe, this time Suqian should be able to have some peace and quiet for a few days." Zhou Hao laughed, and turned his head to see Zhu Bin walking past Su Meng's door with an ashen face, but for the first time in history, he did not come in to greet him.

"Young Master Zhu, look, you're in the headlines!" Feng Feifei had obviously also seen Zhu Bin passing by, and shouted out loud, hoping that the world would be at peace.

After hearing Feng Feifei's words, Zhu Bin looked at her and Zhou Hao with extreme hatred, and quickened his pace to leave the place.

"What news headlines?" Seeing how excited Feng Feifei was, Su Meng couldn't help but get curious.

"Sister Su Meng, quickly take a look. It turns out that the pig-headed Bin who has been pestering you has an avatar lover. Hahaha, it was leaked by the newspapers!" Feng Feifei let go of Zhou Hao and turned to embrace Su Meng's arm, raising the newspaper in his hand up to her and said excitedly.

Although Su Meng and Feng Feifei's work was related to that of her subordinates, they were extremely good sisters in private. Thus, when there was no one else around, Feng Feifei could still act unbridled, so Su Meng didn't really care.

After reading the contents of the newspaper, Su Meng's expression did not change much, she still carried the same look of disgust and turned back to her work.

Feng Feifei curled her lips, made a face at Zhou Hao, and also got busy. Zhou Hao's job at the company was to protect Su Meng and secretly investigate all the suspicious figures within the group.

Just as he was about to move a chair to the side and drink some tea, the phone in his pocket suddenly rang. When he saw the caller ID, his face immediately turned gloomy.

"Hello." He took his phone and walked out into the corridor, and Zhou Hao pressed the answer button, his voice was frighteningly cold.

"Brother, Black Cat and I came to Jiangnan City." An excited and terrified voice came from the other side of the phone, but Zhou Hao's expression was even more frightening.

"Where are you?" After knowing the address, Zhou Hao hung up the phone. His resolute face was heavy, and his eyes were sharp like a bullet fired from a sniper rifle.

"Suqian, I need to go out first." Zhou Hao bid farewell to Su Meng and turned to leave.

Although there was a possibility of Su Meng being kidnapped and killed, she was still in the group during the day. No matter how bold the other party was, they wouldn't dare to act so brazenly, so Zhou Hao was more at ease.

"Zhou Hao, wait a moment, come with me to Jiang-Nan University in the afternoon. I have a talk there." Su Meng replied, he did not even raise his head, he was fully immersed in his work.

"Alright, I understand." Zhou Hao agreed and then turned around and left.

The phone call just now was from the 'Shadow' special forces team member Wild Dog, and it actually told Zhou Hao that he and the other member Black Cat had both come to the Jiangnan City, which made Zhou Hao feel that something was amiss.

Wild dog had the same nickname as himself, he was a complete madman. He never cared about consequences when doing things, and he even blindly worshiped Zhou Hao. He could understand why even the calmest black cat followed him when he was in the Jiangnan City this time around. Could it be that the Old Boss had given them some sort of mission?

With that in mind, Zhou Hao drove over to a lakeside that was ten minutes away from Hao Yu Group and saw a wild dog in casual clothes and a black cat in a black suit at first glance.

"Why are you guys here?" Zhou Hao got off the car, and after lighting up a cigarette, he asked slowly. If the two men couldn't give him a reasonable explanation, he promised to let them go to the hospital for three months.

When he had left the army, he had clearly said that if anyone followed him out, they would not show any mercy. For a wild dog to dare disobey his command, it must be out of the ordinary.

"Brother, if I told you that we were just passing through on a mission and wanted to see you, would you hit me?" A long scar extended from the left corner of his eye all the way to the right corner of his mouth. Half of his face was slanted with a buzz cut, making him look extremely frightening, but in front of Zhou Hao, he was as timid as a mouse.

Compared to the wild dog, the black cat was much more normal. It had a long face, but it did not utter a single word. However, on these days in Jiangnan City, he actually wore a very flat black suit, which was even more exaggerated than a wild dog.

"What do you think?" Hearing the wild dog's reply, the corner of Zhou Hao's eye twitched. He extinguished the cigarette in his hand and smiled cruelly at the two of them.

"Brother, stop messing around, I was wrong, don't attack!" Seeing Zhou Hao's situation, the wild dog immediately waved its hand, with its eyes filled with fear, it hurriedly said. Even the black cat, who never spoke and never showed any expression on its face, couldn't help but twitch its eyes and instantly leapt a distance of three meters away, pulling away from Zhou Hao.

"Speak, what are you doing here?" Zhou Hao returned to the side of the carriage and leaned on it, staring coldly at the two brothers who had followed him for three years.

"We were expelled by 'Shadow' and were forcibly discharged from the army." The wild dog simply sat on the ground and said with a pout.

"What!" Zhou Hao thought of a thousand reasons, but he never thought that in the end it would be like this, his voice instantly doubled.

"Black Cat and I beat Old Boss up and were kicked out of the army by the military court." The wild dog said casually. It did not look like it was feeling guilty at all. Instead, it felt that it was being reasonable and taking things for granted.

Zhou Hao's face distorted in anger, but he was already used to wild dogs running around all over the place. He suppressed his anger and turned to look at the black cat.

The black cat normally did not say a word, but it would never lie to him. It was even less like a wild dog that did not have a single truth in its mouth. No matter what happened, they were able to analyze the most advantageous side of it. It was Zhou Hao's most prized right-hand man, who had once carried out countless impossible missions for his country in the 'Shadow' Special Forces.

Under Zhou Hao's lead, the three of them were like an indestructible steel triangle, sharing life and death, and were brothers who crawled out from the pile of corpses.

Seeing Zhou Hao looking at her, the black cat silently nodded her head, her face still expressionless.

"You two!" Zhou Hao's face turned black, he gritted his teeth and pointed at the two of them for a whole minute, then roared out suddenly and kicked out twice like lightning, "You two!"

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