Kiss Me Not/C5 Night club molestation
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Kiss Me Not/C5 Night club molestation
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C5 Night club molestation

We got into Lucas' already-dead car… he drove, "so, to where now? What's our destination?" I asked him, looking out of my window.

He said, explaining and stuffing my brain with a short lecture about heroin, "to one of the best night clubs. We can sell each line/dose by fifty dollars at cheap places, but we can sell the line more than a hundred easily at such a VIP club. So, do you think you can do it?"

I turned my head and nodded, "yes, I can. But how could I find the guys who want some?"

He smirked widely, "that's easy; they will find you."

I didn't get his words. I just drew a tight-lip smile and zipped my mouth all the way. It was still early, as I had heard these places start at midnight. So, I didn't know where we were going.

He parked the car at one of the rent-car offices… then asked me gently, "come with me. We need to change our car to fit in such places."

I just followed him. I was astonished that he rented a limo. I dropped my jaw, "how did you get the money?"

He shrugged, "I just gifted him two lines."

As if all the world were drug-addicted!

We sat in the backseat. It was my first time to sit in such a limo. I only saw these kinds of cars in movies. And a driver drove the limo. I mumbled to Lucas, "a driver too?"

Lucas grinned, "with the package. Just calm down and enjoy now. I will make you feel like a princess tonight. Enjoy the night. Your beauty is blessed. Trust me."

Trust my ass! He was the last one I would ever be able to trust. And my beauty was a curse!

After a few minutes, we reached a hotel, and the driver opened the door for us. A guard came to my door and bowed his head, "madam."

It was an excellent start. Lucas walked next to me, intending our fingers. All the eyes turned to us. Lucas whispered, instructing me, "do as I'm going to do. Just copy me. And don't speak much."

I said back, in a low voice, "okay."

We entered the hotel's restaurant. Everyone greeted us as if we were billionaires. He ordered some food for us. And an expensive wine bottle as I have read in the menu list.

He asked me to have fun, eat and drink and don't think of the money.

I did. I was hungry, and everything was moving okay. Until that man barged inside the restaurant, followed by tons of guards. He was handsome as fuck, manly with serious features even so his blue eyes took my breathes away.

I couldn't take my eyes off him. He was like a Greek god, unreachable. As if he was the sky, and I was the ground. He could only step on girls like me. But would never see me.

I smiled and sighed, trying to move my eyes away from that handsome-killer man, and said to Lucas, "we need to go now."

I just didn't want to be around these rich people. I knew very well; I wasn't and would never be one of them. This bothered me, especially going into a risky-mission and selling drugs.

Lucas pulled my hand "are you okay? I want you to be happy. Celine… I'm not a bad guy. Please don't hate me."

I pulled my hand away from him, "let's go, please. I'm suffocated here."

Lucas nodded and stood up, snapping his finger to the manager, "put the bill on my suite check."

I narrowed my eyes, still stealing a few glances at the handsome man, "what suit, Lucas?"

Lucas stood up, wrapped his arms around my waist, and explained, "I booked a suite. Everything is settled. Calm down."

I just thought Lucas wasn't a scammer! For god's sake! He didn't book any suite. I didn't notice that until I heard guys yelling at us, "Hey, stop there. Thieves."

Lucas pulled my hand, "run now."

Unfortunately for that name, the handsome man looked at me with anger and curious eyes. But it was too late. Because we were in the limo, and the driver drove very fast as if he already knew what we had done.

I panted, trying to come back to my normal breaths, "what the fuck just happened, Lucas?"

Lucas rolled his eyes "don't ask much. Now time to work."

Yeah, time to work. I didn't think that we might get arrested by not paying the restaurant bill. I didn't know much. Only to sell some stuff and earn money, I wanted badly to feel like a human being to go to this kind of hotel and meet high-class people to feel alive. Maybe because it was the first time in my life to like a man… a man I never got the time to talk to or even know who he was. That handsome man and his eyes didn't leave my mind even for a second.

I sighed, time passed by, and I didn't notice it was almost after midnight. Lucas made a call on his cellphone, and I didn't pay attention to anything.

He snapped to me, "let's get inside now. You will take the stuff and walk alone. Someone will meet you and dance with you. Then— you will figure out later."

"Alone?" I cocked my brow. Terrified.

He put the stuff in my handbag, "go now."

Then he pushed me out of the limo… I stood there, sweating already. All my body was shivering. Someone came close to me. He waved to Lucas in the limo, and Lucas gestured to me to go with him.

Once we stepped inside, I plastered in my place, looking shocked at all these crowds and the fancy lights, strippers, and VIP tables. It was wow! The sparkling lights almost made me dizzy.

As soon as I could stand, guy after another started pulling me to the dance floor, touching me like a slut. As if that guy who entered with me was sending them to me. Their words tickled my ears; all of them asked for a line or two. But their hands squeezed my butt and my boobs from time to time in hunger.

I tried to keep a gap but not push them away; unfortunately, I wanted to sell everything. As soon as I could notice, I sold all the stuff. My purse was filled with money. I was glad. As if Lucas knew it. As if he was watching me. Lucas from nowhere came to me and pulled me to his chest, "that was freaking fast and good. How much did we make?"

I counted the money in my head, "thirteen thousand."

He widened his eyes, excited and thrilled, "wow." Then he snatched my purse from me and placed a soft kiss on my cheeks, "I have to go pay everything now. The dealer would be happy, and he will give us more."


He left me there alone! With no money again! I sighed, running my fingers to my hair, thinking. Until I heard a manly voice thundering…his voice echoed and was very clear even though there was music… "stop that girl."

I raised my head to see men in black suits streaming towards me. They surrounded me with their hunk bodies, "come with us now."

I stammered, "w-why! I didn't do anything."

And someone said from behind, "you did! And you need to pay now."

I turned my head slowly to see no one but the same handsome man from the restaurant hotel. I thought they would send me to the police station to pay the bill, but no, I was so naive…. hey wanted another thing. He didn't want them Because everything belonged to him. And I didn't know that I would belong to him too.

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