Mafia King/C4 Chapter 4 Looking for a rich husband!
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Mafia King/C4 Chapter 4 Looking for a rich husband!
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C4 Chapter 4 Looking for a rich husband!

Tomas Charl

I stormed to my office huffing and puffing annoyed. I poured a wine glass for me, then out of blue I smashed it and threw it away. I was so mad, why was she so different Now? Because she has found me different? Why does she keep her eyes on me all the time? Because Now she wants me to fall for her again? Or because I'm the CEO?! 'No I will never let her press on my heart and squeeze it again.'

I suffered a lot because of her! I hated her. I waited all those years to torture her!

"Coooooooooooooooooool." I hollered.

She hastened, gasped "yes, sir."

"I want to make a change in Mira's job, she will work under your supervisor as an assistant from now on." I grind my teeth angrily trying to curb my freaking mood.

"Sir, but why?!" Carol widened her eyes.

I kicked the desk with my shoes "just do it. and make sure she stays all night working, even after all the employees leave, I don't fuck care."

Carol plastered in her place for a while trying to understand—then she nodded.

I bawled again "No, wait, she will work in both jobs, from 8 am to 3 pm with the law department, then with you from 3 to 5 pm but make sure to give her more jobs late , even for midnight I don't care.I commanded her.

"but Tomas, sir, sorry, this is not fair for her. she is still new, she will take a longer time to learn about the skills of those two jobs," Carol said with a disappointed tone in my orders.

I guess because she didn’t see me hate anyone like I hated Mira. I was the garners and the kind person with everyone. So my attitude and my reactions were unexpected.

I clutched my chest "I think, I need to go away now, I'm in a fucking in bad mood, I think making her taking this job was wrong, I'm taking revenge from myself, not from her."

I blew a deep sharp sigh then I stood up and walked away; leaving the whole company— But my feet made me go to the law department to steal a look— Actually, I acted like a creepy spy, I glanced at her office, I didn't find her—

I asked one of the employees, he informed me that Mira was in her break time. She walked to the cafeteria with jack. 'fuck! jack! the new manager?! He was young! Hot! Smart! Rich! What?! Now Mira didn't want to waste her time to make all the men fall for her that fast?!' I mumbled under my breath angrily. I couldn’t suppress my huffing and puffing. I was boiling.

Was it jealousy? Or maybe I just felt annoyed because I thought she might chase me after figuring out that I was her CEO and rich and handsome? maybe I felt rejected for the second time!

I stormed to the cafeteria, for the first time in my life. I was going there not for checking on the food, or checking if there are employees wasting the work hours in chatting. But for finding the one who controlled my mind and my heart for more than ten years.

I spotted her sitting next to jack— And Her loud laughs from ear to ear rang like a bell in my ears.

I gazed at her and pulled a chair, I placed my foot on the chair and pointed to Jack "You, go back to your office." I said firmly to jack.

Jack cleared his throat "Sir, I'm in my break time."

"Shush! disobey my orders and I will make sure to put you in jail by way or another." I raised an eyebrow threatening Jack. Who left in just a second away from my sight.

I moved my eyes back to Mira who was sitting uncomfortably trembling "YOU!" I pointed my finger to her nose.

Mira smiled softly "Yes, sir."

"I see that you are here to find a boyfriend or maybe a rich husband! Not for work!" I mumbled.

Mira frown "sir, I'm here just to work, sorry if you got that wrong. I think I should leave now." Mira stood up and stepped one step away, but I pulled her arm stopping her "Where do you think you are going? Are you going to leave the company?!" I narrowed my eyebrows. 'What! Why am I scared now!'

Mira blinked and stared at my hand. I pulled my hand slowly and groaned "You can't resign remember!" I reminded her.

Mira smiled "sir, I'm leaving to my desk to finish my work, I said I have no intention to leave the job."

I crossed my arms over my chest and raised my brows “Then what're your intentions?" I blurted out asking her.

Mira trembled and blinked "sir, I have no intentions, just wishes,"

she excused and walked away. I shouted, making her freeze. "Then I will make sure to ruin and destroy all of your wishes."

Mira glanced at me and sighed "Then you will kill me." she almost whispered and left.

'What does she mean? What're her wishes?!'

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