Mr. CEO, Please Be Gentle/C5 Selection of Son-in-law?
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Mr. CEO, Please Be Gentle/C5 Selection of Son-in-law?
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C5 Selection of Son-in-law?

Jinxi finally confessed to her family about their breakup and told them about her resignation.

The Mu family's parents scolded Ouyang Che for being heartless and causing a huge ruckus with the Ouyang family. The Ouyang family knew that they were in the wrong, but when they thought of their future daughter-in-law's wealth, the Mu family's parents felt sorry for their daughter and insisted on visiting their precious daughter in the T City.

On the weekend, Mu Jinxi brought her parents over.

Mu Jinxi hugged her parents and cried bitterly for a while before she finally vented the anger in her heart.

"Alright, the two of you, stop crying. It's good to know the true colors of this scum in advance." Father Mu was a steady person. "Hurry up and prepare dinner. Don't starve our Jin-er."

"Okay, okay, okay. I'll go now." Mother Mu wiped her tears and got up to go to the kitchen.

"Mom, I'll help too."

"Aiya, just watch TV with your dad for a while. It will be ready soon."

"No, Dad just likes to watch those old experts' lectures. He even has to talk big. I want to cook with you." Mu Jinxi hugged Mother Mu's arm and acted like a little girl.

"Aiya, you little girl, you really are an ingrate." Father Mu pretended to be angry. "Go, go, go, go. Don't even care about the life and death of this old man."

"Dad!" Mu Jinxi pouted. "I'm going to make your favorite sweet and sour fish."

"Ah! Fine, fine, fine. Then hurry up and go."

"You, you glutton. You haven't changed for so many years." Mother Mu looked at Father Mu reproachfully.

"It's been a few decades, and I'm only good at this. You still don't understand me."

The noisy family was very warm and Mu Jinxi temporarily forgot about the unhappiness during this period of time.

Ever since Murong Shaoyang saw the photo Liu Yanyan had brought him, he was even more certain that Mu Jinxi was a spy. He still did not know what kind of information Mu Jinxi had. He did not want her to quit and run away so easily. He asked for Mu Jinxi's current address and drove to this neighborhood.

"Ding! Ding! Ding!"

Mu Jinxi, who was cooking in the kitchen, heard the doorbell ring. She shouted to Father Mu, who was watching TV on the sofa, "Dad, help me open the door. The property company should be here to check the pipes."

"Okay!" Father Mu answered happily and went to open the door.

"The property management used to drag on Mother Mu when they did things in the past. Why is it so efficient this time?" Mu Jinxi muttered to herself and got busy again with Mother Mu.

As soon as Father Mu opened the door, he was stunned. The man outside the door was dressed in a well-ironed suit. His aura was extraordinary and his gaze was sharp. He did not look like a property employee at all.

Murong Shaoyang saw that Father Mu was also stunned. He had already found out that Mu Jinxi's family was not from the city and was studying in a university in T City. He had stayed in T City and lived alone. Could it be that he had moved away? Thinking about it, he could not help but frown.

Finally, Father Mu asked, "Who are you?"

"May I ask if Mu Jinxi lives here?" Murong Shaoyang asked.

"Who are you to him?" After the incident with Ouyang Che, Father Mu became more vigilant.

"I am Mu Jinxi's boss," Murong Shaoyang said impatiently.

"What's the matter? Didn't my Jin-er already resign?" Father Mu frowned.

"Dad, what's wrong?" Mu Jinxi saw that Elder Mu was still standing at the door for a long time, so she ran over to call him, "Hurry up, it's time for dinner."

When Father Mu heard Mu Jinxi's shout, his eyes immediately became pampered. "Oh, I see."

"You..." Mu Jinxi was surprised to see Murong Shaoyang outside the door, "Why are you here?"

"Jin-er, aren't you going to invite me in?" As she spoke, she raised her eyebrows ambiguously at Mu Jinxi.

"Sorry to bother you, Uncle." His attitude was completely different from before. As he spoke, he squeezed through the door.

Mu Jinxi was so angry that she almost jumped up and down. How could there be such a shameless person? What do you mean Jin'er? Was he the one who called her that?

Mother Mu had already placed the food on the table, so she called out to the father and daughter, "What are you dawdling for? It will get cold soon." She then lowered her head to fiddle with the food.

"Hello, Auntie!"

"Mmm, hello! Eh?" Mother Mu looked at the person in surprise. This young man was too handsome.

At this moment, father and daughter walked over.

Mu Jinxi looked at Murong Shaoyang, who she was familiar with, and said with an unfriendly tone, "Young Master Murong, why did you come to my house?"

"Let's talk about work," Mu Jinxi said.

"Didn't Jin-er resign?" Father Mu doubted Murong Shaoyang's intentions.

"Hey, don't just stand there. Young man, you haven't eaten yet, right? Come sit down and eat together." As he spoke, he pulled people and filled the bowls and chopsticks.

Murong Shaoyang didn't stand on ceremony. He responded to Mother Mu's warm smile.

Mother Mu was like a mother-in-law looking at her son-in-law. The more she looked at him, the more she liked him and the more she looked at him. She kept giving him food and asked around. When she found out that Murong Shaoyang did not have a girlfriend and was also the CEO of the company, her parents were open-minded. They were so happy that they could not close their mouths and addressed him as "Shaoyang."

Mu Jinxi was stunned and used her eyes to communicate with Father Mu, "What happened to your wife?"

"Love-struck fool!"

"Aren't you jealous?"

"What do you think?" Mu Jinxi asked.

"He's handsome and rich, unlike you who only knows how to write a few sour poems."

From his daughter's funny eyes, Father Mu knew that Mu Jinxi was making fun of him with the love poems written by Mother Mu when she was young. His face couldn't help but turn red and he immediately retorted, "Don't think that I don't know. She's picking a son-in-law."

"No way!"

Father Mu and Mu Jinxi were staring at each other, and Mother Mu and Murong Shaoyang were particularly attentive. This meal was really inexplicably... lively?

"Jin-er, Manager Lin said that you still have some information about the company. Help me get it," Murong Shaoyang said seriously.

"I didn't take anything from the company. I handed it all to Xiao Chen. Go ask Xiao Chen."

"Did you ask? It might be with you."

"Did I say anything?" It was obvious that the situation was tense. Mother Mu tried to smooth things over. "Jin-er, go look for her. Maybe she forgot where she was."

"Go ahead and look for him," Father Mu interrupted. The sooner he found him, the sooner he would get lost. Why did he find that kid so unpleasant?

Helpless, Mu Jinxi could only come to the room to relieve herself.

Looking at Murong Shaoyang's steady gaze, could it be that he really had some information that he had not handed over? As he spoke, he bent over and rummaged through the small cabinet on his desk.

Murong Shaoyang followed closely behind Mu Jinxi to her bedroom. The room was not big, but it was neatly arranged. At this moment, Mu Jinxi was fully focused on searching and did not notice Murong Shaoyang's movements at all.

Murong Shaoyang gently closed the door and locked it...

"Oh, what are you doing?" Mu Jinxi asked. She wanted to get rid of the hand, but Murong Shaoyang grabbed her waist. She pressed her back against Murong Shaoyang's hot chest. She could even feel his breath coming out of her ear.

Murong Shaoyang hugged her even tighter. His earlobes beside Mu Jinxi were sweet for a moment, causing Mu Jinxi's heart to palpitate. She secretly felt that she did not have the mental fortitude to do so.

"Murong Shaoyang, this is my house. My parents are still outside." Mu Jinxi was afraid that the Mu parents would hear her. She lowered her voice and shouted, "Besides, we are not familiar with each other. Let go of me."

Murong Shaoyang didn't take her words seriously at all. The hand on his waist actually dug into his clothes and lifted up his shirt. He rubbed it across his bra, and his other hand actually reached the edge of his underpants.

"Murong Shaoyang, you are crazy!" Mu Jinxi's brain was filled with blood. She could not believe that he would do this to her so brazenly. Mu Jinxi's two white and tender little hands firmly blocked the big hand that was moving about on her lower abdomen. The difference in strength was huge.

"What exactly do you want?" Although there was a slight sobbing tone in his voice, his volume could not help but increase.

"Shh, do you want to attract your parents to watch? I don't mind."

"Knock knock knock." There was a knock on the door. "What's wrong?"

"That was a beautiful night for you. Just looking at a few limited level photos was enough to make people's blood boil." Murong Shaoyang leaned on Mu Jinxi's shoulder and spoke softly, but Mu Jinxi was shocked.

"Photos! How many? Limited level? What do you want?" Mu Jinxi remembered the romantic photos on the front page of the forum. He actually took pictures of her that night. Was there a lot? This was...

"Your dad." Mu Jinxi understood the two short words. She could only suppress her trembling voice and shout to the door, "Dad, it's okay. I haven't found the thing. I'm in a hurry."

"Oh, don't worry, take your time. I'll help you too." Father Mu turned the handle and found that it was already locked inside. "Jin-er, quickly open the door!"

"There's also a video recording. The big screen in Tai'an Square has become more and more boring recently. I don't mind giving the citizens of T City more after-meal entertainment.

Mu Jinxi's eyes widened in shock, "You!"

"Outside the door, I like smart girls." The sentence was full of threat.

Mu Jinxi had been pampered by her parents since she was young, but she was not pampered. Instead, her family was strict. Her father had unlimited expectations for her. If they found out that she had been recorded and threatened that night, they would be furious.

"Ah, don't worry about it. Go and see the expert's lecture platform. You don't know what it is, so you can only add fuel to the fire." Mu Jinxi had to pretend to be a little angry princess.

"Good, good, good, I don't care." His eyes were full of affection.

Seeing the silence outside the door, Mu Jinxi let out a sigh of relief, "Let go of me now!"

Unexpectedly, instead of letting go, Murong Shaoyang hugged him even tighter.

Mu Jinxi could deeply feel the heat from her butt. Having experienced human affairs, she already knew what kind of symbol that was. The man's breathing also became heavy. This stallion that was in heat! Mu Jinxi was angry and embarrassed.

"What a good girl." Her hot lips and tongue made her hair stand on end.

His body, which had been struggling to resist, suddenly softened. He could only lean on Murong Shaoyang instead of falling to the ground.

"What, you want it?" The charming voice reached Mu Jinxi's ears and answered with a hint of softness.

Only then did Mu Jinxi realize what she had done. With a whoosh, Mu Jinxi's face turned completely red like an apple.

Murong Shaoyang didn't know why, but he had completely forgotten his purpose of coming here. He could only blame his body for being too attractive, which made him unable to control himself.

Mu Jinxi's brain was already muddled by this wonderful feeling. She couldn't help but let out a familiar soft voice.

He quickly covered his mouth with his hands, which made Ouyang Che even more fearless.

Mu Jinxi could not believe that she had forgotten to resist and liked it very much. No, that was definitely not the case.

"You really are a slut. You won't be able to take it this way!" Murong Shaoyang's charming voice sounded by her ear. Only then did Mu Jinxi wake up. She struggled to separate the two of them and sat on the bed, gasping for breath.

Only when he calmed down did he realize that his bra had been unfastened at some point and hung on his shoulder. The buttons on his shirt were wide open, and his pants had been pulled down to his hips. He was in such a sorry state that he had lost all his face when he said those words.

On the other hand, Murong Shaoyang still looked like he was dressed in fine clothes, but the tent he had set up on his lower body had betrayed him. Sure enough, this was a typical example of a beast dressed in human clothes.

After Mu Jinxi calmed down the lust in her brain, she got up and tidied up her clothes, keeping a safe distance of more than three meters from Murong Shaoyang.

"We should have a good talk. We should talk seriously," Mu Jinxi said. She needed to take the initiative.

At this moment, Murong Shaoyang finally remembered why he was looking for Mu Jinxi. He only cared about the fresh meat that came to his mouth. It was really a mistake to be lustful. Why was his self-control getting worse and worse ever since he saw this Linda?

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