Mr Daniel Rules/C5 Chapter 5 let's meet up!
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Mr Daniel Rules/C5 Chapter 5 let's meet up!
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C5 Chapter 5 let's meet up!

Mr Daniel

After one week, I emailed her, I remembered that her gallery was that day. And I wanted to support her. Actually, I wanted to free myself for an hour and go attend that gallery and give her a gift and see her.

‘mary, where’s the gallery? I want to come.’ I emailed her.

An hour passed, but she didn't reply back.

I emailed her again, ‘ Mary, let’s meet up.’

She only replied back ‘thank you for the support. But my parents ruined everything for me. I am crying now.’

I felt mad, angry and really wanted to leave everything in my hand and go meet her ‘mary, let’s meet up. Let me talk to you. I will support you.’

She only sent three emails that squeezed my heart, I felt her, I thought my heart died a long time ago. ‘I am crying’

‘I am lost’

‘I am lonely’

And my only reply was ‘give me your cell phone number now, I really need to talk to you. Let me hear you voice.— I am lost, I am lost, I might cry if you didn’t give me your cell phone number.’

I waited eagerly and she finally sent me her number. I dialed and from her ‘hello’ my heart skipped some beats. Dammit! Her voice was as sexy as hell. Warm and intimate. She was sobbing that it was clear to me too.

“Hello, nelson,” she said chirping in her sex soft tone.

Drums in my heart I tried to reclaim myself. “Hello, mary. Finally after a year! Dammit, your voice is— hot.”

“nelson!” she sighed.

“yes, baby.” I had no idea why I was talking to her as if she was my girlfriend.

“I want you now, can we make it?” and that was the green light for my dick and my nasty tongue to play sexually on the phone. Honestly, I had never done such a thing since I was a 16 year old in high school but I loved it with her.

She was so obeying to me, she was doing everything I told her to do. She was moaning like a virgin. Untouched girls. Adorable voices came out of her mouth that made me cum in my pants.

She didn't say anything except hearing me.

Once we finished, I asked her “Mary, are you a virgin? Because I really want to come and take you anywhere you want and fuck you forever.”

She giggled “you said you like single fuck and no more expectations. So, no. I really want to keep you as my friend forever.”

She had a point. But I really felt like making an exception for her “I can break the rules for you. I can make exceptions.”

And she hung up immediately as if she didn’t believe me.

The girl blows my mind. I wanted more. So, I decided to give her one last chance to meet me or don’t talk to me ever again.

I sent her back in the morning one text message before my early meeting which was important for me and my company “if you didn’t meet me tonight, I would never talk to you ever again. I am fed up with talking to someone I can’t see.”

She replied back “wish me luck, I have a very important thing now. If it went well. I will be with you at night. Can you suggest anything to impress my professor?” she asked.

“well, just tell him ‘you are better than me now because you had so much experience, but by the time I will be the same as you sitting there and teaching others.’” that came up from my self-ego me.

“thank you, I will call you later, nelson.”

I prayed for two things, first— for my meeting to be good and we could make a deal and sign for merger. Second— to meet the girl at night, sex wasn’t a must. I just wanted to meet my trusted stranger friend. I really cared about mary.

But I didn’t imagine that after will make our paths collide as fast as I didn’t imagine! In my office!

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