My Hidden Marriage with Movie King/C3 Love at First Sight
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My Hidden Marriage with Movie King/C3 Love at First Sight
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C3 Love at First Sight

On the second day, all the mainstream media reports in the entertainment circle were reporting that the newcomer Song Qiao had won the attention of the Shadow Emperor, while the popular media reports from Tiansheng Media were going to join hands with the Star Entertainment Media to praise Song Qiao.

Many people were watching this matter from the sidelines as Shen Yi had never done anything so high before. However, when this matter had been quiet for more than ten hours and the Tiansheng Media had yet to come out to clarify it, everyone finally believed that Song Qiao had indeed fallen for Shen Yi's trap.

Someone who was interested began to investigate Song Qiao's background, but after checking again and again, they discovered that Song Qiao's background was too clean. He was just an ungraduated university student who acted in an idol drama.

"Little Qiao, tell me the truth. Do you have some sort of kinship with Emperor Shen Yingdi? Why is he taking so much care of you?"

"No, the first time I met Shadowgale Shen was during that circus. Previously, I could only see him on TV. The time we've known each other, it hasn't even been half your time yet."

The one who played Qi Ji was the new generation actor Su Luo, who had gotten popular with a variety of techniques a while ago. There weren't many new people in the crew, and Qi Ji's opponents were mostly Lu Zhi, so Su Luo and Song Qiao quickly became familiar with each other.

"Really? It's possible that your acting is too good, and directly caused Shadowgale Shen to want to praise you. I even said that you were his relative, then that would be too low-key. "

However, this way, her impression of Song Qiao would once again increase by quite a few levels. After all, within this circle, there were too few people who could move up simply by relying on their acting skills. Rather than calling Song Qiao lucky, it would be more accurate to say that her acting skills had brought her this opportunity.

"Song Xiaoqiao, do you miss me?"

Song Qiao followed the voice and looked over, discovering that it was her manager, Qin Lu. Song Qiao hurriedly stood up and ran over, and without saying anything, she pounced on Qin Lu. The latter nearly fell over, only after much difficulty did she stabilize her body.

"Yes, Sister Qin, why haven't you come to see me all these days? Everyone says that I'm like a child that nobody wants."

"Who said we were little Qiao Song? Tell me to help you hit him, hahaha …" These two days, I received news that I wanted to trade you in Tiansheng as an exchange student, so I started to work hard on public relations.

She was already thirty-six years old, and she had only brought a hundred and eighty artists with her. Song Qiao was the youngest, but also the most obedient, and least worried one, so Qin Lu treated Song Qiao more like a sister than like a celebrity or a manager.

"I thought you didn't want me anymore, but did you want to follow me this time?"

"Yeah, I will follow you all the way until the end of this movie. Also, I want to have a good chat with the big picture emperor Shen who has his eyes on you about your future prospects."

Song Qiao was not clear about the depth of the entertainment circle, but Qin Lu was clear that even if Song Qiao's acting skills were extraordinary, he wouldn't be valued so highly by someone like Shen Yi. Therefore, after Qin Lu finished dealing with the important matters at hand, she pushed the rest of the work to the rest of the department to hurry over.

Shen Yi wasn't surprised by the arrival of Qin Lu. At that time, he was drinking tea from his thermos, looking at the smiling and generous Qin Lu standing in front of him. His gaze once again landed behind her, stopping on the smiling and gentle little girl.

"I heard that my family's Song Xiaoqiao had the green eye of Great Sage Shen, so I hurried over to thank Great Sage Shen for his support. It's just that we, Song Xiaoqiao, have no experience in the world, and have truly smashed the fruit of Great Sage Shen."

"Not a problem. Qiao's acting is indeed good. I can be considered as... Love is the heart. "

At one point, Qin Lu thought that he had already gotten used to it, but in reality, this was the first time Song Qiao heard Shen Yi call her this way. The little girl was a little dazed as she whispered the name a few times, her ears turning red.

"I heard that Tiansheng wanted to praise Little Heavenly Queen Meng Ziran, and also wanted to praise the new little flower Lin Qingyue." I heard that Tiansheng wanted to praise Little Heavenly Queen Meng Ziran, and wanted to praise the new little flower Lin Qingyue, and also wanted to praise the new little flower Chen Qingyue.

"Miss Qin, are you sure you want to discuss this matter with me in front of your little girl?"

She turned around and instructed Song Qiao to go out and face the others first. The little girl did not understand, but she had always listened to Qin Lu's words and looked at Shen Yi who was sitting on the chair. The latter smiled at her, causing Song Qiao to relax and walk out of Shen Yi's lounge.

"If that person leaves, can Great Shadow Emperor Shen tell me, why do you think that little Qiao like that?"

She was not a good person. If she was a soft persimmon, not to mention so many artists who had flattered her, she would have been eaten away by people the moment she appeared. To be able to reach her current position, she definitely wasn't a simple person.

Song Qiao was a seedling that she had set her eyes on. She could not allow anyone to threaten Song Qiao. Shen Yi's actions were too abnormal, and as the saying goes, there was definitely something strange about it.

"It's just as you guessed. My motives towards Song Qiao are impure."

The moment Song Qiao left, the smile on Shen Yi's face disappeared. He was the number one movie emperor in the country, the Tiansheng Media's boss, the heir to the Shen family, the real Shen Yi, and in Song Qiao's eyes, Shen Yi were two completely different people.

"The big picture emperor Shen is really sincere. Then, may I ask, your motive for our family's little Qiao is impure? Which aspect do you mean?"

"Does she have anything worth my scheming about besides this person?"

The words Shen Yi said were too clear. He was after Song Qiao himself, if not for Song Qiao's current position, no matter how good his acting skills were, it would not be worth it for Shen Yi to think so much and create such a scene for her.

"The circus?"

"Love at first sight."

At that time, she was still playing Yu Ji, because her acting skills were too outstanding. Lu Xingran had changed the trained horse into a strong horse, and the moment Song Qiao got on the horse, he went berserk, just in time, Shen Yi happened to pass by the outside of the field, and when everyone was in a fluster, Shen Yi snatched another horse from the side, and pulled over Song Qiao who was riding on the horse.

If he missed the first scene after the rain, it wouldn't be easy to wait for an opportunity like this. Song Qiao endured the injuries on her leg and did not say anything, but smiled as he thanked Shen Yi. Then, he mounted a different horse and forcefully held on until the end of the show.

After the scene ended, Song Qiao was helped off his horse and prepared to rest. When he passed by Shen Yi, he raised his head and smiled towards the Great Shadow Emperor. That smile was the beginning of Shen Yi's love at first sight.

So that's why he wants to keep her by his side every day. That's good too, our Little Qiao should have a noble person supporting him, but, Shen Yi, you have to remember, Little Qiao is different from the other female artists. She is too clean, and you are too complicated.

"Of course, the person I like is also the clean Song Qiao."

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