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C1 Trash Young Master

"Sigh ?" A soft sigh came from the study room of the Qingling City and the Patriarch of the Liu Family.

The Liu Family was one of the four big families in the Qingling City. They were very powerful. It could be said that no one in the Qingling City dared to mess with them, but even so, there was still something that the Liu Family couldn't do anything about.

"Do you think Yi Heng is gone?" The one who spoke was the patriarch of the Liu Family, Liu Changxiong. Opposite him was his fourth brother, Liu Changyun.

Liu Changyun also helplessly said: "That's right, he has disappeared. It has already been a day. Big Brother, should we look for him?"

"Of course we have to look for him. That is the only root that third brother left behind, but it's a pity ?" After Liu Changxiong finished speaking, his eyes revealed helplessness, and a trace of warmth and love.

Liu Changyun nodded and said: "Big Brother, don't be too sad, we have already tried our best. All these years, we have thought of all sorts of methods, and used all of them, but Yi Heng, he ? "Okay, let's not talk about this anymore. I will lead people to look for him myself. In the entire Liu Family, only Big Brother and I are still concerned about his life."

"Yeah, go ahead." Liu Changxiong said.

One day ago, on a hillside near the Barren Mountains, a person said coldly, "Liu Yiheng, you, a trash with a broken meridian and a broken soul, have wasted so many pills and resources of our Liu Family. How much humiliation and ridicule you have brought to our family, you will be the biggest burden on the Liu Family if you live.

Another person said, "Yes, I really wonder how trash like you can be so confident of living. If I were you, I would have already faked my death with a piece of tofu and drowned with a washbasin. "

Currently, there were five people standing on the hillside. Four of them were standing together, and they were all around the age of sixteen or seventeen. The two people who had just spoken were two of the four people.

These two people were both from the Liu Family, and were also the top disciples of the Liu Family's younger generation, Liu Yihao and Liu Yihan.

Standing opposite them was a boy of about fifteen to sixteen years old. He had delicate features, and even though he looked a bit young and tender, he must have been a handsome man when he grew up. His big eyes were filled with determination and stubbornness.

This person was none other than the trash that had his meridians severed and soul severed, the trash Liu Yiheng.

When the boy heard their taunts, he pursed his lips and said, "Is that why you called me out today?"

"Why don't you think it's enough?"

Liu Yiheng said expressionlessly: "Then you've already finished. Goodbye."

"Brat, did I let you go? His cultivation had not improved, but his temper had grown quite a bit! "Did you forget what pain is when you didn't repair you for a while?" Liu Yihao said as his eyes turned cold.

"Bullying someone like me who has no way to fight back? Do you guys still think that you're proud?" Liu Yiheng's body that was about to leave immediately turned around, and stared coldly at Liu Yihao. There was not much fear in his eyes, and he seemed to be very determined!

Liu Yihao paused for a moment due to these words, adding Liu Yiheng's cold gaze, his anger filled his heart, he directly went up and kicked Liu Yiheng to the ground, and roared: "What are you looking at? For a trash like you, living is unnecessary! "

Liu Yiheng was only a normal person and was completely unable to resist cultivators like Liu Yihao. However, he struggled to get up from the ground with great difficulty, and still stared coldly at his opponent.

Liu Yihao wanted to make a move, but he was stopped by Liu Yihan. He said to Liu Yiheng coldly: "Do you know how many medicinal pellets and resources the Patriarch and Fourth Uncle have spent for you? If those pills and resources were all used on me, I would have reached the innate spirit long ago. You are implicating the entire clan, wouldn't you feel guilty? "

Liu Yiheng looked at them coldly, and did not speak.

Liu Yihao looked at this frail and delicate cousin of his, and said: "Born a martial cultivation family, then a person with no bloodline and no soul should not receive any more pellets and resources, you should take the initiative to ask for it, yet you still shamelessly occupy the resources of the clan, a trash that doesn't care about the family at all, truly hateful and detestable. I am just trying to eradicate this scourge of yours for the clan."

"Hypocritical!" Facing the other party's righteous speech, Liu Yiheng only said two words, short and forceful!

In fact, in the past few years, the majority of the resources he had allocated had been forcibly snatched away by these so-called cousins.

Of course, his reputation in Qingling City was not good, it could also be said that his name was famous in the entire city, but all his reputation was negative!

The good-for-nothing young master of the Liu Family!

In the face of this title, Liu Yiheng had no way to refute it. However, he had never given up. He was convinced that one day, he would definitely be able to do it!

"Hehe, what we said was the truth! I really don't understand. Third Uncle is a peerless hero with unparalleled talent. How could he have a son like you? However, it's his fault for being too conceited. If he didn't leave the Liu Family alone, he wouldn't have what he is now, and even more so, he wouldn't have you, an uneducated bastard! " Ye Zichen sneered.

"Shut up! You all have no right to talk about my father! " Liu Yiheng, who was originally not very talkative, instantly shouted in anger.

Although he had never experienced any kind of fatherly love, even rarely having seen his father before, he still knew some things about his father, and in his heart, he was extremely respectful.

How could he tolerate these villains insulting his father from behind!

"Alright, cut the crap with him!" Liu Yihao patted Liu Yihan's shoulder, and stared at Liu Yiheng with unfriendly eyes!

"Ha!" Isn't it because I want the pills and resources that I just received today? I'll just give it to you, just treat it as being devoured by a dog! " Liu Yiheng sneered. He took out a few jade bottles and threw them over to his, then turned to leave!

He was already used to this kind of thing. Although he was reluctant, he knew that it would be better to be more straightforward since he didn't have the ability to protect himself!

"Hehe!" "Brat, you are too naive. If it was only this matter, then why did we bring you here?" Liu Yihan shook his head and said after receiving the few jade bottles.

"What else do you want?" Liu Yiheng frowned, as though he had realized that something was amiss today!

"I don't want anything to do with it either! I'm just telling you, you don't need to go back to the Liu Family anymore! " Liu Yihao looked at him coldly, a trace of viciousness flashing through her eyes!

Hearing this, Liu Yiheng took a few steps back with a solemn expression.

He could feel that these people were trying to kill him today! Although he was a piece of trash, he didn't want to die!

However, if these people really wanted to kill him, there was nothing he could do. Even if he was found out later by the family, he would only punish them a little.

This was reality, a world where the strong preyed on the weak! No matter how much the Patriarch and Fourth Uncle loved him, they would not kill the geniuses of the family for the sake of the trash who had already become a dead man!

"Alright, you two, see if he still has anything useful on him, then cut off his four limbs and veins and see if he still has the ability to crawl back!" Liu Yihao waved his hand, and told the other two people!

The other two young men walked over with a grin. They were only the side branch of the Liu Family, but they were not afraid of Liu Yiheng, the direct descendant!

The two of them rushed forward, one of them grabbed Liu Yiheng's hands, while the other started to search his body, quickly taking out a pendant from his chest!

The pendant was black in color, but it looked ancient and grand. It was shaped like a small boat, with a slightly pointed head and two spherical objects at the tip.

Liu Yiheng's heart tightened, this thing must not be lost!

However, he was also clear that he would not be able to survive today. If his tendons in his arms and legs were to be cut off, he would not only be a trash, but a cripple. There would be no hope in the future, and that would simply be a life worse than death!

Thinking about that, Liu Yiheng struggled with all his might!

"Hiss ?"

His two sleeves were torn off and he was able to temporarily escape. He quickly turned around and ran!

However, he did not run far before he reached a cliff face.

Liu Yiheng hardened his heart. He couldn't escape today anyway, so if he were to fall into their hands, he might as well die! At the very least, this pendant could not be taken away by them!

"Humph!" With just you few, you are not worthy to kill me! " Liu Yiheng let out a cold laugh, and jumped off the cliff without hesitation ?

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