Peerless Master God/C100 Spirit Stones Cannot Bear the Burden
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Peerless Master God/C100 Spirit Stones Cannot Bear the Burden
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C100 Spirit Stones Cannot Bear the Burden

Liu Changyun said excitedly, "Oh my god, that is a fourth level spirit vein, and with such a strong radiance, could it be that Little Shadow's spirit vein is not only fourth level? Just like third brother back then. "

Seeing this scene, Liu Yiheng also squinted his eyes, then used his spirit power to ask: "Old man, what kind of soul is this, does it feel so strange?"

Hongkun's low voice came out: "Could this be... That spirit vein? "

"Which meridian soul?"

"There is a type of bloodline soul that is extremely powerful and mysterious called the Dark Night Star Moon, that is a soul exclusive to all Night race s. If it really is the Dark Night Star Moon Pulse Soul, then this little girl's life history is worth considering."

"Night race? What race is that? "

Hongkun: The Night race is very strong, if it is based on individual strength, then it is much stronger than humans, it is just that the number of people in this clan is relatively small, and is in between the positive and evil, so they have always been floating in the Outer Realm, but no race would dare to look down on this clan, because they are truly too strong, but you don't need to know about this, I think that as long as this little girl is together with you, you will have the chance to meet the people in Night race.

"Oh? Is that right? "

"Of course, because there are fewer people in the Night race, when they grow to a certain point, they will have a connection with each other. Unless they are in that special place, they will all be able to find each other."

Hearing that, Liu Yiheng frowned, and continued to speak: "Then what happens if Night race finds Xiao Ying?"

Hongkun: "I don't know either, I've interacted a lot with Night race before, and because Night race's people wouldn't easily offend my old master, but I also know that Night race isn't a kind person, so you still have to be careful."

"In other words, as long as he is strong enough, it would be fine."

"Right, there is nothing in this continent that can't be solved with strength. Because with strength, one has the right to speak."

Just then, Liu Changyun suddenly said: "Alright Xiao Ying, quickly remove your hand or the Spirit Stone will be destroyed."

After Liu Yiheng heard this, he immediately looked in the direction of Xiao Ying, only to see that the light emitted by the Spirit Stone had already reached an extremely bright degree, but the Spirit Stone itself was shaking, as though it could not withstand the strong force.

After Little Shadow heard Liu Changyun's words, he seemed to have used up all of his strength before he took her hand off. When she took her hand off, he sat on the ground and panted heavily.

Liu Changyun immediately rushed over, he did not care about the situation with the spirit stones, but directly went to Little Shadow's side, and continued: "Little Ying, how do you feel?"

Xiao Ying blinked her eyes and said, "I feel like I just remembered a lot of things. I feel so tired, so sleepy." Little Ying said weakly.

After Liu Changyun heard these words, he felt a lot more at ease. As long as the person was fine, then everything else would be fine. He then said to Liu Yiheng who had also came to Little Shadow's side, "Bring Little Shadow back to rest first. Leave the things here to me."

Liu Yiheng nodded, then directly carried Little Shadow, and said with a smile: "Little Ying, Young Master will bring you back. If you feel tired, you can sleep now."

Xiao Ying revealed a happy smile and continued, "Many thanks young master, young master is great, I also have a spirit vein and a spirit vein, I can cultivate now, this is even better, I can ? "You can and ?" After saying that, she seemed to really be unable to hold on any longer, closing her eyes and falling asleep.

Liu Yiheng laughed, then directly carried Little Shadow and walked towards Liu Changyun's courtyard. On the way, everyone made way for him, and at the same time, greeted him.

However, the current Liu Yiheng had no time to bother with them. He directly carried Little Shadow and quickly left, leaving them with only a view of his back, but those people did not think that Liu Yiheng was arrogant because of this. After all, they had all seen the situation with Little Shadow.

Liu Changyun was currently observing the Spirit Stone, and was extremely shocked in his heart, because he discovered that the energy in the Spirit Stone had disappeared a lot, and was even more miserable than when he opened the Spirit Vein and was on the verge of collapse, if not for Little Shadow's forceful recovery of energy, the Spirit Stone would have really collapsed. Even so, if he wanted to repair the Spirit Stone, he would need to use a lot of ingredients, and also need a year's worth of maintenance, and in the following year, he would need to go to the Qin Family or the City Lord's Palace to open up his spirit veins.

On the contrary, they were all excited. At this time, Liu Changxiong, Liu Changba and the others also rushed over, and even Liu Zhenshan who was already in closed door cultivation was present.

Liu Zhenshan was the first to stand out and say: "Changyun, what's going on? Why did he open the Spiritual Pulse Array Stone at this time? "And you've even turned out like this, what the hell are you trying to do?"

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