Peerless Master God/C102 Little Shadow's Secrets
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Peerless Master God/C102 Little Shadow's Secrets
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C102 Little Shadow's Secrets

Liu Changxiong looked at Liu Zhenshan, and then said: "Father, what do you think we should do?"

After being asked like this, Liu Zhenshan did not know what to do for a moment. After all, they could not kick his out for no reason at all, and they could not do anything to his in secret, because everyone knew how important he was to Liu Yiheng.

In the end, Liu Changyun said: "Father, I think this is done, let Little Shadow stay by Yi Heng's side, and then we will do our best to take care of Little Shadow, and when that time comes, she and Yi Heng will definitely leave the Qingling City, and once they leave, our Liu Family will not be implicated anymore. As for Little Ying's and Yi Heng's fate, and how they develop in the future, it will depend on them.

Liu Zhenshan said: "But if it's like this, isn't Yi Heng in danger?"

Liu Changyun: "But father, do you have a better way? We can't touch Little Shadow, or else we'll only force Yi Heng away. In fact, Yi Heng's feelings for the Liu Family right now can't even compare to Little Shadow's. One mistake could even make Yi Heng hate our Liu Family. "

After Liu Zhenshan heard this, his heart also shook a bit. He then continued: "Sigh, seems like we have placed too much emphasis on strength these past few years, and have completely forgotten about kinship, fine, let's just follow Changyun's instructions, she is currently at your place, you can take good care of her, if Little Shadow needs any martial skills, you can bring her to the Martial Skill Pavilion, she can also pick anything you want."

When Liu Changba heard to this point, he frowned before saying, "But father ?"

"This matter is decided then, you don't need to continue." After he finished speaking, Liu Zhenshan got up and left the hall.

Liu Changba and Liu Changying looked at each other, then Liu Changba said: "Big Brother, we still have things to do, so we'll be leaving first. However, we'll need Big Brother and Fourth Brother to repair the spirit stones."

Liu Changxiong nodded and said, "Of course, you can go now."

Liu Changyun continued: "Big brother, did I do something wrong?"

"Not at all. You did the right thing, but your task is getting heavier and heavier. Alright, you can leave first."

Liu Changxiong watched as Liu Changyun left, and then, he stood alone in the great hall. He then said in a soft voice, "Third brother, it seems that I have gone against my words, but Xiao Ying seems to have still opened his spirit vein, I don't even have the chance to stop him, but according to what you said, a long time has passed and he should be fine. I hope that our Liu Family can overcome this crisis, and that Xiao Ying and Yi Heng can grow back up, but no matter what, I will definitely not forget your words.

When Liu Yiheng carried Little Shadow back to his residence, he saw Liu Yitao currently sitting inside. He said with a smile, "Are you back quite early?"

When Liu Yitao saw Liu Yiheng carrying Little Shadow, he squinted his eyes and said, "What are you guys trying to do? "Don't tell me you want to ?"

Liu Yiheng quickly interrupted Liu Yitao, and said: "What are you thinking? Do you take me for you? "

"Ugh ?" "I won't do that, but what do you think of your actions right now?" Liu Yitao said.

Liu Yiheng first gently placed Xiao Yu on the bed, then took a look at Xiao Ying, who had been sleeping soundly but had been frowning this entire time, and then got up and said: "Didn't Xiao Ying go to open her spirit vein today? But during this process, some mishap happened and it made her very tired, so she directly fell asleep.

Liu Yitao said in disbelief: "Opening a spirit vein can get that tired? How come I've never heard of such a thing? "

"You haven't heard too much about it. Alright, let's not talk about it for now. Have you bought all of your materials?"

After Liu Yitao heard this, he immediately became excited and said, "Yes, I've bought everything. I need a single blade. After he finished speaking, Liu Yitao gave a small bag to Liu Yiheng.

When Liu Yiheng saw this small bag, he said in shock: "This is the storage bag, right?"

Liu Yitao laughed and said: That's right, this is the storage bag, I don't have anything to give you. After you finish forging my blade, this storage bag will be yours, and I have already kept the soul imprint on it.

Liu Yiheng received the storage bag, and said with a smile: "I really like this gift of yours, it's just that such a precious thing ?"

The storage bag s were also very precious things in the Qingling City, because they were separated into different spaces. The larger the space, the more valuable it was, but even if the space was a small storage bag s, the price would still be very expensive. Moreover, it wasn't something that anyone could buy.

This was because the storage bag could only be created by artificers who had comprehended spatial energy. If the Qingling City did not even have an artificer in this place, then the value of the storage bag could be imagined.

At the very least, it was much easier than a Spirit Treasure. Liu Yitao indeed did not know how to thank Liu Yiheng, which was why he took out the storage bag.

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