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Peerless Master God/C104 Ethnic Inheritance
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C104 Ethnic Inheritance

Little Shadow had always been unconscious, and had even been in danger all night. Therefore, Liu Yiheng had not slept for the entire night, and had always been guarding Little Shadow by his side.

Liu Yitao had come to find Liu Yiheng early in the morning, but seeing that Little Shadow had not woken up yet, Liu Yiheng did not have the mood to bother with him. He did not say anything, only comforted him a little, and then left.

Liu Yiheng did not sleep at all, and continued to accompany Little Shadow for three days and three nights. During the night of the second day, Little Shadow's condition had already eased up a bit, at least she would not make any sound, and her body would not twitch. This way, Liu Yiheng's heart would calm down, but Little Ying still did not wake up, which made him extremely worried.

However, she seemed to be unable to hear Liu Yiheng's words, no matter what Liu Yiheng said, she did not have any reaction, causing Liu Yiheng to be afraid once again. He knew, at the moment, that the Hongkun was not of any help, and the rest of them, not to mention, could only rely on Little Shadow's previous words, which was to save themselves. Furthermore, he had stopped talking, and Liu Yiheng had been very tired these four days, if he did not have a break, he would probably collapse immediately.

Until the sixth day, Liu Yiheng could not hold on any longer, he did not sleep nor eat nor drink, and even an iron person would not be able to take it, not to mention, Liu Yiheng's current cultivation level was only at the Postnatal Spiritual Scholar's Perfection Stage realm, so his body was still very normal. If not for him possessing the Hongmeng Heavenly Spirit Pulse, he might not have been able to hold on any longer, thus in the end Liu Yiheng could only close his eyes and start meditating.

On the sixth night, Xiao Ying suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Liu Yiheng, who was sitting beside her, with eyes filled with emotions.

After a while, Xiao Ying whispered, "Young Master, Young Master ?"

After Liu Yiheng heard Little Shadow's voice, he immediately opened his eyes. When he saw Little Ying's beautiful big eyes staring at him, his exhausted face revealed a smile, and he said: "Little Ying, you're finally awake, it's really great."

"Young Master, how long have I been asleep for?"

Liu Yiheng said in a bland voice, "Mn, it should be six days and five nights."

Xiao Ying looked at Liu Yiheng's bloodshot eyes and his exhausted expression. His face flushed as he said, "Xiao Ying is really happy, young master treats Xiao Ying really great. Xiao Ying is fine now, young master should hurry up and rest." At this point, she suddenly stopped because she realized that the place she was lying on was not his own room.

Liu Yiheng laughed and said: Hehe, I'm fine. I can still hold on, as long as Xiao Ying is fine. Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? "

The little shadow shook her head and said, "No, I seem to have had a very long dream, and it reminded me of a lot of things. The little shadow shook her head and said," No, I seem to have had a very long dream, and it reminded me of a lot of things.

After hearing this, Liu Yiheng was also a little confused, but he was sure that Xiao Ying was really fine now, and said: "Alright, I'm really tired now, so I need to rest properly. After I get some rest, how about you tell me about what happened in your dream?"

The little shadow immediately stood up and said, "Okay, Young Master, you should quickly go to sleep."

Liu Yiheng was indeed too tired, he fell asleep immediately after lying down for a while.

Little Ying did not leave. He looked at Liu Yiheng's face, and then said: "Young Master, I've heard what you've said. Little Ying will remember all the good you've done for Little Ying. After she finished speaking, she sat there silently for a while, before leaving Liu Yiheng's room.

A day later, Liu Yiheng and Little Shadow sat inside the house, happily chatting while was endlessly shocked by Little Shadow's talent and potential. Little Shadow only used a day's worth of time to cultivate to the precelestial stage.

However, Liu Yiheng did not praise Xiao Ying on this matter. After all, Xiao Ying had just started cultivating and tried her best to lay the foundation, she was different from him. Although he could not cultivate in the past, but he had eaten a lot of good things, but Xiao Ying had never eaten anything.

When Little Shadow first met Liu Yiheng, she couldn't remember anything from the past. She only knew that Liu Changxiong had called her Little Shadow.

In her dreams, she had learnt two martial skills and a mental cultivation method. One of the two martial skills was a dagger-type martial skill called Shadow Assault, the other was a movement technique called Shadow Clone Technique, which was also known as Shadow Maze Yang. After going through the analysis of two people, these three martial skills were all extremely powerful martial skills, but of course, these were actually all analyzed by the Hongkun, and they also confirmed that Little Shadow was a member of the Night race.

Xiao Ying knew that the martial skills and mental cultivation method she trained in her dreams were very powerful. He said happily, "Is that so? Then Young Master, how about Little Shadow teaches all of his martial skills to Young Master? "

Liu Yiheng shook his head: "No, your martial skills are only suitable for your cultivation, I am not suitable for it, but you still have to train in some ordinary martial skills. Unless it's absolutely necessary, try your best not to use this martial skill, because if someone asks, you have no way of answering.

When Little Ying heard this, she nodded and said, "Yes, Young Master. I understand."

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