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C106 Spirit Tool

Liu Yiheng and Liu Cheng were completely focused on forging. The two were not just forging, they were studying, learning how to control the temperature, the order in which the ingredients were placed, the interval of time, Liu Yiheng was even learning how to control his spirit power more skillfully.

The two of them were both novices. Although Liu Yiheng had successfully forged a Spirit Treasure, it was under the guidance of the Hongkun. He had done very little by himself, and this time, he was trying to do something himself.

Just like that, the two of them stayed in the forging room for about six hours. Finally, Liu Yiheng took out a long sword from the cold basin. This long sword did not seem to be extremely sharp, but it felt very heavy.

Liu Cheng looked at the sword and said excitedly, "Good sword! It's really a good sword! The heavy sword has no edge, and it has a strong aura to it. That's the aura of a king. This is what a good sword is!"

Liu Yiheng was also very satisfied, because this sword was a Green Rank Middle Ranked Spirit Weapon. In a place like Qingling City, even if it was a Green Rank Low Ranked Spirit Weapon, it would be considered a priceless treasure, so the value of this Green Rank Middle Ranked Spirit Weapon would naturally be even higher, to the extent that it could not even be measured by money.

Liu Yiheng immediately kept the sword inside the storage bag Liu Yitao had gifted him, and then said: "That's enough for today, I'm a little tired, I'll rest here, I'll continue to forge tomorrow. Do you have any arrangements, Chief Steward?"

When Liu Cheng heard this, he was stunned, then immediately said happily: "Alright, I'll prepare the best guest room in forging workshop, and I'll definitely let Young Master Yi Heng rest well. I'll go and prepare right now."

Liu Yiheng smiled and said: "There's no need to go through so much trouble, just stay here. Go and prepare some food and wine, we'll drink a few cups here and discuss the forging experience together."

Liu Cheng never thought that Liu Yiheng would be so approachable. Don't forget, the current Liu Yiheng, what kind of noble identity does he have?

"What is it? "Don't you want to?"

"Of course I'm willing. I'm willing, very willing." After saying that, Liu Cheng eagerly ran out. Not long later, all the dishes were prepared. The two of them drank their wine as they talked about their forging skills.

did not have any airs of arrogance, so the two of them naturally chatted very happily, not to mention that the forging experience in Liu City was truly very rich, and since Liu Yiheng was strong, and because they cared that he could forge spirit artifacts, the two of them got along well with each other, and rested together in the forging room, they continued to forge on the second day.

After yesterday's forging and talking, he did not need to use Liu Yiheng's instructions anymore. He could directly complete the tasks that he was about to complete, and if there were things he could do, he would also take the initiative to do them, which caused Liu Yiheng to have less trouble.

This time, Liu Yiheng was able to forge another low grade green spirit artifact. Unfortunately, this spirit artifact was a low grade green spirit artifact, after all, the materials that Liu Yitao was able to forge was naturally not as good as Liu Changyun's. However, Liu Yiheng was also very satisfied with crafting two spirit artifacts in the past two days.

After the two Spirit Treasures were forged, Liu Yiheng felt that his Spirit Force had increased a little. Because he had cultivated the soul-shaking, he naturally felt the increase in Spirit Force, which made him very happy.

Liu Yiheng then said: "Manager Liu, I have finished what I wanted to do, and you have been watching by the side the entire time. As for how much you can comprehend, it will all depend on you."

Liu Cheng replied, "My harvest this time is really too great. Especially the method to control the Spirit power that you told me. It's very beneficial to me. I really have no way to repay the Young Master's training." Although Liu Yiheng did not personally hand the soul-shaking to Liu Cheng, he had also told him how to control his mental strength. Even though the gap between his mental strength and the soul-shaking was huge, had won because the other party did not have any method to control it.

Liu Yiheng said with a smile, "Of course there is a way to repay you. It is to refine artifacts in the Liu Family and then use all of your abilities to make the Liu Family stronger."

When Liu Cheng heard this, there was only admiration in his eyes. He continued, "Rest assured Young Master Yi Heng, the Liu Family is also my home."

"En, then I'll be leaving now. You don't need to send me off." Then, Liu Yiheng left the forging room.

Liu Cheng looked at Liu Yiheng's leaving figure and said indifferently, "You indeed have the demeanor of a general. For the Liu Family to have this person, why not become stronger?"

When Liu Yiheng returned to the Liu Family, he saw Little Shadow cultivating in the courtyard, while Liu Yitao was giving pointers to Little Shadow. However, Liu Yiheng knew that Liu Yitao did not come here to teach Little Shadow on purpose.

Thus, he smiled and said: "Yi Tao's cousin, you are really relaxed. What's wrong, are you not busy today?"

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