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C108 Beauty Has a Date

After a while, Liu Changxiong said: "Yi Heng, there is someone who wants to meet you. I wonder if you are willing to meet her?"

Liu Yiheng looked at his uncle and said, "Oh, someone wants to see me? Who was it? If there's nothing important, I don't want to see anyone who has nothing to do with me. " Of course, Liu Yiheng knew that this person was not that simple, otherwise his big uncle wouldn't have come by himself.

Liu Changxiong laughed, then said: "The person who wants to see you is Li Qiuxia."

"Li Qiuxia? Uncle, do you think I should see her? or shouldn't I see her? "

Liu Changxiong laughed and said: "This will depend on your own will, but we are still close friends with the City Lord's Mansion, furthermore, the City Lord's Mansion has helped our Liu Family back then, but all of this does not affect your younger generation."

Liu Yiheng nodded, then said: "Since she wants to see me, then I'll meet her for a bit. I'll also see what she wants to do in the end."

"Yes, he is waiting for you in the garden of the Liu Family. Go find her yourself."

Liu Yiheng: "Uncle, I want to ask, what is going to happen in Qingling City, why do I feel that this atmosphere isn't right?"

Liu Changxiong was startled upon hearing this, he did not expect Liu Yiheng to have such a keen sense, but he still sighed, and continued: "I am not able to say anything about Qingling City, but since there is an important matter that is about to happen, you have to quickly cultivate, because there may not be much time left, and the stronger you become, the stronger you become in terms of your ability to protect yourself."

Liu Yiheng frowned, then said: "It should be related to the City Lord's Mansion, as well as this time's namelist, right?"

Liu Changxiong looked at Liu Yiheng carefully, and then said: "Mn, that should be the case, but you don't need to know about this first, you just need to cultivate properly."

Liu Yiheng laughed, then said: "Alright, then I'll go see Li Qiuxia first." After he finished speaking, he directly walked out of the courtyard.

Liu Changxiong looked at Liu Yiheng's back, and said softly: "Such a clever boy, but with your current strength, you are still unable to participate in this matter. If that old thing died, then Qingling City really would have gone downhill."

Liu Yiheng quickly arrived at the garden. It was just the new year, and there was still light snow falling outside, but the plum blossoms in full bloom were still decorating the garden extremely beautiful. The moment Liu Yiheng entered the garden, he saw a group of people chattering non-stop, and right at the center of the crowd, stood Li Qiuxia.

was already known as one of the four great beauties of the Qingling City, and now that he was alone in the garden of the Liu Family, all the young men of the Liu Family who saw her would naturally gather around his to fawn on his. If they really could win the heart of a beauty, then their status would be great, and even if there was a chance, they would have to give it a try.

Seeing this situation, Liu Yiheng secretly said in his heart: "Looks like beauties are welcomed everywhere they go, but it's a pity that beauties are not interested in you guys at all. No matter how you try to please them, it's useless."

Then, Liu Yiheng coughed and said, "Miss Qiu Xia, you were looking for me?"

Although Li Qiuxia had welcomed them with a smile on her face, her thoughts were not on them at all. Now that she had heard Liu Yiheng's words, she immediately said to those people: "I'm sorry, the person I was waiting for is here."

The young people of the Liu Family naturally heard Liu Yiheng's voice, but when they saw that it was Liu Yiheng, they all gave up. If the people who came were ordinary people, they might come to join in the fun, but since the person who came was Liu Yiheng, they knew that they would not have the chance, so they scattered.

Li Qiuxia walked to Liu Yiheng's side and laughed, then continued: "I never thought that you would truly come to see me, it's truly great."

Liu Yiheng laughed and said: "A beautiful woman has an appointment, if I don't come, wouldn't that be rude to a beautiful woman?"

Li Qiuxia said sweetly: "Is that really the case? Am I a beauty in your eyes? "

Liu Yiheng: "No, you are a beauty in the eyes of all the men in Qingling City."

"Oh, so that's how it is?" Li Qiuxia said somewhat disappointedly.

Liu Yiheng laughed, then said: "Miss Qiu Xia, I wonder why you have brought me here, is there a reason?"

After Li Qiuxia heard this, she sighed and said: "Young Noble Liu, it's like this, I want to ask you to help me with something."

Liu Yiheng said indifferently: "Oh, Miss Qiu Xia still needs my help with something? This is truly unbelievable. In that case, if I am able to help, I will naturally not refuse. "

Li Qiuxia nodded her head, then said: "Young Noble Liu, you should know, the current situation in Qingling City is extremely complicated. Unless I can enter the Heavenly Awakening Academy, otherwise, a great chaos would occur in the Qingling City, and countless deaths would occur."

"Chaos? Countless deaths and injuries, but none of these sounds like they have anything to do with me. "

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